Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State

Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State

After taking control of the Syrian city of Raqqa, In March of 2013. The Islamic State or IS A group formally known as ISIS Has also taken over the role of governing every aspect of daily life. Under the strict interpretations of Sharia. These Islamic laws cover everything from High crimes, to civil disagreements to economics, and even personal behavior. Such as, diet, prayer and public appearance. Now what was once a very Westernized city. Is patrolled 24 hours a day by armed men known as the Hisbah. That travel throughout the city enforcing their mandate.

100 thoughts on “Enforcing Sharia in Raqqa: The Islamic State

  1. Why don't you go and film the condition of the North Korean people to show the world their oppression filled life and system. Your attack on everything Islamic is nothing but a preplanned vice filled movement against it and causing an eye wash for the world by manipulation of various means under the control of your leaders from the Illuminati like secret societies. Your sole motive is to prove that the father is bad by calling the neighbours when he is beating his undisciplined son.

  2. الفديو عبارة عن تشويه لصورة الاسلام في الغرب عن طريق داعش . ولاكن رغم كرهي الشديد لداعش فأنني اقول نحن الشعوب العربية لايمكن ان يحكمنا الا حكم مثل داعش قبضة من حديد ونار وخوف .

  3. This douche-bag says "I challenge you to find a drunk person in this city". There's one in the truck, A-hole. A douche-bag with an AK-47, drunk with power. Without the gun, the people in the street would tear him to shreds. Someone should shove the barrel up his butt and pull the trigger.

  4. We don't want these laws to be implemented there is something serious wrong with this religion , and look at his comment on the women

  5. Has anyone noticed the kid at 4:23? The one in the center right behind his dad. He looks so damn terrified… Those people are so blinded. People were forced to lie about all those things to fit in their ideology. It's just disgusting…

  6. -terrorists exist because of interference by superpowers
    -terrorists exist because of the greed of powerful people
    -terrorists exist because of injustice.

    Im not supporting terrorist , the victim or superpower countries , but im talking about this cruel world…
    revenge in revenge, that's what is happening now in this filthy world…

  7. This is a prime example of men making up religions and rules to justify any evil that they want to perpetuate.
    These guys bought and sold sex slaves. Basic human decency forbids that.
    ISIS seemed strong militarily because they had the element of surprise. They couldn’t stand and fight.
    Beware of anyone who promises you utopia.
    Those who claim that god supports what they’re doing are capable of the most depraved acts.

  8. All I see is them driving infidel cars, carrying khaffir AK-47s and driving around the city bossing everybody around. Their ego must be stroked very sufficiently every day.

  9. They killed the old prisoner for doing drugs in one of there beheading movies. Glad these monsters are all dead especially the ring leader .

  10. they are punished for alcohol and if they are good muslims they go to heaven where they can drink alcohol…………………..no seriously i am not making that up……..only in islam………….sigh

  11. America would be on Mars by now if you people would just admit Islam is total bullshit and not real…

    We’re sick on wasting time, blood, and money keeping you inbreds in check.

    شمعون ايلوت مؤسس الدولة الاسلامية من مكتب الخدمات الإسرائيلية السرية قتل في غارة امريكية اذا ايها الجهلة هل عرفتم الان

  13. these people marry their cousins and have children with their cousins.. they are going backwards.. you can tell because they all have deformities..

  14. What do you do when you got not purpose to your life and you know it ?
    You take it upon yourself to fulfill the Lord's words .
    I think people give way too much devotion and time to their imaginary friends.

  15. The best part is his attention to detail. I love when somebody tell you to force your wife to change the type of fabric she dons.

  16. Islamic state is so far away from what Islam really is..
    Quran says (there is no compulsion in religion)
    Praying or fasting are voluntary activities Muslima do not forced to do.

  17. So deceitful… fing ISIS cowards. The citizens are cowards too for not standing up to this. They are slaves and they're okay with that.. No wonder the middle east is a steaming pile of shit.

  18. On camera these guys act friendly as a human can be, Off camera they execute and torture people, it’s a shame that people think all Muslims are like this, I’m glad that most them are dead because they’re just genuinely bad people who think they’re completely normal and “they’re just following the quran.” No they’re not they’re extremists and they publicly execute people and then sow their head back on to their bodies and then crucify them, that’s just wrong in every way shape and form, I just hope isis fades away and people that live in places that are ruled by isis and sharia law can live happily and peacefully.

  19. Oh what an ugly life this people created and live. They turned God's love into a massakar. it is all about stupid control. They don't understand they are mortal. Mortals don't have the right to Judge or control others lives. Get the hell out of your stupid dark gaves people.! God is life, not punishment or death. Your live in constant fear! He is wearing a Gun, and the same time "God Bless You" Your lives are wasted, under some stupid koran law. That is evil law, not God's law. SHAME!

  20. the most infuriating thing about ISIS is most were foreigners to Syria. Imagine the audacity that these foreigners think they have the right to enforce a own political vision (by slaughtering, pillaging, and raping civilians) on a country they are not from

  21. 3:40 That's the smile of "We know AMERICANS are coming sooner or later, may God bless US Soldiers and US citizens! Peace be upon you, my saviours!"

  22. 2:03 "We are still fighting infidels with our machine guns, but we still have to face these vice as well." Well just tell me, who designed and made these machine guns and cars that you use? The answer is, THE INFIDELS WITH ALL THEIR VICES!

  23. 2:41 I always love this. Like dude, we literally just heard what you said. That's NOT what you said. 😂😂 it's hilariously stupid. gets filmed saying something 2 seconds later "we told him "this is your wife! She shouldn't be on display! Is she a product!". Literally not what you said..

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