Cult Bikes ep. 0 | Yamaha YZF R1 98′ [ENG SUBTITLES]

Cult Bikes ep. 0 | Yamaha YZF R1 98′ [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders! Welcome from Your MadHorse 😉 Today I’m gonna start a brand new section on this channel Here I’ll speak about all most beautiful bikes which wrote Motorcycling History and this 1st episode We’re gonna open with fireworks Talking about a bike which Shocked and changed the Motorcycling World Recognazible Sound Three Letters: YZF Followed by a Spectacular “R” and then the number which perfectly fits to this bike: 1 During 90’s, Sportbikes lived an incredible “Golden Period” different manifacturers, tried to change their sportbikes engine cc mainly from 750 to 900 but Yamaha played an “All-In” with a unique Word: No Compromise built with a 998cc Engine Writing History as the 1st 1000cc Sportbike which will open roads to nowadays sportbikes It was a bike made to win Other Japanese and Italian Bikes were unable to compete with it Presented during 1997 EICMA Will be on Market on 1998 Its launch was an incredible success and became the leader of Sportbikes section all journalists went crazy when this bike was launched and It was named “Bike of the century” More Pros than Cons One of these was the light weight despite the other bikes it was the 1st 1000cc with a 600 similar weight Engine was located in the Deltabox Frame made with modern aluminium Infact the Deltabox frame was yet used by Yamaha but this version was refined 1st Deltabox came out on TZR 250 Deltabox 2 was enhanched More light and tough this was possible by the Diamond Scheme able to keep tight the Monstrous Engine of R1 and We’re gonna talk about something simply spectacular 😉 4 Cylinder 4 Strokes Cylinders inclined on forward and upper carter section made to form an unique section 4 reversed Carburetors Mikuni 40mm and 150HP to unleash with a 4 in 1 Exhaust with Exup Valve to enhance medium rpms one of the features which determined R1 Sucess despite this great Technical Schedule like often happens for 1st versions YZF R1 wasn’t perfect the main Con is the Wild Erogation which tends to bother unexperienced riders and sometimes experts too infact this bike is so “Cult” even for this feature too (almost for my personal opinion) a Real Monster with a nice Curriculum which allows it to enter in this Cult Bikes Section That’s all Folks! I hope You Enjoyed the Video I invite You to Subscribe to keep updated on my future videos and to help channel to grow up Leave a comment let me know if You own a R1 specially the 1st model the 98′ with carburetors or simply if You want have a chat or ask something I’m here 😉 I suggest You to follow Me on other Socials: FB Page and Instagram specially on Instagram beacuse I’m more active on it despite FB there are more contents and it is more interactive and personally I like it much more than FB Feel free to share this video (Thanks) 😀 We’ll see in a future Video, Thank you again for watching Lamps 😉

14 thoughts on “Cult Bikes ep. 0 | Yamaha YZF R1 98′ [ENG SUBTITLES]

  1. Io ho la prima…bianca e rossa come nel video…altra pecca il cambio un po' sganascione tra la prima e la seconda…ma la moto più bella e ignorante di sempre

  2. Complimenti per il video. Sono un felice possessore del modello 1999 posso dire che la cattiveria che ha lei nel entrata in coppia moto più recenti se la sognano.

  3. Complimenti, bellissimo video, in pochissimi minuti, hai racchiuso e argomentato la storia e le prestazioni di una delle moto più spettacolari che siano mai state costruite, nonché una moto che ha fatto storia e che ha aperto la strada ai capolavori di ingegneria che sfornano oggi giorno.
    Ottimi anche video e foto usate, bel montaggio e argomentato come un professionista, anzi meglio di tanti video recensioni realizzati da giornalisti. Ho appena trovato il tuo canale, spero che tu abbia proseguito questa serie, ora vado a vedere!

  4. Fosse il problema solo ristretto ad una brusca erogazione, sarebbe stato un affare…
    Purtroppo i problemi di questo fallimento della Yamaha, che ha interessato i modelli da 98 al 2001, vanno ben oltre e sono molto più seri. Qua si parla di un motore con un difetto sui cilindri che tendono a crepare, una cosa assurda a cui Yamaha a posto rimedio solo dal modello ad iniezione in poi. Che vergogna…

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