Build Your Faith Until You Act on It

Build Your Faith Until You Act on It

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: The Bible says faith
without action is useless. Today, on the Believer’s Voice
of Victory, Kenneth Copeland uncovers how fully developed
faith will always lead to corresponding
action. Learn how to build your faith
until you act on it. KENNETH: Now then,
let’s look at it again. “For with the heart man believeth
unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession
is made unto salvation.” Say, “Confession is made
unto.” (Audience Repeats) You–you get that concept? All
right. Now let’s go back to Mark 11 again. And now remember now,
we’re–we’re talking about fundamentals. Mark 11, the
fundamentals of faith, the ABC’s of faith. And you can’t get–you
cannot get any more fundamental than what Jesus taught. He had
spoken to that fig tree. Nothing happened to it that day. But as
they walked past by there, the next morning, Peter said, “Look
at that fig tree. It’s dried up from the–” AUDIENCE: Roots.
KENNETH: “–roots.” Words carrying the spiritual force of
faith penetrated that tree and went to the– AUDIENCE: Roots.
KENNETH: –roots. All right. “Verily I say unto you,
Whosoever–” the fundamental thing about faith is this–these
are spiritual laws. And once you understand what the spiritual
law is, you can operate it. For instance–ha-ha–an airplane
would have flown in 1776, 1876 as well as it did in 1976. The
atmosphere was the same, but nobody knew the laws that
governed it. And because people didn’t understand the laws of
physics, they–they just had–they just depended on their
own ideas and–and what they could conceive. And that just
didn’t look right at all. You couldn’t–you just can’t make
that happen. So progressively and, as you know, through trial
and error, the laws that governed these things began to
appear. Well, listen, the religious idea is, “Oh, yes, you
know, the laws of physics are very exact.” Ah, but in the
Spirit, it’s anything liable to happen.” “You never know what
God’s going to do. Ha-ha-ha.” I heard a man, a news commentator,
on the news some years ago, and he made a comment about
something about–about the will of God. And then he–and he said
this. He wasn’t just sloughing it off. You could tell it
puzzled him. He said, “But who on earth can ever know the will
of God?” Well, go buy you a Book. (Laughter) It’s called
“Bible,” B-i-b-l-e. But most people don’t understand, really,
that this is the will of God. AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: “Well,
I don’t know, Brother Copeland, I see that’s the Old–Old
Testament and the New Testament.” Well, let’s see.
Let’s take it out of religious idea, and let’s talk about
someone’s last will and testament. Huh? This is God’s
bond. AUDIENCE: Yes, sir. Amen. KENNETH: This is His Word. Now,
how absolutely–help me with the word–ludicrous would it be for
the almighty God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ to promise
you something in His Word that was not His will for you to
have? AUDIENCE: That’s right. Amen! KENNETH: He can’t do that.
AUDIENCE: That’s right. Amen. KENNETH: Dean said He wouldn’t
do that. Well, now, He can’t do that. It’d be a lie, and He
can’t do that. It’s impossible for God to do that. Amen.
AUDIENCE: Amen. KENNETH: But you–you have to come to that
place where you realize and understand that we are dealing
with absolutes. (Audience Agrees) This is–this–the Word
of God is abstract truth. That means it never changes. It is
good for all men for all time. This is a basic fundamental of
faith. You have to come to that and understand that. Now then,
let’s go back over here. We were talking about the first
fundamental: Believe it, believe the Word, then say it. And, of
course, we read that in Mark 11:23. And then yesterday, we
talked about II Corinthians 4:13 that it is written. Well, let’s
turn over there and look at it. 4th chapter, II Corinthians,
13th verse, “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it
is written, I believed, therefore have I spoken; we also
believe, and therefore we speak–” Now, the second
fundamental, this basic fundamental faith stuff, I mean,
this is just–see, faith is a spiritual force. AUDIENCE:
Right. KENNETH: It’s a creative force. We understand that the
worlds were created from something that you can’t see,
which was faith. Amen. It wasn’t created from nothing. It was
created from an invisible force, or with an invisible force. And
the very faith of God–you remember, we read that in Mark
11:22, “Have faith in God.” Or the cross-reference says, “Have
the faith of God.” That is–that–that is correct
because “We’re born again not of corruptible seed–” Say, “Seed.”
AUDIENCE: Seed. KENNETH: “–but by the word of God which lives
and abides forever.” It was the word of God. That was the–you
heard the word, and you received Jesus. Mm, mm, mm. AUDIENCE:
That’s right. Praise God. KENNETH: And when you did that,
that–the most powerful–far beyond any miracle that could
possibly happen in the natural realm into your physical body. I
mean, even if God just gave you a whole new heart, which He does
that, a new spine, which He does that, that’s nowhere near the
power that it took to completely recreate a human spirit being.
We don’t have any understanding of the magnitude of that,
because we see so much in the natural and the physical in it,
you know, these things look so terribly impossible, and we get
so excited when the–when the possible happens–when the
impossible happens, glory be to God. Amen? (Audience “Amens”)
Hallelujah! (Audience “Hallelujahs”) How exciting it
is. (Audience Agrees) And not realize that when you made Jesus
Christ the Lord of your life, you are not just an old sinner
saved by grace, you were an old sinner, you got saved by grace.
You are a totally different species of being. You are a
totally different being–(Agreement &
Applause)–in the very likeness and image of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth. AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s true. KENNETH: Hallelujah.
(Audience “Hallelujahs”) In that seed was the faith of God.
Hallelujah. AUDIENCE: That’s right. Glory to God. KENNETH:
See, it was in the seed. Your healing was in that seed.
(Audience Agrees) The mind of Christ was in that seed!
(Audience Agrees) Ah-ha-ha-ha! Glory to God! Amen! (Audience
“Amens”) AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Ha-ha-ha. AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!
Yes, hallelujah. KENNETH: And, ha-ha-ha, I’m kind of jumping
the tracks here, but I’ve got to tell you this, Romans, the 12th
chapter, “For he has dealt unto every man the measure of faith.”
That’s not–that’s not every man in the world. That’s talking
about–He’s talking about every man among you, talking about the
