Civil Society Futures final findings – Julia Unwin, inquiry chair

Civil Society Futures final findings - Julia Unwin, inquiry chair

nearly two years ago we launched an inquiry into the future of civil society we called for a big conversation asking all sorts of organizations groups movements and networks to talk about what civil society means for them and where it's going in the future this inquiry took place at an extraordinary moment in our history we are politically divided in a way that we haven't been for many years before we're socially divided and that shows up on every piece of research that we've looked at we're divided between the north and the south between country and town between town and city between generations but what this inquiry has showed is a passionate commitment to do something about those divisions to enable people to connect better and to build the sort of trust that we're going to need if we're going to thrive as a society in the future a stronger civil society is essential for our shared futures we believe that a reenergized renewed civil society can help to build our social fabric can connect us across the many divisions that we see it can help to strengthen our dented democracy bringing skills our participate and to live deliberative democracy to a world which too often feels too divided it can help us organize around the big challenges of our time addressing climate change racism and division renewed re-energized civil society is at the heart of how we change a society we're calling for a new pact something that is owned by civil society but is understood by every organization and group that's active within civil society considering really important questions of how we build trust and how we build trust within the civil society and with the public about how we get that fundamental shift to power an understanding of where power sits and what our role is in it how we make organizations genuinely accountable to the people they serve and not to people who are very far away and crucially how we build connections between people so that that enduring purpose of civil society of building strong and deep connections enables us to support the next decade of a changing society

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