Capitalism, Democracy and the Commons – Harris Kenny

Capitalism, Democracy and the Commons – Harris Kenny

so tha yet what is the appropriate role of government versus the private sector
where does the commons begin and and here’s kenny is a policy analyst with
the reason foundation uh… reason dot org is their website
and the color of their annual privatization report paris welcome the program career so uh… here your celebrated and guests the the level of privatization the number of prison uh… rooms uh… buddy column cells i
guess that have been uh… be taken on a
government hands and put into the hands of people who make a profit off it the
number water systems have been taken out of government hansen but in the hands of people to make a
profit off of other number electrical systems have been taken out of
government hands on the hands of we the people and put the hands of of fat cats
who can make a profit offered why are you celebrating this pure exactly which is based on our
report but just came out it it’s actually not positive ursa porting worker deciding
district about and what happened uh… and write a column on the whole
point of the reasons foundation is to support privatization is it not weaker or rotation when democrat but
this report isn’t necessarily a celebration expecting what’s going on and um… an
in-depth report we here and we look at a corrections education water and question your premise depicted taking angered out of the
continent giving them to creep back at allotted time they’re actually weak
agreement and you know any other non-profit uh… e and refreshing public ownership
of that to market in crime paratrooper well where aware the the old thank you where should the commons begin and end unenglish if it’s not the job of all of
us we the people in the first three words
the constitution we the people there are certain things that that are so important to life liberty
the pursuit of happiness to literally be able to live and be free that you don’t want them in the hands of
somebody whose primary interest is not serving the public good whose primary
interests is making money and i would think at the very top of
that with the things like water sure well i think what i would greatly by agree they are definitely or function
the government and if you read through the report what we’re seeing is basically policymakers a local level or out of
money and so they’re finding different ways to
deliver services but they’re not a monolith focus their of their only out
of money in those states where right wingers have have passed laws like in california
an organ that require word the could the legislature can’t raise taxes without a
super-majority uh… he he they’re only out of money in
the states for republicans run the state and they’re absolutely unwilling to
raise taxes that was thirty five percent of all government spending back in the nineteen
fifties and sixties this now less than ten percent of
government spending when there’s there’s a lot of my teammate in this country and
there’s a lot of people make it a lot of money in this country uh… it’s not that that governments are
out of money its that the governments are being restrained by people who share
your philosophy well we’ve got review has been going up
decade so i’m not sure what must you because
inflation has been lowering the value of the dollar for decades but government spending in real dollars
right now is it a sixty year low sixty years exactly a trillion quitting federal this
or i’m not sure if yes or here artistic but i mean government doing more than they ever have before merger during
the day planning our government has been consistently alive last decade or so well other than you
know bush blowing it up for the military on wall what kind of where and or where
it that where eleven for their while the number
of government employees which we’ve had four hundred and seventy thousand
government employees laid off since brock obama became president now
most of them were laid off a dread states by republican governors but the net number of government willys
nationwide has dropped by a all staff a million just in the last three years government is getting stronger career what perry quickbooks adequate or
employer because often times with a look at it belt fireplace but in reality disclosing open positions
that happened and sylvia i’d and i i frankly don’t know i i do
believe that the numbers are pretty solid and they’re not point out of them
very epidemic that we’ve had to go out but in actuality almost all of the way out
of date vacant position but have not been phil
don’t of personal fire an equivalent of a person that would
have been bill clinton will set up a set of dueling numbers here here’s but i
want a risk any policy analyst reason for the nation why jed any community surrender their sovereignty in control
over their water supply the uh… french corporation sure well water secret careful but branch of the biggest donors that by
the water water supplies within the united states around the world now sir why do i should have a large-scale
concession concessionaire it correctly prep another radical right
wing country nobody corporations are and the
corporation france was a call aqua under director or another there are
quite a few other private sector or community have there that’s a ravaged in
number of communities and it’s just a field we ate the did you ever read the story what
happened to down and and was in ecuador acquittal was when when uh… uh… that tell and the couple companies came
in and privatize the water spots incident people now we now on the rainwater cosmos the
people’s poor area took took the water supply from off the roofs and said you know you’ve gotta pay us
when you take water off your roof of the people revolted are not merit after welfare their andrew
lot are or at the public and try to manager have affect unit
water wrote parking uh… even contract inter basically like
my practice comported that if we can try public sector the contract and oversee something like water and why do we
expect them to own it operated and maintained if they can even contract
overseer fiery expected an operator so i mean it was your premise is flawed
harris iprimus assumes that you can’t trust
government and even if you can trust governments because been corrupted by
something in most cases what’s been corrupted by
his corporate money wifey record you can track them but i
don’t want a conflict if i don’t want the fox guarding the hen
house on government to be overseeing and i want to cut it back to be held
accountable contract under normal public provision why throw
somebody in the middle electrical blocking why it’s a ok this community the we
haven’t got a million people as community in the army water and we’re to provide their water and you know we the city whatever rental
water treatment plant was a solid tricia luis donaldo water treatment plant will
sample cell twenty-year bond stood to raise the money not why should we hand that over to a
private four ca proper corporation that has to stand atleast ten or fifteen
percent of the top to be able to to distribute asking a assets uh… that
uh… dividends excuse me to the shareholders and that is paying their c_e_o_s
millions of dollars why should we do that why should why should we the people ever have to have private contractors
involved in things the government is doing that involve the copier question why
it’s red tape that we the people aren’t necessarily doing acrobatic director
markets are representative letter to do that via representatives uh… architecture you do it for a few reasons
one that part of their companies overs when it oversight for contract
there were bringing backpack this problem international work and
government to do that this is right now and nasa masterworks and really really
well there’s a thirty l decadent is so scary administrations never failed
to get as the repository for phil to write a check of a that dorega actually
does that the army you know everybody serves very efficient works very well aunty government is actually competent
it’s just it needs to be held to account by we the people but you guys want to take it away from
the we the people put in the hands of a fat cat who’s goes whose responsive to
nobody you know if i show up in a private
corporation to protest the c_e_o_ i get arrested if i show up in my member of
congress is office of the sign you know on a patriot from really are his country being done by elected
officials i mean if people alike what it does elected officials who are about are
being are bought and paid by these companies and this is this is mile point
is that because of the supreme court doctrine that that money is somehow speech enough
property then and therefore protect that are the
first minute you get corporations corrupting government and it’s a
horrible thing and i think that your your navel and effective encouraging it well i mean i think those are pretty
office orthopedic problems are voters are paying attention so it’s all of your
dollars falls motorcade paris there’s plenty of reason dot org centers

