Hi sisters My name is James and I’m Ian Welcome to the first ever episode of the James and Ian show all you sisters out there know that me and Ian have posted several videos together on my youtube channel and as much as He acts like he’s hated them, We have been having a lot of fun doing them together. I’m bored of school I decided I want to be social media famous, too So we decided that we’re gonna make a video every Sunday discussing various topics. Today, we’ll be talking about relationships If you were able to build the perfect boy, what would it look like? It? Yeah, It. He? For personality There’s one buzzfeed producer that I’m like hardcore crushing on Right now named Erik so his personality. Shout out to you, Erik. Yeah, shout out Erik. I would take like one of the Dolan’s bodies, slap on like Cameron Dalas’ face And then like the talent of Shawn Mendes. Build your perfect It–Woman. Alright we’d do Jen Settler’s body, okay, Kylie Jenner’s face, uh-huh, and ____ personality Oh That’d be a good and fresh sister I feel like relationships for me are very like a weird a topic to discuss being that like you have to find some that you Like want to hang out with them be your best friend, but also like Because you only try and talk to straight boys. Well, You got me there. When it comes to relationships, like opposites are supposed to attract right and I’m very gay So like if I’m in a relationship with somebody I need someone to like balance me out right so That’s why I always go for like very masculine Muscular type men and normally those are like the straight It’s also a fun challenge like if you know me you know that I definitely Love a good competition and for me getting with a straight guy is like Winning, and a sister loves winning. So examine your relationships and James is convinced he’s good at relationships Excuse me. I am! We decided to ask you guys if you have any love problems, and we’re gonna give you some really good relationship advice. Yeah, sister Jack said, “My ex-boyfriend cheated on me two times and wants to get back together.” Okay, well, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, I wouldn’t go for a third time. Definetly not. Mandy Dolan responded with, “I broke up with my ex because he was being very controlling, My supposedly friend is now with him lol.” Okay all relationship problems aside, that is not a true friend right there You need to cut her out of her life before you get him out of your life Cut ’em both off while we’re at it, gal! Jenna asked, “My crush will not notice that I like him, and I’m so obvious about it. What do I do?” Well Jenna, I will just be honest with him and tell him that you like them because honesty is key in a relationship. Demoly asked, “No man likes me, how do you help with that?” I’ll let you know when I find out gal. Sister Alfonso asked, “I’m gay, and I like a guy. I don’t know a sexuality what should I do?” Literally welcome to my world that sounds like I asked the question. As someone who has dealt with this many many times in the past, Crushing on straight boys or boys that like you do not know what the tea is, it’s sometimes important to ask But not on an offensive way because sexuality obviously something that is very very private and it’s nobody’s business But their own unless they decide to share it, so, usually I think it eventually comes out in a conversation But I definitely do have one crazy story that I think I want to share with you guys today, okay? I’m really paint the picture for you So you can like really relive the story with me So like there is one social media boy that I will not name for security purposes–from the south Like, Florida you’re talking about? No like…..South. I message this person on snapchat because he had posted like a gym a flexing picture, and I was like oh wow yeah, and he actually ended up replying and He said oh my god James Charles. I can’t believe you just thought how to meet my girlfriend loves your videos He watched them together all the time. I don’t think oh Thanks so much sister I had had makeup on because I had just finished filming and a few minutes into the conversation He sent back a snap that was like wow you’re the most beautiful boy in the entire world and I was like Why and I’ve like thought he was kidding like I talked to a lot of straight guys still that like I’m not flirty with that I’m like genuinely friends with but they’re always like playing that game Just like really get me know one gal, and it’s annoying But like I’m used to it at this point so I thought he was kidding around We kept talking and this boy is close to my age And he was like you’re just so successful like at our age of how do you do that and I was like well I? Work hard he was telling me how he really wants to move to LA and be an underwear model so I was like okay like interesting so does every other little white boy from the south, so I was like well if you want to be model Let’s see what she got at this point I was thinking he was still messing with me, but he started sending a bunch of photos in his underwear and me being the absolute Supermodel that I am I Didn’t ask for input. I started critiquing his photos That’s the Oh your but luckily about in this one like your faceless really about it This one like get it together gal if you want to be an underwear model they kind of step your game up somehow the conversation shifted to like his body and Holly wanted to look better and then like to Relationships and asking if I’ve ever been a relationship, and then I told him no. What are you doing? Ignore that and then whom I’ll see got my hookups Which I’ve also all ended very very poorly to them him saying oh, I feel like you’d give her very good If you know where I’m going with that So I was like yes, I do, but why are you asking and he’s like oh I would totally Let you At that point the realization that he was in fact not kidding and was being dead serious Hit me like a bus going a million miles per hour Well he does that has heard of this or he gets interesting Yeah, so he started getting intense artistry and started sending more photos that weren’t exactly Appropriate if you get what I’m putting on the table here He was saying all this stuff and flirting with me, and he told me how he like wants to fight a California I’m like take me on a date and then like do stuff at the end of the night and it to this I was like As hot as you are and as much as I am enjoying this conversation I am not doing anything with you if you have a girlfriend And you know what he said to me. I don’t he literally said and I quote She’s a huge fan of you, and if I told her she would not even care. Oh, so she’s a sister Yeah, apparently a real true hardcore sister. I need to take a step with my pink drink This is getting intense after viewing this obviously I was like very very shocked but I assumed because he said that his girlfriend wouldn’t care and like knows that he’s Apparently not straight that they were in some type of like