Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse! Welcome back in another “Cult Bikes” episode This time We’ll Talk about the Honda VTR 1000 (Sp1 and Sp2) This bike was commercialized starting from 2000 The 1 model of this bike was the Sp1 (2000-2001) and his evolution: Sp2 (2002-2006) this bike was created as a “Challenge” Infact Honda made this bike to face the Ducati 2 Cylinder creating this bike the japanese were able to race with the same weapons of Borgo Panigale manifacturer infact at the end of 90’s Ducati had an incredible Championship Winning stats 8 Titles in 12 Seasons against the 3 titles from Honda at that times the 4 Cylinder were limited to 750cc despite the 2 cylinder which were allowed to a max limit of 1000cc This “limit” caused troubles to Honda and other manifacturers like Kawasaki and Suzuki which used to race with 750cc despite Ducati which using the 2 cylinder had a real Golden Age So Honda strongly wanted to show their capacities in a championship with elevated audience like SBK was So Honda left the “Old” RVF 750 RC45 direct evolution of the amazing Honda RC30 with V4 Engine to face an exciting brand new challenge create a 2 Cylinder SBK and show their abilities by beating Ducati from Borgo Panigale and the Aprilia RSV 1000 another incredible bike to made this possible Honda involved the HRC which used the experience coming from different competitions Giving life to the Honda VTR 1000 Sp1 the new bike presented to EICMA 1999 had almost nothing in common with the Street Version Honda VTR 1000 F (Firestorm) which only gave to Sp1 the 1st part of the name this bike had some interesting technic solutions an electronic injection system (PGM – FI) replaced the old carburetors of 48mm, introducing 2 Throttle bodies of 54mm with double injector and a 4 jets diffuser an ECU managed the whole system cordinated optimized for the gear selected behind the steering head a straight conduit was introduced (for the 1st time on a stock bike) to fill better the Air Box the engine was able to offer a power of 127 HP at 9.400 Rpm furthermore by installing the HRC kit was possible to transform the Stock VTR 1000 sp1 in a rocket of 170 HP at 11.000 Rpm with this Kit the weight was affected too reaching a weight of 170 Kg despite the standard version of 200 Kg at the 1st race of 2000 Championship at Kyalami Colin arrived 1st at both Races and Fogarty struggled to keep up the Texan pace unluckily at Phillip Island Fogarty had a career ending injury the championship went into Colin’s hands and to his Honda for the 1st time Ducati was beaten by a 2 cylinder but Ducati answered strongly to Honda Infact the 2001 championship was simply amazing one of the most beautifuls together with the 2002 one On his 1st official season Troy Bayliss will win that championship beating Colin Edwards and the VTR 1000 Sp2 arrived 2nd with a small point gap from Bayliss but the real year of glory for Colin and the VTR will be the following: 2002 infact the bike had an upgrade and turned his name into Honda VTR 1000 Sp2 becoming way more powerful with 137 Hp instead it became lighter too with 195 Kg (-5 despite Sp1) to increase bike prestations it was equipped with slipper clutch and new throttle bodies of 62mm like the bike rided by Colin Edwards a true record for a stock bike at that time furthermore the 4 jets injectors were replaced by other of 12 jets increasing prestations with a better fuel combustion to solve the over heating problems which affected the old Sp1 were installed 2 vents, one per radiator The Sp2 didn’t change the brake section, keeping the 320 mm double disk and 4 pistons brake on front and the single one of 220mm and a single piston brake but the true “News” for this bike was the rear aluminium swingarm In races this bike did very good, involved in a wonderful battle with Troy Bayliss which ended up at the last race of the season at Imola at the end of the battle Honda won The VTR made it again, the 2 champions were celebrated by SBK fans and the VTR Sp2 enterd into the legend despite this good results the 2003 rules changed the game introducing the possibility for 4 cylinder to increase engine size to 1000 cc with air restrictors and HRC retired his team from SBK to Focus on the brand new 4 Strokes championship: MotoGP Honda will return to SBK some years later without a 2 cylinder bike but with 4 cylinder: Honda CBR 1000 RR Honda Vtr Sp2 was produced until 2006 when it was retired from market without making big numbers about sales That’s all guys! I hope You liked this video leave a comment and let me know what do You think about this video and if you owned one of this bikes if You want please share this video with Your friends and obviously don’t forget to subscribe to keep updated about my latest uploads be sure to activate the bell nearby the Subscribe button to receive notifications see You soon in the next video Lamps from Your MadHorse 😉

17 thoughts on “Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

  1. Si torna a celebrare una SBK, questa volta è il turno della Honda VTR 1000 Sp1 e Sp2, la nemesi della Ducati!

    Let's go back to celebrate a SBK, this time We'll talk about the Honda VTR 1000 Sp1 and Sp2, The Ducati Nemesis!

  2. I have & (still own an SP2. I bought it new & have clocked up 60,000 km. It is totally reliable (unlike the Ducatis)& it turns heads in the motorcycling community more than ever.

  3. Un servizio giornalistico a tutti gli effetti, sintetico, completo, avvincente: bravo! È stato un piacere vederlo e rivivere quei momenti.

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