church of Rome. Dealt unto every–every born-again human
being has “the” measure of faith imparted. How? Faith cometh by
hearing, hearing by the Word of God. That’s the way it’s
imparted. Well, every one of us, every one of us, when we got
born again, we all got the same measure. (Audience Agrees) Now,
what a person does with their measure of faith is up to you,
it’s up to me what you do with it. AUDIENCE: That’s right.
Amen. KENNETH: Do you do anything with it or just let it
lie there dormant? Which happens a lot. AUDIENCE: Yes, sir.
KENNETH: More, really, than–than anything else. You
can strengthen it, you can feed it, you can weaken it, but you
need to keep it growing. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Faith
cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Faith
come–no such thing as faith that doesn’t come no more than
water that won’t boil. But you’ve got to have some heat.
There are elements that are necessary, amen? But think about
it. You and I have, within our being, a measure of exactly the
same faith that put this universe into existence.
AUDIENCE: Glory to God. KENNETH: It’s the–it’s not any
different. AUDIENCE: Wow. KENNETH: It’s the same faith.
AUDIENCE: Mm-hmm. Amen. Praise God. Yes. KENNETH: And it can
grow. You need to know what feeds it. You need to know what
strengths it. You need to know what releases it. And once you
have that information, you’ve arrived at a place. But then you
can’t just sit there and not do it. Once you know, you’ve got to
start feeding. Amen. Basic fundamentals of faith. Now then,
the second basic fundamental is, act on your faith. Believe it,
say it, act. Now, believe–we started out yesterday with it.
Believe what? TOGETHER: The Word. KENNETH: Say what?
TOGETHER: The Word. KENNETH: You don’t just make up something.
No. No, no. I was shocked when I–when I first learned this. I
thought, “Whoa. Whoa! Dumb, dumb, you should have seen that
before now.” It just was startling to me. Find the answer
to the prayer in the Bible. AUDIENCE: Yes, sir. KENNETH:
Start with the answer. Pray the answer before–ha-ha. I’m
getting ahead of myself. That’s–that’s coming up later
on, but I want–we’re going to get into–we’re going to get
into a prayer that brings results. But–and this is the
first basic thing. You’re going to have to base your prayer on
the Word of God. You can’t base it on just make up something
and–because you don’t have anything to stand on. (Audience
“Amens”) God’s Word is the rock, hallelujah, the rock foundation
upon which to stand and base everything on this Word.
Hallelujah. So you believe the Word, you say the Word, and then
you act on the Word. Let’s turn to James 1. Praise God. I want
to remind you of something here. James is the oldest book in the
New Testament. James is Jesus’ half brother, same mama,
different father. This is cool, isn’t it? So is Jude. Now, you
talk about somebody that had a front row seat. They didn’t know
it until after he was raised from the dead. Well, you could
understand–you could–you could really understand. How many of
you have several siblings in your family? I was an only child
so I don’t know how to think about this. Was one of them
just–just really over and above the rest of you? Your mama ever
say, “How come you can’t be like Charlie?” “I don’t want to be
like Charlie!” Well, how is your brother with Jesus? (Laughter)
Aaah! Come on! “Why can’t you be like–why can’t you–why can’t
you be like Jesus? Why can’t you be like Jesus?” (Laughter) “He
don’t never do anything wrong.” That’s right. But he didn’t know
that. (Laughs) Oh, man. Oh, brother. But, notice here now,
in the first chapter of James, now, this is–this is the second
fundamental, basic fundamental of faith. Look at Verse 22. “Be
ye doers–” AUDIENCE: Yes! KENNETH: “–of the word, not
just hearers only–” listen “–deceiving your own self.” Be
a doer. Act on the Word. AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: Amen.
Look at the 2nd chapter, Verse 14, “What doth it profit, my
brethren, though a man say he hath faith and hath not works–”
now let me–” work” there is a–it’s a little confusing.
The–the correct word would be “corresponding action.”
AUDIENCE: Yes. KENNETH: I believe I receive based on this
Word. Now that I believe, I’m healed. I’m going to have to
correspond my faith with action, words. “I can’t believe I’m
healed,” and call everybody and tell them how sick I am. No,
man. I mean, you just negated your faith. You just knocked it
out. You have to get on that Word. You have to meditate it
and stay on it and work with it and work with it and work with
it. Build it, build it, build it, build it, fix it firmly in
your heart and in your mind and then–but just–just live with
it and live with it and live with it and meditate on it and
meditate on it until it builds up in there and you begin to act
on it. Amen. (Audience “Amens”) When I was with Brother Roberts
in the–in the invalid room and invalid tents and so forth–and
this particular one, I was in two of the last tent meetings
that–that–that the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association
conducted. And that one, they had a small tent set aside for
people that were ambulatory, that really had a hard–just
couldn’t manage a lot of people, a big crowd. This little girl
did–oh, I can just see her. She was about nine years old. So
think about it. What is she now, 60? (Laughs) She was nine years
old. And she was paralyzed, everything but her eyes. And
they had a wheelchair–and she was a little African-American
girl. And–and they–you know, they were poor folks, and they
didn’t have money enough to have anything else. And they had a
big plank lashed down to that wheelchair and had her tied to
the plank. And she’s just stiff like this. Brother Roberts had
said, “Move something. If you can–” See what he’s telling
us–telling her what to do? Act on it. Act on it. Once you have
hands laid on you, you do something you can’t do.
AUDIENCE: Amen, yes. KENNETH: He said, “If you can’t do anything
else, stand up on the inside.” If you can’t stand up any other
way, see yourself standing up on the inside. Well, anyway, we got
over there to her and laid hands on her, and she started rolling
her eyes. I mean, her eyes were just going, going. And she said,
“Mama! Mama! Get me off here! I’m healed! Mama! Come on,
mama!” She’s hollering, and Mama said, “Oh, baby, not gonna–”
“Mama, untie me! I’m telling you now!” (Laughs) AUDIENCE: Yes!
Glory! KENNETH: Well, Mama said–Mama said, “Well, okay.”
And she unbelted her, and, boom, she took off across that tent.
(Cheers & Applause) Glory to God. Hallelujah! Ha-ha-ha-ha! It
started rolling with rolling her eyes. AUDIENCE: Yes.
KENNETH: Thank You, Lord! Whoo! Hallelujah.
AUDIENCE: Hallelujah! ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

