Chuck Todd Mistakes Politics For A Board Game

Chuck Todd Mistakes Politics For A Board Game

so it's not me that's being repetitious it is what is going on is Society continues to favor the people who have the wealth and the power this past weekend Bernie Sanders was on NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd it was always a fun guy so I got two clips here to show you the first clip Chuck Todd of course asks a stupid question watch you're getting a lot of advice these days from a lot of friends the New York Times story earlier this week was filled with a lot of it I want to show you an excerpt a deeper challenge confronting his aides and supporters after nearly four decades of running and usually winning iconoclastic campaigns on his own terms he is deeply reluctant to change his approach and you've had a lot of friendly these are people very much supporters of you who are saying it sounds too much like 2016 you have to rejigger things a little bit Oh be more personable what how are you accepting this advice well look two things people say Bernie you know you're repetitious you are talking about the rich getting richer and 40 million live people living in poverty you are talking about so many old people who cannot afford their medicine and so forth and so you know what Chuck here's a promise I will make to you when the poor get richer and the rich get poorer when all of our people have health care is a right but we are leading the world in the fight against climate change you know what I will change what I am saying so it's not me that's being repetitious it is what is going on in society continues to favor the people who have the wealth and the power while all over this country people are working two or three jobs and I understand that I keep hammering away at that issue because I believe that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world we don't need 45 million people struggling with student debt kids can't afford to go to college those are the issues I will continue to talk about and those are the issues will win on all right so I thought that was a fantastic answer from Bernie Sanders fantastic answer to a dumb question how many times do I have to talk about this so I did a video recently on this similar kind of thing actually with Chuck Todd so Marcus Melissa's the founder of daily Coast was on Chuck Todd show talking about Oh Bernie Sanders is using the same strategy he did two four years ago why is he using the same strategy this isn't a board game this is real life Bernie's answer there was perfect it's not him that's repetitious it's the issues in society that are repetitious so in order to deal with them it's still the same approach you have the wealthy and the powerful at the top of society continuing to hoard all the wealth and all the power it is a systemic issue so it's not even just the issue of you know wealthy people being greedy because that's always gonna exist it's a system that allows that kind of greed to continue while millions don't have health care while you have public schools that are underfunded infrastructure that's falling apart I mean climate change policy that is nowhere near adequate enough go on and on and on and on the reason why Bernie's approach is the same is because the problems are the same but Chuck Todd and these cable news shows always framed politics in this horse race mentality in this team sport or board game mentality where it's oh they're using this strategy to get these people and like I mean the perfect the perfect example of all this is what um is what the news does every time the primaries are over you have a candidate in the primary and then they always talk about oh well this is now the nominee of the Democratic Party and now what they have to do is they have to now pivot towards the center just like like we're all just playing games oh of course they have to pivot now everything they said in the primary well they were just saying that in order to get votes they were just lying the whole time but that's not what the news tells you they just act like a pivoting as normal of course yeah they're gonna pivot yeah but pivoting means that they were just lying for the past year about what they believe in about what they're gonna fight for pivoting now means well yeah I was lying to you the whole time I have to pivot towards the center or really what that actually means is more right-wing – in order to appeal to the big donors to get all that money in so I can raise all this money to win the election and then eventually do nothing I mean you see this every election cycle all about the pivot without analyzing how absurd the pivot is politics again is not a game these are real people's lives yet cable news continues treating it like it's a game I want to get to one more clip here where I'm Bernie comments on the Democratic Party in fighting Alexander Ocasio cortes who was a volunteer in your campaign she was very upset with Nancy Pelosi and she said when these comments first started I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more of an arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members which I understood but the persistent singling out it got to a point where it was just outright disrespectful the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color is this part of this bigger disruption that you helped lead four years ago where the party is just having growing pains or what do you make of this dispute well Chuck this is what I think I think it goes without saying that the future of our country in the future of the Democratic Party rests with young people and I'm very proud by the way in virtually every poll that I have seen we are winning people under forty five or fifty years of age and younger you do well if young vote on our poll as well yeah okay you know and what Alexandria and other young women and women of color are saying we have got to reach out to young people we've got to hear the pain of the working class of this country and that is causing some political disruption within the leadership of the Democratic Party and let me give you one example where I am very concerned I have helped lead the effort to expand community health centers in this country and right now there's legislation in the House the Democratic House to cut in real inflation accounted for dollars community health centers by 20 percent unacceptable so I support you know Alexandria's and the other woman's desire to bring more people especially young people working-class people into the Democratic Party that is the future of the do you think the speakers being too tough on them I think a little bit I I think you've got to you cannot ignore the young people of this country who are passionate about economic and racial and social and environmental justice you got to bring them in not alienate them so this is exactly right and really it is the only the only reality that exists alc Rasheeda Talib the other justice Democrats these politicians that aren't taking any big donor money raise money off grassroots support win their elections based off volunteers and grassroots support grassroots donations individual contributions this is the future of the Democratic Party this is the future of politics in America representatives that actually represent people I mean how crazy is that so what the Democratic Party is that the current Democratic Party with the the leadership they represent the old way of doing things bow into corporations continually giving in to right-wing positions conservative positions on policy issues I mean you saw Bernie mentioned one of the issues there but even the fact that the party right now as a whole isn't fighting for democrat or Medicare for all I mean just one of many examples of how the Democratic Party even though the polling shows that the vast majority of Democratic voters and a majority of Americans in general support Medicare for all even though the polling shows that the Democratic Party is still not fighting for it this is not a party at least the leadership does not represent the average person aoc and the Justice Democrats are completely changing that and it may be a look it may start off slow there's only a four or five or six of them right now in in the house but there's gonna be more elections and more and more and more and these corporate Democrats are going to be continued getting primary doubt and replaced by representatives that actually represents real voters what Bernie Sanders is speaking to what aoc speaks to is our reality in the country that people have recognized that their politicians are bought and the only way to change things is to primary out those politicians even if they're Democrats and replace them with better Democrats and right now that's what Bernie supports and that's what the Justice Democrats are trying to get done you

