Bringing people together for 200 years – Sailors' Society 200th anniversary video

Bringing people together for 200 years - Sailors' Society 200th anniversary video

the sea is the lifeblood of the world's economy but for those who work there it can be a cruel taskmaster the adventure of life as a Seafarer can come at a cost storms piracy terrible isolation through months away from home Seiler Society has been bringing people together to offer seafarers care and support for 200 years the charity was formed in 1818 to help the growing numbers of unemployed in desperate seafarers we set up the world's first place of sanctuary and worships solely for sailors a floating chapel moored on the Thames known as the Ark over the next 100 years sailor society provided much spiritual support and comfort for all seafarers that needed our help like in 1914 when our chaplain Robert Melville made the ultimate sacrifice to care for sick seafarers in a World War one internment camp he helped them write letters home and run countless errands of mercy in the camp hospital where he contracted the virus that sadly killed him Seiler society has always cared for seafarers and their families in times of desperate need to me it's vivid like yesterday in 1987 bill McRae faced one of the 20th century's worst maritime disasters the sinking of The Herald of free enterprise when I visited each family some were so shocked they couldn't say much but others why why did it happen us as a family they're traumatized and that takes time and in fact to this day 30 years on some of the families are still in touch with me every year sailor society has brought the families and survivors of that terrible night together in a service to remember those they lost recently we set up a crisis response network to help survivors of pirate attacks or other traumas at sea this is the moment Jagdish a ship's cook is reunited with his family after two years in prison a judge eventually found him innocent sailor society helped support his family through their ordeal his daughter saman didn't know when she would see her father again but today when I saw him I'm now thinking that everything I got whatever I wanted he is there in front of me and so it's because of all help from your side self and your society sailor society I am very thankful I'm very happy I'm just feeling like to dance we also bring seafaring communities in need together to improve their futures by building new homes classrooms school boats and medical centers as we move further into the 21st century technology offers us huge opportunities to keep seafarers connected with their communities across the world giving them Wi-Fi access and phone cards to speak to their loved ones the tools we are using may be new but our mission remains the same as it was 200 years ago providing hope offering care and bringing people together thank you only a word I can say so thank you thank you very much thank you you

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