Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State

Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State

100 thoughts on “Bulldozing the Border Between Iraq and Syria: The Islamic State

  1. In the final part of The Islamic State, we journey from Raqqa, Syria to the border with Iraq where fighters are bulldozing the boundary.  #Syria #Iraq #ISIS #IS #IslamicState #vice #vicenews
    Part 1: https://news.vice.com/video/the-islamic-state-part-1
    Part 2: https://news.vice.com/video/the-islamic-state-part-2
    Part 3: https://news.vice.com/video/the-islamic-state-part-3
    Part 4: https://news.vice.com/video/the-islamic-state-part-4

  2. From the beginning in 6th century, these people never settled down, they still believe in wars. Surprisingly, their fellow people defend them that they are suppressed by powerful countries.

  3. دسنا علة داعش بنعال وانشالله بضهور المهدي ما تبقالهم باقية

  4. Climate emergency caused drought in Syria causing a civil war.  

    The Israel & US want to capture Syria, during the civil war & the drought to prevent Russians from having this port city to ship from. The Israel & US is still trying to capture the vast oil fields in Russia.
    Youtube: paul8kangas

    Israel is just a garrison state created by Big Oil & the US to protect US oil under
    Mid East.  
    The best way to fight Oil War created by the US & Israel is to build 4-plex homes 
    with 100 solar panels. Solar stops oil wars.

    Follow Greta Thunberg to build solar homes.

    The US media lies every single day.

    All power to the Russian & Chineses Red Armies.

  5. تفو على شرف الدولة الاسلامية دولة النجاسة والله الحمد وقد أصبحوا في مزبلة التاريخ على ابطال الحشد الشعبي المقدس
    يكول اني من تونس و آخر يكول اني من ليبيا العن شرف تونس وليبيا

  6. Although I really hate ISIS they do have a point about how the French and British divided up the region. They put people who hated each other in the same country.

  7. At the beginning in the back of the truck, dude on the left, his AK was pointing at the other guy, then the dude on the right fires in the air, that is dumb, what goes up must come down, happens a lot in Rio in the Favilla's.

  8. Its fake, they are not judullah, please stop making videos like this, the original videos from daulah has been deleted by youtube…

  9. Its fake, they are not judullah, please stop making videos like this, the original videos from daulah has been deleted by youtube…

  10. Make cilapth with weapons made by infidel thesecanimals not invented even a needle and look these midevil talking about imagine what Mohammed did in 7th century?

  11. You would think at the rate there killing blowing each other up that there wouldnt be so many left god willing they just eat each other and the world can finally rest

  12. Honestly give me a m249 saw machine gun a glock 17 sum Grenades and ammo I will kill all these extremists fuckers my self nothing against Islam but I’ve been watching videos lately and it’s made me sick

  13. Isso é insano, cara! Vai além de qualquer compreensão humana. É irracional… não, espera. Eles racicionam algo utilizando um radical muito extremo.

  14. Since watching this video Isis has been beaten so bad that there's just a few sporadic Fools hiding in the stinking desert lol

  15. swear to god hearing these pricks say allahu akbar pisses me off so much, fucking cunts take allahs name out of ur mouths dirty cunts

  16. I am confused, do I like the video or not? If I like the video that means I like Vices content but it could mean otherwise. If I dislike this video it could mean I hate Vice and like those disgusting humans, or it could mean I hate them.

    Soo confusing!!!!

  17. they enforce with fear that's it , everyone is afraid that's why they comply , I believe in free religious practice but this is overboard and needs to be dealt with, their is no room in the world for Sharia

  18. On this blessed day we Americans have restored the rightful Sykes Picot Agreement by the death of Al Baghdadi, who died a coward. So much for your sword and Quran. He wasn't protected by Allah, because he wasn't favored by Allah. Somebody should have reminded him that blowing himself up will NOT get him to paradise, as he took no infidels with him, only his THREE CHILDREN. Not that it would have anyways.

  19. Thank you to The Lord and for Donald Trump Isis is no more… We have to keep an eye on these people. They love blood. They don't know God. They're blind . You people look how they put fear in people and brain wash the kids to grow up to be killers like them.

  20. The BIG question is TO whom do they sell oil??? And who is providing them weapons and money??? USA and its allies and Turkey maybe?? 🤷‍♀️

  21. " I swear sharia cant be eslablished without weapons " Dumbass maybe people DONT want sharia law…
    Allah does not exist anyway. Its to evil.

  22. Yeah man.. they were all gung-ho until the Russians showed up to pummel their a$$s … those dudes have defeated German wehermach … WTH r u ???

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