Disunited States of America (Every State is a Country) LORE

Disunited States of America (Every State is a Country) LORE

For the past few months, it’s felt that everyone in the United States is out to get each other: Liberals vs Consevatives, the cities vs the rural regions, the coast vs the continent. We’re all messed up, but at the end of the day we’re all still technically in one country: The United States. But that’s just it, “United States”. States that are united. And for us Americans this is the normality. The States, while autonomous in many aspects, all answer to the same higher government in Washington D.C. They send Representatives, they pay Federal Taxes, and States are subject to federal law. No matter what we’re all legally in the same nation. This has been the process that has been evolving since the inception of the Constitution. But Harry Turtledove imagined a different America. One where the Articles of Confederation was the only federal document ever signed to govern the country. And the United States completely collapsed. The states went their separate ways. In his imagined alternate timeline, states aren’t simply borders on a map, but are their own individual nations. And each of these new republics has an entirely independent, unique history which shape the culture and society inside their borders. This was explored in his novel, “The Disunited States of America”. Since alternate history at its core is a branch of science fiction novels I felt it was time to bring some attention to this ever-growing genre. I’m not going into any spoilers. just summarizing the scenario Turtledove crafted. Did the scenario have to be entirely realistic? No, it’s fiction. It’s just for a story. In this alternate timeline the Articles of Confederation is the only unifying Constitution the United colonies ever signed after winning their independence. For those who don’t know the articles were a general mess as a federal government was useless and states were far more independent. In this alternate world, the articles are kept and the Constitution is not. Over the next couple decades instability grows. By the turn of the 19th century states already begin breaking off one by one in many rebellions for multiple reasons. By 1806, the USA is officially dissolved. Swept into the trash bin of history as a failed experiment. What’s left in its place is many nations with their own militias economies and form of government within the next few years the more powerful states begin gobbling up the smaller ones. New York annexes Connecticut and New Jersey. Virginia never loses West Virginia and remains one large unified state. I’ll discuss this later. In the Appalachians a new state is formed called Boone which is somewhere in Kentucky. Florida is divided between Georgia and Cuba. In terms of relationships the American Republics trade and fight with and against one another. These are not friendships between states, but foreign relations. For example Georgia may be friends with Virginia but hate Alabama and vice versa. Over decades in an ever-increasing web of American relations begin to form as Republi’s compete over resources. Throughout the 19th century, for unspecified reasons, colonists still branch out and new states are formed across the continent. Pretty much like in our timeline, similar states are born like Texas and California. The way that the colonists got there, however, is far different. Instead of California being settled by Americans, it’s settled by British colonists from Oregon. The evidence for this is pretty striking as California is one of the only Republics which has a parliament and a prime minister as well as celebrate certain events like the queen’s birthday. By 2090, the time the book is set, it has been centuries since the United States was formed and The Union is simply a distant memory after the conflicts of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. As the states became more independent, so too did their culture and their lives. Lack of communication allows for different dialects to become distinct between states. In many cases its difficult for people from two different states to communicate simply because of societal differences from centuries of separation. Society changes for every republic on the continent. There is a disconnect between the highly urbanized coast and the rural communities inland. Technology still exist like cars, planes and modern weaponry. In many aspects it’s very similar to our own timeline, however because of the deep history between the Republics, people hardly travel outside their own state. For some this isn’t so bad. California is almost like the USA of the non-existent USA. It has the largest population and is entirely self-sufficient. The military of California has involved itself in interstate wars for centuries. Sound familiar? other states are not so lucky and are subject to absolute poverty especially in the deep south in Great Plains. What shaped this was war. Skirmishes happen all the time between numerous states for different reasons. I don’t want to go through every single war but there are prominent ones. Without the federal government in Civil War, slavery isn’t ended in an instant. Instead, black slaves revolted on multiple occasions and won their freedom through violence. This was the black insurrections in the deep south. Mississippi switched the roles as a black majority oppressed the white minority. In this alternate timeline, race is very much a predominant factor, even in 2090. There is very little interaction between different races, apart from common courtesy. The severity of this racism depends on just what state you’re in. Since states can make their own independent laws, some race laws may be more severe than others. They can have their own foreign relations with other countries as well. During the Great War, which still occurs, (and there wasn’t a second) the states with more German immigrants in the Midwest actually fought with the central powers against the English descended rest of the country. Labels, blood and where you’re from as a whole is the largest recurring theme in this alternate timeline. Even between states with bad blood there is hatred. Hatred between states who would never be enemies in our own timeline. There is no larger hatred than between Ohio and Virginia. Remember when I sai d West Virginia doesn’t exist? Well that means Virginia borders the Ohio River and the Appalachians. Over the last two centuries conflict has arose time and time again over the resources and this region, like coal. Conspiracies are frequently abound as both sides are paranoid of the other instigating rebellion among their black populations Is this the most accurate scenario? Perhaps not but that’s not the point. The great thing about alternate history is that it provides an excellent conduit with its scenario to tell a fascinating story The lore is simply a slight difference in an already existing place and that is why it’s an ever-growing genre. Speaking of genre in books, this video was sponsored by Audible. An online service which has a countless selection of audiobooks from all of your favorite books. Their catalog allows you to access audio recordings from practically every genre instantaneously over the internet. It’s not just general topics either. There are a wide selection of alternate history audio books including many Harry Turtledove novels. So if you like alternate history but don’t like reading, I highly recommend it. Audible even includes alternate history classics like “The Guns of the South”. Another Turtledove novel where the South gains AK-47s from time travelers to help the Confederates win the war. 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  1. 🤣🤣🤣Interesting how in this scenario the North of Mexico also disappeared as a mexican land… In these scenarios modern underdeveloped countries are never considered to rise at all.

