Chernobyl: Elements of Chernobyl: “Vichnaya Pamyat” Featurette | HBO

Chernobyl: Elements of Chernobyl: “Vichnaya Pamyat” Featurette | HBO

why worry about something that doesn't make to happen oh that's perfect they should put that on our money what's really interesting is how the ideology of the Soviet Union the idea of a system that was infallible and the fear of people to point out any flaws or mistakes everything had to be perfect and you had to pretend it was perfect any system will too strong an ideology whether it's the idea of a perfect nation or a perfect belief leads to exclusion of facts the West is now satisfied that your novel was solely the result of operator error which it essentially was when you start to look at all the different causes of this accident to happen it's the sort of cumulation of that kind of a mentality which is it's more convenient to believe comfortable truths and comfortable facts than it is to have to face difficult choices and difficult realities last time maybe here Sharabi no he's confronted with his sense of mortality that he's presented with that idea of what was his life worth and didn't mean anything did he have an impact on this situation because he was a party man because he was an insider he knew how to get the machinery of the state to work God's sakes price you're the one who mattered most the Apple off' who's been this very stubborn cow certain person who refuses to accept any responsibility for what happened I wasn't in the room when they raised the power on a toy Dyatlov made decisions no rational person should have ever made he made crazy choices I haven't reviewed we only just found out where that review it in the trial Dyatlov historically does say the following thing I will not say that I am guilty but I cannot say that I am NOT and I thought that was a remarkable expression of the least the potential of guilt it was very Soviet in its own way the statement to have it both ways the trial is as always we want to find who's guilty the people's lust for revenge which is something really really dangerous it makes it very attractive to find scapegoats and throw as meat to the dogs once it's over we will have our villains out here we established pretty early on what mistakes did those people do in the control room but the thing is that the system was guilty first leg us off if you mean to suggest the Soviet stage somehow responsible for what happened that I must warn you you're treading on dangerous ground that is how an RBMK reactors core explodes lies you you

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  1. Stellan Skarsgard is one of the best actors in the world. Give him any character and he will portray it. With regards to Chernobyl, we all just hope that nothing of this sort will happen again although the same type of accident also happened in Japan (Fukushima Nuclear accident) a few years back.

  2. I love how they portrayed a scientist (legasov) and a politician (shcherbina) working together to successfully fix a man made disaster which is a dynamic that is sorely lacking in our current times. Like guys, if politicians and scientists got along we’d be so much better off but yeah flawed governments 😶

  3. I just lost half of my self watching this miniseries, if u watched it u know why, if u are about to watch it u will understand very soon…

  4. For imagine how many people were died because of Chernobyl, I recomend you to watch this video

    It's on Russian, but only first minute. This vid's about "Chernobyl district" in Ukraunian Slavutich (this city has built instead of Pripyat). This people were too young in their last day. And it's only in one little Slavutich

  5. The right method dismantling of reactors of Fukushima nuclear plant:

  6. Imagine if Legasov did not leave those tapes behind. Soviets would have done nothing to repair other nuclear plants and disaster like Chernobyl would have happened again.

  7. The only problem that I've got with this serial, is that now everyone who has watched it will think, that everyone who was here did what they did because of fear, KGB, Soviet regime etc. No. It's completely untrue. Maybe it's hard to believe now, but then people did this because they wanted to save others (it is even confirmed in Legasov's original audiotape). And it doesn't matter what nationality or country did this, we are all people.

    Edit: fixed some grammatical and autocorrect mistakes.

  8. tha last 5 minutes of these series literally broke me. It was just 33 years ago and actually could be prevented. Heartbreaking

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