Communist Student Who Attacked Republicans with Chocolate Milk Gets Arrested

Communist Student Who Attacked Republicans with Chocolate Milk Gets Arrested

A Florida State University student who became
an internet sensation in all the wrong ways this week — particularly for trying to claim
that the Nazis weren’t socialist even though the word socialist is in their party name
— is now under arrest for her actions in the video. And no, it’s not for defending socialism;
in spite of the best efforts of the American left, the First Amendment is still alive,
well and operative. Throwing chocolate milk on people you disagree
with generally isn’t covered under free speech, however, and given that she allegedly
did that, she’s going to be given an introduction to the legal system in the Sunshine State. “A Florida State University student was
arrested and charged with battery after a profanity-laden outburst at a College Republicans
display was captured on camera,” WJXT-TV reported Friday. “The video, viewed nearly 30,000 times,
shows 19-year-old FSU student Shelby Shoup throwing chocolate milk, hitting students
and kicking campaign signs at a College Republicans booth.” The video shows a woman, allegedly Shoup,
berating members of the FSU College Republicans. “You are supporting Nazis, you understand
that?” she can be heard saying at the beginning of the video. When one of the Republicans pointed at what
appeared to be a Soviet hammer-and-sickle pin on her jacket and asked if she’s supporting
communism, she responded, “Yeah, I f—ing am.” “Don’t pour your coffee on me,” one
of the men in the video said. “F— you, I will,” she responded angrily,
before throwing her drink (apparently just milk) on him. “F— all of you.” The woman then proceeded to engage in a rambling
diatribe about how the College Republicans were responsible for the mass shooting of
11 Jewish individuals inside a Pittsburgh synagogue, among other things. “Do you understand that fascism is here?”
she said. “Do you understand that f—ing Nazis are
here?” “I hope you realize you are normalizing
and enabling Nazis,” she added later in the video. “Eleven of my people are f—ing dead this
weekend. Two black people are dead in Kentucky. These are f—ing nationalist murderers.” Hunter Pollack — a member of the FSU College
Republicans and the brother of Parkland shooting victim Meadow Pollack — was one of the people
who shared the video online. “She doesn’t even know what fascism and
Nazis are,” Pollack, who is Jewish, told WJXT. “I want to spread love,” he said. “We can’t be throwing chocolate at each
other on campus. That’s unacceptable.” Local Jewish leaders also condemned the attack. “You should not be condemning that other
person as being completely indecent, because if you take the time to listen to their narrative,
you will start to understand why they believe what they believe,” Tallahassee Rabbi Jack
Romberg said. Shoup was arrested two days after the video
was shared online. She has a relatively long history of liberal
activism, from volunteering for Florida gubernatorial candidate and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum
to organizing events for the “abolish ICE” movement, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. “We need to tear the whole system down,”
Shoup said at a June rally. “Abolishing ICE is our minimum demand.” Unfortunately for her, it seems, she wasn’t
able to get around to tearing that whole system down before the system came for her.

7 thoughts on “Communist Student Who Attacked Republicans with Chocolate Milk Gets Arrested

  1. She's a member of "Students for Palestine," for fuck's she is calling a buncha  innocent college kids "nazi" while she is supporting the LITERAL modern-day iteration of the Third goddamn Reich..
    No wonder she's such an angry little much self-hatred..

  2. What a raving and fanatical lunatic! And now she has a gofundme account to pay for her legal expenses. Spoon fed pathetic piece of trash! Hope her misery only intensifies.

  3. Shoup is raising $10,000 on GoFundMe site for her legal defense. She is almost at her financial goal. She has a filthy mouth. She is a vicious, malicious bitch. She seems like she is using a black magic margin to hilight her eyebrows. She is calling republicans Nazis. I voted for Trump to get a conservative Supreme Court and to break up the liberal, feminist, and Jewish voting block.

  4. This is soooooo fake, trying to get America to fight. Divide and Conquer. Parkland and Pittsburgh are both Psy0ps.

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