Dark Baroque Church Organ

Dark Baroque Church Organ

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76 thoughts on “Dark Baroque Church Organ

  1. This piece does sound dark at times yet in others it is frivolous in tone. If you are going to delve into church Baroque-style organ music, think of these elements: austerity, reverence, imposing royal-like sounds, a feel of entering a cathedral with all the praise and prayer as well as 'grandeur' of music suitable for a place like this should hold. Be more elaborate in this music as well. Keep those in mind and you will come closer to having a great piece of music. Listen to Handel and Baroque composers more… – you need to work on those elements of 'feel' and style in this sort of music – otherwise, you cannot call it 'church music' but rather modern-style baroque. It is a good start but put 'flowers' into it …make the music grow. . .

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  3. Truly a testament of the quality piece of desire and reverence. Tis a strong message conveyed here, as we cross unto the thresholds of the dead and of the living.

  4. Gosh, is this the better you can listen to??
    Never heard about Bach's preludes? In C, in D, in F minor?
    WAKE UP!!
    This is just a soft shit.

  5. This is so beautiful. I'm playing King Claudius in a play tomorrow and this really helps me to get in the mood for the character. Thank you so much, you're very talented.

  6. It sounded so cool until the melody started to sound familiar, then I realized it sounded awfully similar to some song I used to hear on a cartoon. Not saying it's stolen or anything, but now I can't unhear the lyrics of that song playing over the first part.

  7. It sounds like something you would hear in a silent movie, from the early half of the 20th century, i love it. The music screams Halloween and vampire movie all at the same time.

  8. When I listen to some themes, I ask myself; How is it possible that I like almost all music styles in the story of music, yet I cant meet somebody who does like the same music as I do.

  9. Could I use this for a video of mine? I work with a paranormal investigation company and I love this, it would be perfect for videos of photos and whatnot. I would give you credit of course.

  10. minutes 2:43 to 3:19 has my personality, It remember me those times when I was in my lab performing chemical reactions as part of my job, researching, when I worked at nigth, in the darkness of the new technologies.

  11. very nice – we share similar styles cool to find another person showing how metal baroque music was

  12. This is great. Too often when you try to find dark organ pieces it always starts out with fugue in d minor. Or just some cheesy kids halloween cd.

  13. I have began telling my stories on all the demons and witches i have faced and conquered during my missions to villages and dreams. here is a link for starters. I hope your strong enough.. Link: https://youtu.be/bKaatpjmzlY

  14. At first the music made me think of Phantom of the Opera, what with that opener lol then I started thinking of Michael Corleone during the baptism scene at the end of The Godfather: Part I

  15. Maybe it's refined taste, maybe it's fact that I listen to actual pipe organs for a living, but no. If you want something dark, try the Buxtehude Prelude in F# Minor or the Bach Pasacaglia and Fugue in C Minor. At least try and get a decent organ sound.

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