63 thoughts on “Coronavirus found in Washington state

  1. This is a lie don’t believe it this is the government enacting population control brace for it guys many of us will perish god I hope it’s not me

  2. Washington state falls short, again. START SCREENING, SEATAC, if this is one of the only airports to bring in this disease to the states. What's next? Ebola? No need to panic…

  3. What? Why no quarantine?  When Trump announced the first round of tariffs on China, it was seen as a declaration of a trade war.  Now with a true life-and-death matter—crickets from the Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS and his crime-infested administration.

  4. Not only do we need to stop illegal immigration, we need to slowdown all the legal immigration. There are way too many immigrants in this country!

  5. So he was on a flight that landed at SeaTac, spread it on the plane, and now people who may have it or carry it are out and about. Great. Gonna void ALL Chinese stores and restaurants.

  6. why wasn't there a travel ban implemented? sounds like china paid trump to test out biological warfare. must of been in the details of phase 1.

  7. Crazy scientist have to wake up and stop creating bioweapons. Pro Trump and anti Trump , people must wake up and unite against global government( cabal).

  8. How about just flights from CHINA….being stopped immediately. Believe it or not..the "bottom line" for most people are their lives.

  9. Thank you illegals. We don’t want you, your sad stories or your diseases. Apply the right way with “health screening.”

  10. Bill gates just said it’s a disease that can kill 30 millions people is this it ? And how would he know if it not man made 🤔 depopulation people wake up

  11. And how many HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE DID HE EXPOSE THIS TO BEFORE HE DECIDED TO "do the right thing or die HIMSELF"????? So, even doctors and nurses…not to mention those in immediate contact with him during/before hospitalization….will get this death sentence????? Once you start letting people travel ANYWHERE from that Chinese province ….it's game OVER!!!!

  12. China trade wars..
    The warship..🤔
    Wonder if it’s in the food
    Since we trade 🥘 goods
    What’s good about that
    It can be anywhere..

    How many people flying in from China to New York Chicago Las Vegas California can you watch everybody just wondering🙄

  13. I bet this is a man made virus hell bent on taking life, the elites are probably all vaccinated and immune. Made in a lab sprayed in chemtrails, wouldn't surprise me if this wipes out huge numbers of people. There’s too many people everyone knows it especially the government.

  14. It'll be good also for folks to keep their immune systems up I sure hope they're not sick all ready for anybody that may catch it this is a situation for the populist to get on heavy…….

  15. Also the latency period of about 9-10 days or so. by all means encourage travel NOW!? common sense!?!!!? Should be cordoning this off by any means if anything. Idiot Republicans who'll use any excuse

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