[Applause] whatup guys most of you know my sister Ashley and I moved recently so yes we moved and on both of our vlog channels we've been doing so many moving vlogs which are my favorite balls of all time today I wanted to show you guys my new closet some organizational tips life hacks DIY is also I have to throw this out there just because I know there's going to be a lot of haters I am slowly aware that this is a very elaborate closet it's really nice and not everyone is able to have a really nice closet like this but something I love and works really hard for and I know you guys really have been wanting to see it step comment comes on someone okay guys welcome to my closet so if you did see the vlogs when we first moved in the closet that they originally had it was brown and it wraps all the way around it was just very not me I cannot wait until it's done it's going to be like a huge transformation we painted the walls white which I feel like really brighten up the room a lot and in the whole system is actually something yet and what's cool is I was able to personalize I actually built it myself online okay guys where do we start over here I have all of my t-shirts and I have them all I tried to color coordinate them as best as I could helps me so much in the morning because I realized how much I look for a color versus a style because that's how I used to organize my closet so every morning I'm used to standing here like put to where I never realised tell me half a hat when you're having a bad hair day of what you wear down here are all of my playing graphics to use that don't need to be hung up they're just whatever then the last drawer is basically my DJ drawer or just comfy more more comfy clothes okay so speaking of drawers / dressers a really easy DIY are these scent boosters and they will make your clothes smell so good you guys I'm not like so freaking good so you can get these bags from any craft store like Michaels or Walmart they're super inexpensive and then I'm using the downy UNSTOPABLES and wash set booster you normally just put this in your washer but I'm going to put them in the little bag tighten the up and then when you put them in your drawer you guys I'm so serious it smells so good and you can get whatever scent you want I highly highly recommend bin okay yeah I decided to put all of my dresses and more formal stuff and I really love the doors for things that I don't go through that often just because I feel like it really cleans up the closet and you can hide anything you want to hide anyways oh yeah we have bomber jackets more bomber jackets as you can tell I really am all about both flannels these are the two I wear the most I love these this one's from Abercrombie & Fitch and this one is from Urban Outfitters if I'm wearing a flannel it's usually one of these who love them they're amazing did not really tell me sunglasses I have there's so many yeah it's bad oh so here all these pony losses what are some of my favorite one o these this pair I seriously broken it love these though so I haven't gotten rid of them I love the idea of organizing your jewelry accessory sunglasses I just have a person who comes illegally forgets what I own unless I see it so there's any way for you to display your jewelry whether that's it on the wall having it in a drawer whatever it is I recommend it I love having tours where my shoes are so I feel like shoes is the one thing that can really make your closet look messy I got these shoe box containers from ITF originally I was thinking I should put all my nice shoes in here so that way they won't get ruined or anything then I was like no we're not doing that I decided to put any of my more worn shoes that are dirty or just don't look as nice being on a shelf they're still are able to be displayed and what's cool but still features you can see what shoes you're looking for and then down here I have all of my caboose life hack for you y'all you're tall this you stand up by themselves all you need to do with it that's what's going to happen before yoga this life hack is so easy all you need is a pool noodle and you're going to cut that in half and then you're going to cut it in half again so you should have something that looks like this and then you can use those to put in your tall boots and they stand straight up go buy yourself some pool noodles it just looks more clean and they're super inexpensive and then and that I did when I ended up putting all of my like running shoes in a bin like this obviously they're super dirty but if I'm ever looking for them I'll know that they're in here and that way it takes up a lot less space here instead of having mounds and mounds of tennis shoes just falling everywhere I got the attention to bring it if you're wondering love them this is such a basic tip but I recommend it so much if you label any baskets or bins or boxes you'll actually be able to know what's in them without having to open them this helps me so much knowing where everything is again I know it's only six but I recommend it so do it because it's amazing I got these wire bends from Target and I love them so much I have beanies in this one and I have scarves and gloves in this one and there's actually a really cool I hack you can do it be this I pack is perfect if you don't have enough shelf space for boxes you can actually make your own using command hooks just make sure you get command hooks that can hold a lot of weight because otherwise your shelves are going to come falling down and that would not be fun so make sure you get the right kind and another one is using the top of a soda can that looks just like this and this one is amazing if you don't have enough room for your clothes and your closet to hang you can put it on a hanger and you can double up hangers for one spot so it basically make your closet twice as big so you have an excuse to do shopping work yeah instead of having the closet wrap all the way around I thought it'd be really cool to have a little seating area so that way getting ready you can put on shoes or whatever it was cheaper that way than getting the closet all the way around so I was all about that I got a mirror here and it's just on the back of my drawer which i think is an amazing way to save space I totally understand that not everyone's closet is this big that's one was from Walmart and it was only $40 guys 14 bucks right there most embarrassing items clothing I got I got it I have the best freakin PJs in the world these are men PJs that I got when I was in seventh grade if they have a hole in the butt the bottoms are destroyed there's still my favorite painting bottoms oh my gosh I know I come here come come Oh clearly these yes I am that girl who ordered pink timberlands I like bright sparkly fun shoes these ones are really fun a little crazy but I haven't worn them yet but I walked away them once wear them most common color pink also apparently I say pink really funny everyone makes fun of me favorite part of my closet has to be this what's beyond this I just love purses I always have done Center ah I like I get weird because I know it's a lot I just absolutely love purses and I will save up my money for our purse some people understand that some people don't so I'm just money my goodness so don't you guys like that video if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up that would mean so much alpha moving gloves they've been on point I'll see you guys next week with my video bye

34 thoughts on “DIY CLOSET LIFE HACKS + ORGANIZATION!! Alisha Marie's Closet Tour!!

  1. YAY!! Anyone liking the style of this video?? aka…SHOULD I DO MORE?!?! What do you want to see next?!? xo -Alisha

  2. Alisha! No need to say sorry to something that you worked for!

    I Luv you Liiiidddddaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I'm wearing a purple.shirt, and I used these hacks in my closet and they worked like a charm, Thanks Girly

  4. I know you made this video along time ago but I always watch it you are such an inspiration and I love you should be extremely proud of your self you have come so far and your house I’m in love

  5. I liked how she respects that some people don't have such big closest or such elaborate ones with a lot of fancy stuff and I luv her for that.

  6. I love how you never show off you actually give us warnings like I know others don’t have the same as me but I worked really hard and that’s sweet most people don’t care so love u for that and everything else

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