Culture Shocks I experienced in the Philippines 필리핀에서 받은 문화 충격

Culture Shocks I experienced in the Philippines 필리핀에서 받은 문화 충격

45 thoughts on “Culture Shocks I experienced in the Philippines 필리핀에서 받은 문화 충격

  1. filipinos should learn to bring their trash with them…and put them in their own trash cans at home or seeking a garbage bin to where u should throw ur trash…not depending others for a clean up…it's a messy thing to see garbage all around us..the government should be strict enough to impose the solid waste management from the barangay level especially the cities barangay where garbage were vividly seen…so act now …it's not to late to do this thing…

  2. As a Filipino that lives in Toronto, I always experience culture shock every time i go back to visit family. DISCIPLINE is the number one thing that Filipinos need to learn and comprehend. When she was talking about the trash, it's actually pretty sad how true that is in the Philippines. Like wtf, go pick up your trash and throw it out properly. Just because there's a custodial worker doesn't mean you can't be a DECENT human being.

    If you're a Filipino reading this and got offended by what Jessica said, you're just sad. What she said was true and you can't deny that…and don't even get me started with bathroom hygiene; public or private

  3. Why is it that this video doesn't feel awkward as that weeaboo 'Simon and Martina' compared South Korea and Japan similar way as Jessica did?

  4. True Filipinos don't pick up their trash(guilty)☹️. I think alot of us Filipinos don't even bother to pick up trash anywhere because we have a mindset that it's gonna be someone else's job to do it.

  5. I really don't get it why gay filipinos insist on being flamboyant, not that it's my business or anything, it's just that I think it's perpetrating the idea that if you're gay you'll talk, act or dress a certain way, same for lesbians. But that's just my opinion

  6. When I went to the Philippines for the first time and went to sm mall i went pass the guards whispering please dont kill me please dont kill me 🤧🤧 Im terrified of guns

  7. You nailed it girl 😊 you're a good abserver. I am a filipino and not offended by you. But maybe, what you can also do is set an example, show your friends the good things that Korean does, like when you're in a cinema, after the movie take your trash with you even if your friends don't 😉 you don't need to ask them just do it and they will follow.

  8. when she said that "it will cost about 1 peso to buy 2 candies."
    me: oha! when i was bata pa we make bili bili candies but its just libre. odeba its not make bili bili na, it is libre. (ang conyo q hir, uzg wag niyo na ako pansinin)

  9. Dont say such thing guy hes just surprise to pilipino culture even if its bad or good we accept because that what we are. Everyone has bad n good side # so relax ur overeacting😑

  10. Good thing to know…
    other filipinos her opinion is not enough as a slap to make us realize that somehow there are some negative irritating and intolerable habits that needs to change just like of improper throwing of trash.
    What part of Word dont you(us) understand?
    “ wag mag kalat”

  11. "oh Im here , stop here" is such a mood HAHAHAHAHA
    when you ride a jeepney next time you can just simply say "para". but that was so cute of you jessica.

  12. I'm from Capiz and I experienced the same culture shock at the first time that I went to Manila. I was also slightly culture shocked when I visited Iloilo and Aklan which are just neighboring provinces.

  13. No offense to filipinos but majority need to improve on discipline. What u said abt throwing out the trash and coming in late with appointments (and driving violation) is so true. There is this thing called " the filipino time " where an appointment is usually an hour or more late. This has happened countless times to me when Ive to attend an event or a meeting. With regards to cleanliness ive been to places like Davao and Baguio where they implement strict rules in waste management, on the other hand the metro manila areas can be alittle overwhelming when it comes to this concern… This coming from a filipino born and raised in the philippines.

  14. but i wished Filipinos bring their trashes with them and throw them in bins:( that's a really great discipline

  15. It's not natural to burp in front of someone in the Philippines. It's considered rude. You should at least cover your mouth and say excue me.

  16. Tha't Culture that you should not throw your own garbage . That's negative culture of Filipino you should not adopt that .

  17. if this 2 legged yellow slimy cant withstand Flips culture or traits better packup and evaporate. failphines dont deserve skully creature.

  18. idk why but having you nationality's commonalities and traits served and stated to you makes me laugh HAHAHAHA it is so funny like when she said "filipinos raise eyebrows for answrring and use their mouth to point things" like haHAHAHAHAHA i feel so guilty. btw nice reviewwww

  19. 쿨이라고 해놓고서는 거의 다 멕이는 내용이네. 한국사람들 팩트팩트 거리면서 돌직구 날리는게 멋있는건줄 아는데, 내가 보기엔 그냥 무례한 언행들이 팩트라는 명목하에 너무 좋게 포장되고 있음. 다른 나라에 대해 말할때는 좀더 신중했으면 좋겠다.

  20. Im a filipino and im 100% agree to this video, ㅋㅋㅋ all what she have said is true. Theres nothing to be offended .

  21. anyone going on and on about f**king racism….can't you just shut the hell up you're just reading too much on what she's f**king saying, my brothers you dont have to dig deeper everytime for a meaning you're just putting salt on your own wound– just enjoy the video… <3 <3 peace yo

  22. ohh thank you for reminding the filipino our bad habit 😛 actually as a filipino i did not offend to this video because this is all true specially the trash but i always put my trash in garbage because i always keep in on my mind that little thing can cause an a accident like in the movie on final destination 😛 it's true because that already happen to me when i walking some stick of bananaque pierced on my feet so i hope all filipino will care their own trash 😛 this kind of truth is something the filipino can't dodge admit it haha,, nice Observation

  23. Yeah I hate it when I see my fellow countrymen throwing garbage (some not all) I worked in the government for cleaning the city but this people just throw garbage, that's why duturte said we should start cleaning up thanks to him we already clean the dirtiest river here in Philippines thank God duturte is our president!!

  24. FILIPINOS in the Philippines generally got used to being served which i really find sad. In tagalog plenty are TAMAD (LAZY)..

  25. ohh!, it happened to you, gosh sorry, next time be aware of those itchy hands, got to adapt that burp thing, hehehe if your home

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