Cults of Tibia – Darashia Boss & Access [Quest Guide Part 2/7]

Welcome to the second part of the Cults of
Tibia Quest guide, The Sand King of Darashia If this is the first video you’re watching. in the description below there will be a playlist
for all the other bosses so check it out or if you’re just interested in the access
and how to kill the Sand King keep on watching To start head to the minotaurs of darashia
all the way north east. Head down to the last floor and take the stairs
of the south west room. There will be a small passage you can take
to go down another floor, in which you will find the npc Angelo
say results, worried, yes. This will allow to go through the door next
to him which is a spawn of Putrified Mummies and bonebeast mainly And the access will require you to walk back
and forth multiple times. so its recommended to not waste time killing
them and just run past them follow this path and you’ll reach the teleport
to the Oasis, get close to it and you should get a quest log updated Then head back to Angelo and report your findings
by saying hi mission yes He will give you a Tool to collect water from
the oasis, head back there and use it the closest you can to the oasis When you get the sample you will get another
quest log updated, once again head back to Angelo and report by saying hi mission yes Now he will give you a pink fluid to purify
the oasis and this will be the end to the access. Head back to the oasis and use
the pink fluid on the same spot you got the water from the previous mission and the oasis
will change forms to look clean again This means you have succeded with your mission
and now have access to fight the boss which has the lever in the same room of the
oasis by the east. The boss fight consists of different phases,
The first one will have Sand of Vortex and a monter that looks like a larva During this you gotta focus with single target
on the larvas to kill them and avoid any sort of aoe damage or hitting the vortex
As they cannot die and will reflect any damage done to them The shooters should stand by the wall to the
west and use fire bombs as the larvas do not walk over fire but the vortexs do But since their main source of damage is the
reflection you can tank these fine without danger Kill the larvas and have the ek push the dead
bodies of the larvas closer to the shooters and keep them away from him Because when the Sand King spawns if he walks
over the body of a larva he will get healed After killing enough larvas he will spawn
for the first time, just do damage to him with sds and spells The EK should try to have the boss always
face the opposite side of the shooters as he casts a beam quite often Once again you will be back to the previous
stage and repeat the same process, This will happen 3 more times
and on the last one the boss will split in 3 The damage will be pretty hard for a lvl 200
knight and i dont recommend to tank them straight up even with 2 druids What i did back then was be on the move to
avoid having 2 face me directly with their beams During this phase larvas will continue to
spawn and is recommended to have people help out with pushing the bodies away
as they will still heal if any of the sand kings steps on it It doesnt matter which of the sand kings you
hit as they share the damage they take and its not bad to use AoE during this
but since it will also hit the larvas its important to be ready to push the bodies When he gets to deep red hp he will respawn
as a weakened version of himself that takes more damage, Finish him and that will be it The boss doesnt have any super expensive drop
but does have a lot of somewhat interesting drops which includes
djin blade, cobra crown, runed sword, crystaline axe, grasshoper legs and the the heart of
the mountain which grants you the enhanced blessing from svargrond. All of these items will have different prices
for most servers so wether its worth farming or not will depend on that After succeding make sure to talk to Angelo
by just saying Hi and open the crate to the east of him to recieve a Loupe. Hold on to it as you will need it for another
part of the Cults of Tibia, But with this you will have completed the
Darashia section. Thats all for this video, if the guide was
helpful and you want to support the channel consider sending some tibia coins to Gudii
Donation Thank you for watching and see you next time

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