Confidence and self acceptance

Where’s my cup? What do you mean where’s your cup? I mean, where’s my cup? Wait do you have a cup? My cup? Yo, what the… I just lost it right now I’m bouta… yep. Okay. Oh, why? Because I’m so small. What’s up everybody! Welcome back to Boxed Wine Continue Reading

Alina Baraz – Trust (Lyric Video)

I Make the space Make the space for you And you rearrange When I need you to Look at how far we got I woulda never thought Look all around you Lucky I found you Look how you made your way Wasn’t it worth the wait Look all around you Continue Reading

ロシアのカルト教祖 2/3 – Cult Leader in Russia Part 2

Once you enter through those beautiful gates, remember that you’re leaving a state of mind where all thought of worry and other strong emotions will be washed away. [JESUS OF SIBERIA] [PART 2 OF 3] [ROCCO CASTORO][VICE] Today is August 18th, [ROCCO CASTORO][VICE] which is the high holy day of Continue Reading

Mega Man 64/Legends (N64 1997) – Cult Classic or Overrated? – The Backlog

Where trust becomes a true issue

Let’s talk about TrustUnion. TrustUnion’s an innovative project which is going to be deployable globally, but we’ll see the biggest benefit of it in regions where Trust becomes a true issue They’re utilizing skill sets of those found in blockchain as well as traditional technologies to ensure that trusting organiz- Continue Reading

Avengers: Endgame (2019) – Cap and Tony Still Trust Each Other [Open Matte / IMAX / Better Quality]

Guys, what is it? Looks like we’re improvising. Great. What are we improvising? Scott, get this back to the compound. Suit up. What’s in New Jersey? 0-4. 0-4. Uh, 0-7. 0-7. Excuse me. 1-9-7-0. Are you sure? Cap? Captain? Steve? Sorry. America. Rogers. Look, if you do this… and it Continue Reading

How To Build Confidence In Your English Pronunciation

Hello again in this video we are going to talk about building confidence now we’ve talked about this idea of confidence quite a bit through this program and that’s because it’s such a critical piece to this program and most of my students when they come to the program the Continue Reading

Narcissism vs Self Esteem: Are you a Narcissist or Just Self Confident

Billy Joel – Goodnight Saigon (from A Matter of Trust – The Bridge to Russia)