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  1. I actually feel better with him being consistent because you know he is wanting to change those things. I was not unhappy when he supported Clinton when he lost the primaries (or had them stolen from him due to the DNC working for HRC) because I believe it shows his ethics and moral character as he kept his word in spite of the DNC not sticking to their own rules. I feel that each state that had Primaries or caucuses Should sue the DNC for the money spent on those events since they said in court that they did not have to follow the rules and could choose to decide in a backroom who their candidate was going to be. Thus the primaries were fraudulent.

  2. 3 Sanders is a geriatric balloon that's ready the burst. He has no chance and he need to get out of this race and only exist from socialism overseas money sent to America that divide our politics and fun idiots like this national rational 80 iq host

  3. Why do people, with “intelligence “ not immediately recognise Bernie. Just listened to a Radiolab podcast on dems, not one mention of Bernie. So many other podcasts and people I consider rational, buy into old style politics. It’s very disappointing. 🙁

  4. But Chuck Todd gave Bernie a VERY nice opening to say what he is all about and how he will continue to talk about those issues. Could have been Chuck giving Bernie the perfect ball to knock out of the park.

  5. TO ALL DAVID DOEL SUPPORTERS: Please take a look and subscribe to Gordon Dimmacks' channel. He is doing some great work, but YouTubes algorithm changes are ruining his viewing figures. The net result of this being that he will have to abandon doing the great work that all free thinking people want to see. (ps I am in no way affiliated with Gordon, just a fan). Thank you.

  6. Why do we always have to keep resting AOC's value on her being a woman of color, as if that's the MOST important quality to her?? It's so damn SHALLOW

  7. Bernie is doing everything right! He is the people's champion!! He will lead us to to victory! Medicare for all!!The people will win this time! Bernie is the winner!! BERNIE2020.

  8. Im going to go and find this video to state that I like Bernie being consistent, and not a flaky politician like most other choices. They need to stop with that dumb ass question.

  9. Damn does Todd always say “right”, “hey” in the background. This is the second time in an interview he has done that against Bernie. Especially when Bernie gives a good answer to a framed or bullshit question.

