Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas [Official]

Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas [Official]

[music] Today, dinosaurs
live only in imagination. But in some areas their
footprints still bare witness to creatures that were
once masters of the earth. Some of the best preserved
evidence of these creatures can be found about
an hour’s drive from Dallas at Dinosaur Valley State Park. It is here where
sauropods, therapods and duck billed dinosaurs left their giant footprints in the ancient river bed which
time has turned to stone. Now this is a footprint! I think? This really means that
dinosaurs were really here. Look, footprints right here! Dinosaurs are
the greatest thing. They’re something. They’re big,
They’re huge. They make a lot of noise. And they’re not here
any more [laughs]. Billy Paul Baker has lived and
worked with these tracks. He sees this whole experience as a never ending adventure. See the footprint, okay?
Right there. Yeah, that’s a meat eater. He likes to eat that one. And that’s his toe, his claw. Big old claws on that dinosaur. You know what they use
them claws for I guess? To kill.
– Yeah. [running creek]
[music] The tracks in this area
were first made famous by a Palentologist
named Rolland T. Bird. In 1938 he followed a lead
to Glen Rose, Texas. Here he found some of
the best preserved specimens in the country. Soon he began the monumental job of excavating some
of the better tracks. These tracks are now on display in the American Museum
of Natural History in Washington DC. Hey, Reagan, I’m going
to go over there. They like to come down and
explore up and down the river and find the dinosaur foot-
prints and play in the river. Hike the trails, ride the bikes
up and down the trails, fish the river. We’ve got a lot of things
to do out here. People enjoy this park and
I’ve enjoyed the park. The river gets up and goes down and the tracks are
being exposed. New stuff is coming in
there all the time. I think the dinosaurs
are a wonderful way of being in a time machine, kind of being there. It’s kind of like being
in a Jurasic park. Oh, here they come!!
[laughs] For more information on Texas
state parks and historic sites, visit our website or call

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  1. @ShamefulSheep yep – I have similar regrets about not buckling down in school and then having to transfer to a different school. I lost contact with a lot of freinds at that point until facebook allowed me to timetravel and reminisce with all my former classmates. I wonder how different things would have been had I stayed on with those classmates. Life's lessons I guess – too bad the teachers were not a little more patient and understanding in your case.

  2. Park Ranger: "You know what they use them claws for I guess?"
    Small Child: "To kill?"
    Park Ranger: "Yeeeeaaaah."


  3. Yes and the white boy translates from English to Spanish to the other boy. We are very diverse here in Texas. You have watched too many movies and pretty ignorant to make such a statement. You need to get out and travel some.

  4. You know I actually feel sorry for the kids whom you teach. If those kids are smart, when they grow up they'll move here. The economy is strong, we are not under the heavy hand of excessive taxation. Plus their kids won't be influenced and abused by bigoted closed minded teachers such as yourself.

  5. This is BS, " these tracks are now on display in the Museum Of Natural History " in Washington D.C. The tracks belong in TEXAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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