Confidence and self acceptance

Where’s my cup? What do you mean where’s your cup? I mean, where’s my cup? Wait do you have a cup? My cup? Yo, what the…
I just lost it right now I’m bouta… yep. Okay. Oh, why? Because I’m so small. What’s up everybody! Welcome back to Boxed Wine & Bullshit-
Season Two! Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. My name is Ashley Wylde. My name is Christian Covington. My name is Catherine Simone, and you can find me on Instagram @kittycatbaybee. And together we are, Boxed Wine & Bullshit! Alright, so today Cat is going to start us off with a little somethin’, somethin’. So we’re going to get a little ice breaker just to get us going, because we don’t know what the topic is going to be. We do not pre-plan! We do not pick the topic out of the fishbowl before!
No no. When we pick the topic out of the fishbowl, that is the same time ya’ll are seeing the topic as well. So, what’s a mini ice breaker to get us going? Here’s something I think about a lot, now being in the workplace: Do y’all poop at work, yes or no? So, you’re saying- I’m asking y’all, would you poop at work? Do you poop at work? What are your thoughts at pooping at the workplace? Okay-
’cause do you- Well, I know about how you feel about going to the bathroom in general.
True, I don’t like public restrooms. Well, okay so for me, I feel like pooping in the bathroom in a public place is a lot. So, unless, I don’t know. I have to, like really have to go, like there’s no way that I’m going to be able to hold it, that’s the only way I’d be able to go. What about you Cat? Well, honestly, I think if you have to poop, you should go. I hella poop at work. I don’t give a fuck! Like I don’t care.
I hella poop at work! Like, honestly, sometimes I wonder if I should give people like warnings. But then I’m like, why should I? Like, it’s a natural body function. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t smell the greatest. But like, I’m not going to sit at work and be uncomfortable. Because it takes me, one, forever to get home. Colorado traffic has gotten insane.
Yes, it has. So, it’s like, okay so what? I’m supposed to wait like 45 minutes to an hour for me to get home… Like, no! Like, my body hurts. Like, if I have to go, I have to go. And I never ever used to like, poop in public until I started working at the airport. After I started working at DIA, like I worked there for like, 4 or 5 years. But, um, after like- People poop in there all the time.
Yeah. People don’t care. When you’re traveling, like, sometimes you gotta go and you can’t wait. So after, like, I don’t know. I started working at DIA, after a while, I was like.. F it. All these other people are pooping, why can’t I? So, I don’t know, I just got more comfortable with it and now like, I mean like, yeah sometimes I get kind of like, “Dang, like, I hope someone doesn’t walk in right now.” Or I’ve even had like, incidents where I’ve told people like, in the past, like, “Hey girl, it might be a lil stank in there.” “Watch yourself.” No, I hella wish people did that though. Because sometimes, I be pissed off when I go in and I’m like, “Who just lit it the fuck up in here”? Like, ya’ll could have warned me and told me not to- I could have held my pee honestly , for a little bit longer.
Yeah, air it out. I have two thoughts One, if I have to poop, I have to poop. And unfortunately, wherever I am, I’m going to be pooping there. It’s weird to think that y’all poop. Okay-
I feel that about you hella. Really? Yes. But like, here’s the thing is like By the time I have to poop, it has to happen immediately. My body just works that way. I got about like 10 minutes tops! So I —
Ashley’s like “I’m shittin’ right now.” 10 minutes is not a lot! So, heaven forbid I’m at work, because that’s where I’m pooping. Also though, if you poop at work — Let’s say it takes you 15 minutes to poop —
Oh it don’t take me that long and you make $10.00 an hour. You just got paid $2.50 to poop. You should poop at work evey time. Every time! You should try to poop twice a day at work. Because you’re making $5.00 to poop. And you have to do it anyway. Why not do it at work where you’re getting paid for it? Kill some time. Mhmm.
Sike. I like pooping at home though. I like pooping at home. Like it makes me — It’s just like, yeah… You know? Like yeah… There’s nothing like that “I just got home” poop. Ain’t nothin’ like it!
Yes! Okay, I live in a travel trailer, a camper. And so, I gotta tell you- I don’t poop at home. There’s no pooping at home. I don’t poop there.
Oh damn! Yeah. Sometimes I have to pee there if it’s kind of like there’s not a toilet available to me. But I have not yet pooped in my camping toilet. And I don’t intend to. So I’m always scouting for where I’m about to poop next. I’m going to poop at your house if I’m visiting you. I’m going to poop at the gas station if I’m buying coffee. I’m going to poop at the Subway if I get a sandwich. *laughter* I’m looking for where to poop. I’m dead. Alright, so now you just learned something about our bowel movements.
Right! That was a good ice breaker!
Thanks Cat for that! High-five though! That was a good ice breaker. Don’t leave me hangin’! I thought it was for me to- You go ahead then.
Yeah. Alright, what are we talking about? Oh, it’s a black one so it’s from last season. Self-acceptance and confidence. So, basically the premise for this topic is, you know. How do you feel about yourself? What’s your relationship with yourself? If it’s good, how did you get there? If it’s not good, what are you hoping for? You know, if people would describe you as confident- Which you know, honestly I know for a fact that people describe all three of us as confident- So where does that come from? What do you do, specifically, to encourage that or to grow it, or to come off that way, or whatever it is? And for people who don’t feel confident or don’t know how to exude confidence, what would you say to them? I would say those are the guidelines for this topic. I’ll start. Yeah, people do think I’m pretty confident. And I think it’s because of the way that I present myself. So, basically I’m being me all the time. And that’s kind of on 10, most times. *laughter*
Me. I remember Ashley was like, you literally just embarrass yourself and you don’t care. I don’t know, it’s something I was doing. Maybe I was like-
Dancing! You were dancing. Yeah, and you were like: “You just do all that and you don’t even care”!? *laughter* You know, like I don’t know. I feel like I just show up, you know and I just do me all the time. If it means, like, people are gonna feel like I’m embarrassing myself, then that’s what it means. If it means, like I don’t know. It just- it doesn’t even matter, you know? I’m just being me all the time. If I feel like doing stupid shit, I’m going to do stupid shit. I don’t know where it comes from, it’s self acceptance. I think- I mean, honestly, people have always told me like: “Oh my gosh, you’re so confident.” And I don’t know where it comes from and- this may have, like, I remember- Shoutout to Gaby Perez. But one time, she and I had a conversation about like, our parents and like, the way that- Not the way that they raised us but like, there was something about the way that like- the way that they parented us that gave us confidence.

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