  10. Ah, this is something I've been saying (or at least thinking) for a while, I really hate it how centrists seem to treat politics as a game. It's not a game. It fucking affects people's lives and we have a duty to treat everyone with respect and to care for everyone.

  11. The issues haven't changed since 2016: they've only intensified and worsened over time for the VAST majority of ppl in the U.S. Bernie is making an increasingly bigger name for himself and for the policy and message he represents. It's not about being 'personable' or 'civil', as some may say. He is showing PERSISTENCE.

  12. "Bernie, why are you so damned consistent? It's putting us media folk to sleep. How about changing up your position on healthcare every week or so to keep in interesting like Kamala does?"

  13. I would agree that Bernie needs to expand off of his basic talking points in the debates. I think he was effectively doing that this spring. The Fox News town hall is a great example, but he reverted to 2016 Bernie during the debate.

  14. "When the poor get richer, and the rich get poorer."
    What a great line. I have to say, though, it made me chuckle because he might as well have been saying:
    "When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves."

  15. Socialist moron. I think about the people who vote for a person like this. Is half of this country actually mentally ill? They certainly are very childish.

  16. Chuck 'tool' Todd acts like professor Irwin Cory but doesn't make half the sense 😏 … Ignore the A-hole 🐒

  17. Fuck Todd thinks the NYT is “friendly” to Bernie Sanders. Jesus!

    Turns out that Fuck Todd as terrible at hosting “Meet the Press” as he is at moderating debates.

  18. Bernie got 96% of the vote in Vermont, last election, and rates as the top Senator in the country. Hmm, maybe Chuck Todd should stop talking and start listening.

  19. Chuck Todd: 'Why do you keep telling Americans about all the things that are messed up and what you propose to do to fix these problems?'
    Bernie: 'Because the problems are still there (Chuck: 'Yeah') and getting worse daily (Chuck, sounding bored: 'Yeah') and we need to do something about it before (Chuck, sounding bored and dismissive: 'Yeah') the middle class disappears (Chuck yawning: 'Yeah') and the wealthy people have full control over every aspect of our political system (Chuck picking his nose off camera: 'Yeah') and you assholes in mainstream media never talk about these issues (Chuck checking his bank account balance on his iPhone: 'Yeah') and treat everything like a horse race (Chuck scratching his ass off camera: 'Yeah') so I have to go on pointless shows like this one (Chuck wondering if he should trim his mustache: 'Yeah') and remind the American people how messed up things really are (Chuck wondering if he could get a raise if he makes Bernie look bad: 'Yeah') because you guys ignore policy and turn everything into identity politics.' (Chuck sighing under his breath and thinking even harder about that raise because he was forced to have Mr. Truth Serum on AGAIN talking about REAL ISSUES for the zillionth time: 'Alll Right, we have to go to a commercial for Boeing now but..')

  20. One of the things I like about Bernie is I don't have to listen to a lot of speeches. I hate listening to speeches. One or two per campaign is plenty to discover any updates he's made and I'm good to go.

  21. Who is Chuck Toddler’s daddy? The man is truly incompetent and has no place on TV at ALL. Tucker the f#ck*r Carlson is heir to the disgusting Swanson food fortune. I wonder how these people get their jobs. FIRE 🔥 THEM! Bernie Sanders doesn’t flip flop, and that’s a PROBLEM? SHAME ON YOU, CHUCK TODD. I HOPE THAT YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY AND BECOME MORE LIKE YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS, JACKASS. BERNIE 2020!

  22. For Chucky-Cheese Todd to even have the audacity to claim that Sydney Ember of NYT is a "Supporter" of Bernie, is in some ways more appalling than some of the Faux News coverage.. Bernie is sometimes to nice to show up to Meet the Press.

  23. Sometimes i really because the Dems and msm nbc cnn rather have Trump as president than someone like Bernie Sanders ! I really believe this!

  24. Change things up so we have amunition against you to make you and your policies look bad in front of America so they will vote for a corporate puppet.

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