English Culture: Manners & How to be polite

English Culture: Manners & How to be polite

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  1. If you come to America. Please don't make it a habit of taking your shoes off. We clean house twice a day, and we own 4 or 5 pairs of different shoes. I don't think our shoes are that dirty!

  2. Hello Ms. Jade, I am Sharon from Vietnam, I have been following your channel for 4 years. My passion for British accent drives me here. Your accent is super nice, and amazing videos with so many helpful and interesting to learn. I am planning for England this December/ 2019, I want to experience life, culture, engage myself more with local people, not only travel for sight seeing. I hope u can make a video advise us on that, of some activities, program that visitors can join to understand about British culture; I heard of couch surfing too, can u share your knowledge on that. Thank you so much


  4. I live in London and I have to say that I have these issues every day. I would definitely add things to her list, such as covering face when sneezing or coughing and dont pick your nose!
    I have seen an Indian or Pakistani guy picking his nose on train. When he finished it, he simply wiped his finger in the seat… I had to change carriage as it was so disgusting…
    People should be educated…

  5. England is messed up due to the crazy middle eastern migration. The same for France and Germany. England is not England anymore in certain places.

  6. please, follow Jade advices: do no slurp, burp or fart in public when you're in Uk, unless you are among friends. Elsewhere, no problem. Oh..in case you don't know, "farting" is "to make noise from the other end". Now, this is a really cool way of calling that place: "the other end" .loved it! 🙂

  7. She has a Mexican “sister” that teaches and sounds just like her. Check out Butterfly Spanish and you’ll see what I mean. Great video!

  8. As a British person I cringe at how impolite we are when it comes to saying hello and goodbye and introducing ourselves and or friends. I lived in Spain and France and they're etiquette is to always say hello/goodbye and always introduce themselves or friends in a social setting. British people are terrible at this. I don't know if it's largely shyness and just rudeness.

  9. I got to admit yes for the most part this Is correct. I'm 19 years old and very polite and non Ignorant I'm British born and bred.

    I must say though one thing you forgot to mention Is ignorance. I hate it my family hate my older generation family hated it.

    And I gotta go admit the younger the person Is like teens or kids generally the more rude and ignorant they are towards other cultures beliefs and values.

    So if you go to England be aware that the youth and yobs especially in city's towns and villages don't hold the same attitudes as the older more mature British poeple.

    I have also got to say a few non British commenters are correct especially the young British generation have no respect for other cultures they go abroad thinking they own the place and can do whatever they want very rude very nasty very Ignorant.

    For example I went to France this year and I was surprised at how little the French poeple we lived near and on days out new anything but a French way of life.

    All they talked was French 98% of them that's all they knew they didn't bother learning English despite It being one of the world's most common languages it's a international languages (other country's have to learn it from a very young age.)

    My grandmother who we went with said "the French are very Ignorant!". I slightly agree and disagree we or myself for one forgot to study at the beginning of the year to learn French which I kept forgetting myself, to-do. I would or could have had a 6 month head start if I studied for a few hours every week.

    But I must say I found the whole expierence of France Wonderful the whole thing was different of course but for the most part just nice poeple and nice weather.

    I must admit I have heard other story's of poeple going to France whereby the local French Can't be bothered with foreigners. You could walk up to someone in a non intimidating manner and simply ask for directions and they say from I have heard get lost or sorry not today. I have heard some unfortunate story's about the French but I haven't expierence it really. I must admit they should learn English like most EU country's do Germany maybe Romania Sweden (I knew someone from Sweden she was fluent In both English and Swedish.)

    It just makes sense how England Is likely 30 miles away over a sea/ocean. And It's a very popular place around the world. Especially in the USA America's ect.

    I do believe we all owe it out of respect to at least study a language very well before we go over it's polite not ignorant and the locals will be pleased.

    You don't have to be fluent although It would help.

    I myself believe everyone should study at least 2 languages over their lifetime because it just makes everyone more multi cultural and able to understand one another.

    I myself for instance I am going to make studying foreign Langauges are hobby a passtime.

    At the moment I study Spanish Italian and Ukrianian.

    I'm hoping not to be fluent but to study the world's top 12 most common languages over the course of 40+ years.

    I know Its highly inadvisible but I find them easy to learn when you try I don't recommend everyone do it (3 at a time) but it keeps me happy!

    A useful tip If you know your going away soon or in the future time to hit the books or start studying. You don't need to be fluent but having a decent to high level will impress and make poeple like you more.

    One useful Tip:
    Education and preparation beats Ignoracne and Rudeness.

  10. I grew up washing my feet and afferd slippers but we have easy clean floors, and disposable slippers 😂

  11. I don't know why I'm watching this 😂 I am English, have always lives in England and have never left the country 😂😂

  12. One thing we notice here in Australia is Asian people who don't use hankerchief or blow their nose they just SLURP it up – it's disgusting 😩

  13. These rules aren't bad, these are natural. I support it, may be people call me narrow minded or whatever…. I nevermind

  14. I’m reading comments about people talking with ungry and irony complaining about customs in England, so, why? This video is about polite and impolite things you can do or you can’t do in England. You can act respecting or not, other cultures being in the country that you are at that moment. So, it’s your choice!!! I agree with the video. It’s perfect!

  15. Definitely I should have born in England. I am Argentinian from Buenos Aires and I really agree with all those tips… but here people don’t care about polite and impolite behaviour in the street, be aware of their own!… and I realise about those bahaviors but people seem they live in their own worlds, inside a bubble!!!… really helpful your video!! Thank you very much.

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