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  1. Dear Pastor Cppeland I m servant of God serving in whole PAKISTAN.I m your Partner if your ministry since many years.As you know PAKISTAN is a big country some because of funding we are unable to serve in better way.Pray for me and my minisyry in Pakistan. GOD open the heard of His people for ministry work in PAKISTAN.Pakistan is poor country.I m praying and teaching to them.I m Bishop Qaiser ShahzadBhatti founder of Peace In Christ Global ministry of PAKISTAN.

  2. I have been building my faith for about 6 years now. I'm ready to act!!! I have total belief! Glory to God!! Because my faith has developed, is it necessary to spend as much time in the word ? Or is it okay to cut back some to put my faith into action??
    What is your suggestion on this? Do I split my time equally on acting and continuing to study the WORD??
    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance:) ❤

  3. The pep talks and the inspirational speaking is wonderful where are the people with the gifts of healing like there were in the 40s and the 50s and even the 60's where are the people with the gift of healing of the Bible days Jesus healed them all whether they were in faith out of Faith A Little Bit of Faith nothing stopped him the only thing that got in his way was in his own Hometown they have no respect for him well it's really hard to get someone on your side if they have no respect for you but other than that we're the thousands of gifted healers that are supposed to be running around and getting God the glory

  4. Thank you Brother Copeland by leading me through the years in finding the layout of what faith is and how to implement that into every scripture and reference in Gods word. I listen to this sermon with the revelation that faith is not what i do but WHO I AM. God gave me of Himself, His Faith so i can act and live like Him , with Him! Now i know that my Identity as son (faith) is dead if i don't act like it every day from now of forward. Stay Blessed

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