12 thoughts on “Capitalism, Democracy and the Commons – Harris Kenny

  1. Its those pesky voters fault that there is corruption and politicians are bought and paid for. Better end democracy and privatize all, so we can enjoy neo feudalism in relative peace.

  2. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that our economic system shall be Capitalism. Nowhere. What it *does* say is that Congress shall have the Power to Regulate Commerce. The Founders would not have given Congress that Power had they not expected Congress to use it. Therefore "The Free Market" is clearly a violation of the Constitution! Think about it. And Democratic Socialism would be an economic system more consistent with the Constitution.

  3. Having the right to vote for a representative means nothing if the power over the means of production isn't in the hands of the people. I bet nobody would vote for lower wages and outsourcing to China if they had the right to vote on what their companies do, and how to spend their profits.

  4. This guy doesn't seem bad. He didn't make anything up. He admitted to every point Thom made. No bullshit. I dunno why others are hating.

  5. Thom Hartmann bases his Larger Government stance,
    on the fact that government is not corrupt, it gets corrupted by the money people.
    So if we take the money away from the money people..then we have freedom???
    Name one large government country that did not fail or become corrupt?
    The founding fathers did not want large government, no matter how you SPIN it Thom.
    they wanted small government that was run and controlled by WE THE PEOPLE,
    its NOT we the people who let the money take over!!!

  6. Right and it certainly didn't demand allegiance to the corporate order that now runs our government. It didn't say that we the people can't nationalize their asses if they get out of line.

  7. Understand that the most corrupt governments in the world are mostly small giovernments… There are many many corrupt third world countries.

    Since the founding of this country and every country in the world the issue has and always will be EFFECTIVE GOVERNMENT.

    Claiming "size" is related to corruption is propoganda playing on people's emotions.

    A small government is just as corruptable as a large government. Money buying government influence is a market mechanism not a democratic one.

  8. A company that has to market a service, skim a profit from a service, be regulated by government offices and court system is not more efficient and cost effective.

    The more capitalism we have, the more government is required to maintain it. Which means more prisons, courts, regulators, inspectors, and laws/regulations to manage it.

    Eventually people will wake up to this paradox and understand that government and the private sector are co-dependent and that real change requires new paradigms.

  9. It's not Capitalism they have been doing, they are satanists. Read the book written by Mark Hamilton, "The Book" God-Man/Neo-Tech Discovery. No different than Aliester Crowley in 'do as thy wilt'. And I don't see any running those corporations and the stock market that isn't a Neo-tech. Modern label for satanists. They believe in GOD and REJECT Him and are working on destroying our government. They are trying to convert everyone into thinking they are 'gods'. That is an attack on GOD.

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