Church’s Worldwide Children and Youth Initiative on Track for 2020

Church’s Worldwide Children and Youth Initiative on Track for 2020

Last May, the First Presidency announced
that a new initiative is being developed to replace existing programs within the
Church, including Boy Scouts of America, Personal Progress, Duty to God and Faith
in God. Since that announcement a new initiative for children and youth is
being tested in locations around the world. This new initiative allows you to
step back take a look at who you want to be. Making a plan for your personal
development is is kind of key. This is going to be an exciting,
wonderful enhancement to everything we have done before. It kind of brings every
aspect of your life to be more spiritual and closer to our Heavenly Father. We can bring school activities or other activities–sports, art classes,
music–it kind of ties it all together. We want to see who you want to become, who you desire to become and what you desire your life to look like. I think offering them that freedom helps them to feel the responsibility of it,
but then also helps them to feel like this is their choice. The goal is for the kids to have the responsibility themselves. You can determine your
spiritual and temporal destiny and your ability to access the power of the
Atonement and to follow the Savior and His example. What you are doing and you
care about in your life and you’re working hard at–Heavenly Father cares
about. This new initiative is not only going to point them all to our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. It’s going to give opportunities for large gatherings and
personal development through goals and achievement of goals. Additional details
about the global initiative for children and youth will be shared at Childrenand as the implementation date approaches. you

15 thoughts on “Church’s Worldwide Children and Youth Initiative on Track for 2020

  1. Cool….I'm excited for our youth! I was very sad when the church announced the plan to leave BSA. However, that sadness has gone away after this last year and now I can't wait for the new program.

  2. We need to drop scouting now, they keep asking for money for this year and frankly, I am sick of how they have abandoned their foundational values. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. Although I'm sad to see both the traditional Young Women's and Boy Scouts leaving (😢 ➡️📿/⚜️), I'm so excited for the Youth of the Church of Jesus Christ to have this unique opportunity to grow! What exiting times! 😁

  4. I'm excited for this! I will only be in young men's for 9 months after this initiative takes place, but it is going to be a great way to inspire youth to use their unique talents to build up the kingdom of God!❤️

  5. I been a Scout Master for over 20 years in the church, and I move to another pack and we have girls that joined our pack with my 2 daughters. My family left the church because of the church dropping the scouts.

  6. I love to know that God loves us and want us to be good. He will help us to achieve right and good goals, we just have to trust Him!

  7. Can't wait for this new program. Hopefully no more guilt trips from youth leaders when children regularly miss mutual because they're at a soccer game, piano practice, school play, doing homework, or just working at home. All those things, if done right, can develop the skills and character needed to become what He wants them to become. And no more silly badges and rank advancements for completing…well…nothing really.

  8. I wonder if they will continue to spend less on the kids each year than the ward drug addicts in a month

  9. As a youth leader, I'm so excited for this! I love to customization! It also brings out the creativity in you.

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