  2. So the Northeast, California, and Texas are basically the same, but independent. Every where else it’s a bit harder with some States are fucked.

  3. I feel this could lead to a United States existing as a North American version of the European Union, with possibly Canada and Mexico being involved as well.

  4. Look as an Ohioan I have a very important statement FUCK YOU MICHIGAN AND WE ARE GOING TI KICK YOUR ASS AGAIN THIS YEAR

  5. I propose that the West Coast and the NE Coast, Minnesota, Illinois, New Mexico, and Colorado, join Canada, and ditch the loser states in the "homeland," and the South. Let the S and central portions of the US sink to the third world status that they deserve, and that their policies will inevitably create.

  6. I’m more interested in what would happen if every state instantly became a different country today. I’m guessing some would consolidate, like all of New England joining up.

  7. Wait didn’t USA help massively help the allies in WW1 which set the stage for WW2 and didn’t both world wars Change history comepletely

  8. I don't think the states would keep fighting. War has not been a practical option in Europe since world wars 1 & 2 showed there was more to be lost than gained, so I don't see how these USA state republics could have kept 3 centuries of clashes up. Bitch wars, yes, but not actual fighting.

  9. The usa is always fighting internally with each state competing with rivalries till someone outside the country insults america then they all gang up on the person the only thing uniting america is a flag and the insults of outsiders

  10. If the USA dissolved that quickly after receiving its independence Spain would've exploited the chaos and seized the continent.

  11. Ohio would be attacked from the west by the Hoosiers, as the State of Indiana ( which was created when lands captured from the British by George Rogers Clark and the Army of Virginia was taken away from Virginia by the American national government and declared to be the "Federal Territory of Indiana") is never formed but would owe its allegiance to Virginia. However another timeline is suggested where the population of what used to be the "Indiana Territory" ( an area which included what are now the states of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and goodly portions of Michigan and Minnesota) break away from Virginia and declare themselves a separate nation with a distinct culture and language both derived from its original people :"Hoosieristan" . Hoosieristan would become prosperous due to its abundance of natural resources, agricultural abundance, navigable waterways and trade corridors with Canada and the many other states. Of course there would be no Indianapolis but great cities would arise in their same locations : Chicago would probably exist where it is as would Milwaukee and Green Bay, Evansville would be a very important river port for agricultural products. Hoosieristan would invade Ohio and the remainder of Michigan out of the military necessity of establishing defensible borders. Cleveland and much of Western New York and Western Pennsylvania ( possibly including Pittsburgh) would be under Hoosieri domination. The major powers conflict would then be Virginia and New York against Hoosieristan.

  12. Why is it that so many alt history universes have California as the shining example of America yet California looking even remotely like today’s America is extremely specific? Maybe it has a little something to do with every one of them coming from California

  13. Nobility fear thought
    as they fear nothing else on earth –
    more than ruin _ more even than death _
    Thought is subversive and revolutionary , destructive and terrible,
    thought is merciless to privilege,
    established institutions, and comfortable habit.
    Thought looks into the pit of hell
    and is not afraid.
    Thought is great and swift and free,
    the light of the world,
    and the chief glory of man.

    The States of this Union were never sovereign.
    Neither is the Federal Government sovereign.
    Sovereignty is now and has always been
    inherent in the American people … .

    You ARE born naked and free on this planet.
    That fact alone makes one sovereign

    China, India and Africa never produced a Bill of Rights that has the force of law,
    recognizing that every human being has divinely endowed rights that no government
    can remove? Because only a Christian nation, however flawed, bases its laws on the
    premise that every human being is the imago Dei — Almighty God’s
    image-bearing creature.
    We are all sovereigns pursuant to the Unanimous Declaration of Indep;endence,
    of July 4, 1776, making us subject to no other men (only God – the Absolute Sovereign) –
    "All men are created equal" We being the Sovereign, are the only source of commercial
    energy, so all funds that exist within the economy ultimately belong to a sovereign
    inhabitant on allodial land.
    No government has the capacity to generate any positive commercial energy, only parasitic
    existence upon the productive energy of the Sovereign. These de facto government
    impersonators have no actual lawful authority over "any inhabitants", of several
    states of the Union, being ultra virus, and nul tiel to the corporate charter
    Jesus O Savior
    I know not if you are real
    Come live in me ..
    Save me
    Amen and Amen

    Revelations 22:17
    The Spirit and the bride say.
    Let the hearer say,
    Let the one who thirsts
    come forward,
    and the one who wants
    receive the gift
    of life giving water.

  14. Texas would takeover the lower half take a break then come for the other half another break march towards Canada (they surrender before the military reaches the border) 180 to Mexico and so on

  15. Is it accurate that they wouldn’t be able to communicate we’ve been separated from uk for a fat minute and we still talk fine

  16. It mentions Alabama and Georgia fighting but what about Georgia and Florida, because they're always fighting over the Chattahoochee River.

  17. If every state were a country in this alternate timeline: In addition to what the video said…
    The Mormons would probably have their theocratic kingdom.
    California might be split into multiple entities instead of being one…a lot more people of Asian descent will be there (yes, a lot more than today lol).
    A Caribbean Maritime culture/network would be extended beyond Florida to include most of the costal parts of the Southeast and Gulf.
    With no Louisiana Purchase and British threats in the North, the French might intensify their administration and settlement throughout the Mississippi River valley.
    There would probably be no native reservations, but instead, the natives would most likely able to stay in their lands as the "outsiders" be too busy competing with one another.
    Even more places in North America will be uninhabited in this alternate world

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