open a relationship Type of situation so after hearing that I was in it to win it That’s all happened at like 2:00 in the morning as well So I’m sure you can imagine like what was going on in this week and things started getting really really? flirty or really fast and also very very out of hand and Apparently yeah if I photo was my – there’s obviously a lot of details to the story that I did not need to get into But I will say that this very long and late night ended with him facetiming me and doing his business After that night fast-forward And he completely ghosted me for two months straight his girlfriend probably found out we’re getting in there So I sent him a really really long message that basically said if you do not want to talk anymore I understand why I do not blame you I don’t want to come in between your relationship And I do respect that but I respect you as a person as well And I generally had a really good time talking to him. He was super sweet that night We talked sexual a descend that is obviously really hard to be with and clearly a sister was confused So I basically said if you ever need someone to talk to you about it that you know you can trust and like that will Give you good advice as someone who’s been there before I got you and to that message He literally sent back the Rudess reply of man salty, okay, yeah Very very salty what really got me good though And is the kicker of this entire story is that it was his birthday a few days ago No not happy birthday And he came up with my explore page on Instagram because I never actually followed him in the first place But I saw a picture of him and his girlfriend still happily together And I noticed that he had unfollowed me on Instagram and I was like Oh, this is rude, but I had sent him a happy birthday text which is my second message to him over the entire process of the thing he ignored it did not reply and at that point I Was like oh who it is game over you played with the wrong girl But I’ll putting this aside the situation is obviously been like on my mind for the past Several months because they caught feelings for him fast It’s very clear. Yeah And I also felt really really bad for the girlfriend after all this went down because clearly Something was going on and I thought she knew at this point so I sent a sister a message on Instagram Asking her to FaceTime me ASAP because it was digging at me And I really just wanted to tell her the truth tea basically I told the girl from the full story from start to finish in full detail which was so incredibly hard for me Not only was I like super Incredibly embarrassed of what I had obviously done being I had no idea that she did not know. What was going on Clearly he lied you didn’t do anything But it definitely was another percent But also just seeing her being so happy and what she thought was a genuine relationship little bit coming crashing down like Over a FaceTime call was just way too much to handle obviously she was very very alarmed and overwhelmed I mean who wouldn’t be and I told her that if she had any questions or needed to talk to me throughout that day that She could totally cover me I would be there for her and she told me that she was going to see him later on So she would confront him about it not even 30 minutes later I started getting the most gross disgusting text messages from the boy who I have not talked to it But I’ve tried to reach out to several times in the last two months. I’ve ever seen in my entire life They contained racist slurs homophobic. Slurs. Just literally everything you could possibly imagine He literally started calling me psycho and mentally unstable claiming that I made everything up Yeah, I’m sure you imagined him, so using a show is nine inches Just wondering what was your thought process thinking you’d make all this up, can you have a life? I literally do not know that was my thing – like why would I literally call somebody at 10 in the morning while I was doing my makeup in the middle of like going to a Photo shoot just to say like hi I’m a complete awful person And I got photos from your boyfriend who you’re in a happier relationship With and I’m now calling you to admit that because I care about you and don’t think you’d like deserve that but apparently I’m lying like Hello I did not tell that story today to try to like expose the two people I’m definitely not about that But I think that this does have a really good message behind it that a lot of people tend to forget when they’re in relationships Sexuality is obviously a very very hard and uncomfortable topic for a lot of people to deal with I’m very lucky to have an amazing support system in my family But for people like this boy that I’m talking about it sometimes becomes a situation where you’re in the closet Or you’re in denial and even though we had a really great time on FaceTime that one night doing all that stuff He turned his confusion into literal targeted homophobia towards me and exchange for helping him Which not only put me in a really horrible situation his beautiful girlfriend who I spoke to and that I can tell is a really really genuine and kind person is there an absolutely toxic relationship that she has absolutely no idea about and is clearly delusional over and The boy is gonna have to live with this in the back of his mind for the rest of his That not only did he cheat on his girlfriend, but he also Like really messed with me ya afternoon I would also like to add that although relationships might seem perfect you have to put your own well-being first because Really, she didn’t and ya didn’t turn out too well It’s definitely very important to listen to the people around you who care about you and love you because they usually have your best intentions In mind absolutely I think that’s really just took me at 76 years to towel, but yeah, do you have any crazy girl stories? Maybe my DMS are quite interesting, but that’s for later video oh
ho Alright guys that is all we have for our first ever episode of the James that Ian show But there are so many more episodes to come and we had so much fun filming today And we really hope you guys enjoyed it, too. You guys did enjoy this video. Give it a huge thumbs up If you haven’t already make sure you click that big red subscribe button I normally post makeup videos on Tuesdays and Fridays So if you’d like to follow me, and I makeup journey you can follow me at Instagram and Twitter They’re both Just James Charles and my snapchat for more ‘behind the scenes’ type stuff is James Charles with an extra s after charles if you like to follow sister Ian Just tell me on social media My social medias are ianJT12 alright guys. Thank you so much for watching. We love you, and we’ll see you next week


  1. Sorry about the bad audio babes ๐Ÿ™ For some reason, Ian's microphone was off. We did everything we could to fix it but we're super proud of this series and hope you still enjoy! <3

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