DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas!

DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas!

you hey guys so I'm gonna start this week's video by being brutally honest I know a lot of youtubers they come on their intros and they say something to the effect of I'm doing this week's video because it was highly requested or you guys wanted to see this topic well that's not really the case on my channel I will typically pick my video topics any given week based on what's going on in my life at the time so this is what happened to me earlier this week so at that moment I knew that it was time I did a kitchen organization video so yeah some might call that selfish but others might call it highly practical teaching organization with basically the next frontier I've already done organization videos for the bedroom general organization makeup storage the desk and recently I even did car organization so if you've missed any of my other organization videos I will have them all linked down below for you and if you do enjoy these types of videos be sure that you're subscribed to my channel because I still have many more areas of the house to organize so with all of that being said let's go ahead and get into our kitchen organization so the first problem area we're going to tackle is the spice cabinet I don't know about you but mine is full to the brim and it's super annoying to find the spices that I need so really easy solution is we're going to put them into magnetic containers and stick them on to the fridge so I was able to find these tin containers that are clear on the top and already magnetized on the bottom at my local craft store for a dollar 25 each but if you're not able to find these specific containers you can also use baby food containers or any small glass containers and all you need to do is just glue a magnet on to the back of the lid so from there all you need to do is fill your containers with your spices and label them either using a label maker or do what I did which is just printed the names out and cut them into little squares and it tape it directly on to the bottle like so and once you're done with that you can just stick them onto your refrigerator and what her pattern you like but if your fridge is not the most convenient place in your kitchen to have your spices then you can also stick them onto any metal tray or baking pan and put it wherever is the most convenient in your kitchen this is really simple and easy to make and I like that it also visually looks really cool and it doesn't take up any counter space or cabinet space next I'm going to show you three different ways to organize some of the most troublesome at kitchen items using a file holder so the first way to use it is to organize and stack cutting boards this is also ideal because it allows your cutting boards to air dry and not build up bacteria so next I'm going to use a slightly wider file holder to organize my pots and pan lids these are always a huge pain for me to store so this is just super convenient to have them stored nice and organized like this and it's really easy to grab whatever you need and the last way is to use the same wider file stand to organize your Tupperware lids as you saw mine were giving me a lot of trouble falling out of cabinets so now they are just stocked by order of size and they're out of the way and also really easy to grab quickly what I need so using file holders around your kitchen is just a really simple way to organize a lot of different items you can find them in any office supply store or online and they're usually just around $5 so also really inexpensive next is something I am calling my food organization board I wanted to make this because I had the problem that I would keep forgetting about the items in my fridge and they were going bad and going to waste so to make this you want to pick up a frame and you want to find something that lightweight like a poster board frame I was able to find this one for only $10 then pick any type of pretty paper or fabric to put in the frame I decided to go with this aqua colored fabric because I already had it and it also goes really well with my color scheme in my apartment so you just want to cut it down to size and glue it to the back of your cardboard insert and make sure that if you're using fabric you pull it nice and taut so there's no wrinkles in the fabric then you just need to pop it back in the frame and flip it over and put whatever categories you want on the board I personally wanted to keep track of what's fresh in my fridge so I would not forget about it what I needed to buy and also the meals that I could make with the items in my fridge so you can use those categories or any categories you like I printed them out and glue them onto the board like so and I also glued on a tear out pod that I can use for the shopping list and just tear off the piece of paper when I'm going to the store then you want to glue magnets onto the back of the frame you want to make sure you're using strong magnets and I found that this type of industrial-strength glue worked better than the hot glue and you want to put a lot on there just to make sure that it's totally secure then just stick it on to your fridge and you can use dry erase markers to make your list and erase them once you're done I find this so helpful to have and it helps Ryan and I keep track and stay on the same page of everything going on in our refrigerator for each other we're cool next is a really easy solution for falling kitchen towels I don't know what it is but my kitchen towels are always on the floor so all you need to do is use fabric glue or fabric hot glue to adhere velcro strips to the edges of your kitchen towels this way you can stick them together and your towel will not fall down and when you need to wash your towels that will come right off and it is machine washable since we're using fabric glue so last up we're going to tacko probably the most disorganized area in my entire kitchen and that is where I store my teas so for this I decided to use a mason jar organization system because it will work for any type of tea so you just want to transfer your tea into the mason jars and label them with chalk labels if possible – this way you can change the labels if you need to in the future I like this method because like I said it works for any type of tea so loose leaf tea individually wrap bags or individual bag teas everything will fit in these mason jars and I decided personally to print out labels because I have bad handwriting but you can use a label maker or chalk to label your teas then we're going to use the box that the mason jars came in as its storage container so they are nice and organized but we want to make it look prettier than this so I decided to paint mine white and the key to painting cardboard is you want to use a primer first then I also found these letters that spelled out T and I painted them in aqua and glued them to the front of the box so it looks nice and pretty then once it's all dry you can put your T's back into the box I personally arranged mine by level of caffeine and that's it this whole DIY only cost $12 mason jars are really inexpensive and this is just another way you can use them around the house I think this looks really nice on my countertop and it makes it so easy for me to visually see all of the teas that I have and quickly grab what I need all right so those are just a few quick and easy ways to organize your kitchen area if you guys like this give it a thumbs up and please hit that subscribe button if you're new and I will see you guys next week with a new video bye what is that um honey I think you organized the dog you

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  1. Brittany: u r gorgious, useful and ur videos give us positive energy: God bless u and bless ur sweet familly and

  2. I've just binge watched your videos for the past few days, trying to get my life organised and my house tidy, and I really need some help. Would you be willing to chat on instagram or something if I sent a load of pictures of my problem areas, and give me some ideas for organisation?

  3. "Honey, I think you organized the dog." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. If I cleaned or do housework made up with tiny shorts like you. Nothing would get done cause my husband would leave work just to….. Over the counter.
    Not realistic sorry.

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  7. well, 8th video, 8th day of my 66 day new-habit-builder to MAINTAIN what I LEARN from your videos. this is your video 8. last comment was 2 years ago (today is Oct 2, 2018 !) and since 2 years ago, your later on videos (60's, 70's) BETTER SUGGEST to keep the countertops CLUTTER FREE! this video shows your creations ON THE COUNTER! … SO I use your ideas here, yet put them in drawers or cabinets so that the counter is clutter free and I can sweep the kitchen and bathroom walls and counters clean in only 15 minutes 'cus they are clutter free! ALL BEST WISHES TO YOU in 2018 !

  8. I know this is a old video but what did you do with the leftover spices in the original container? I want to do this idea but I know it won't all fit.

  9. Hey Brit, would you be able to do a video of you deep cleaning your kitchen exactly getting into the nitty gritty areas? Stove, oven, toaster ovens, microwave , sink etc. would be helpful thanks I love your tips

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