Breastfeeding In Public – Good Or Bad?

Breastfeeding In Public - Good Or Bad?

hi i'm bree essrig i'm breast Ehrlich today we have come to the streets of venice to talk to people about breastfeeding in public in light of Olivia Wilde and Gwen Stefani posting their pictures of breastfeeding we heard a lot in the media lately about breastfeeding Gwen Stefani recently posted a picture of her breastfeeding in public Olivia Wilde on the cover of Glamour is publicly breastfeeding what do you feel about this issue okay getting back to ugly things I never seen an ugly person our thing so when it comes to breastfeeding its nature it's a beautiful thing to celebrate nature in his rare form this is the natural thing that going back to the biblical days we were comfortable with and most people in other countries are very comfortable with that and you don't have the pervert type mentality that exists are you in favor of or against people breastfeeding in public I'm in favor of women breastfeeding their infants yes wherever yeah I've seen it happen on planes and people complain but I'm like so the baby should be thirsty and starve and not get nutrients just because people don't like to look at nipples and they're self-conscious about their own their own bodies babies hungry babies gotta eat they're at the beach oh wow baby's got eat did you breastfeed I don't know I don't know either if you were to guess do you think you did yes yeah me too are you for or against it for yeah I think yeah if it's like not to indecent exposure it's not bad I mean it's like healthy it's natural so how's the say it's a natural thing breastfeeding public is this a good thing or a bad thing uh good and bad why what makes it good um cuz everybody should have their own choice and what makes it bad it's kind of respectful if you're doing in front of kids as long as everything's covered I think it's good if it wasn't covered would you speak up against the person no no but it did you kind of awkward in public walking past it you know say I was breastfeeding I got the baby here and I'm like I don't care that there's eleven year old perverts over there okay so it's come up to me I'm putting my nipple away I'm just putting it away hi I was just wondering um if next time if you need to feed your baby if you could go to a bathroom because they think it's disrespectful doing it in public in front of kids I'm trying to find what's wrong with your argument but I can't however I'm an exhibitionist and these are my nipples again so I'm going to show you a photo of Olivia Wilde breastfeeding so what are your reactions to that you see that photo first thing comes across your mind is what nice boobies I'm old-school breastfeeding belongs behind closed doors under uh under a cover it is not something that should be should be out there for everybody to see yeah yes it's a natural function it's something that we all do as mothers but it's not something that the whole world needs to be exposed to where I come from people do it all the time Tahoe NorCal in the mountains in the mountains if you have to you have to you have no choice you have to feed that baby but breastfeeding to me it like I said it's something that's old I'm old school it should be kept you know undercover so do you think that Olivia Wilde is a little out a little much I say more power to her ma'am did you know that um it's legal to breastfeed in public in every state except Idaho well they just like me to stop growing potatoes and and realize that you know this is Kelly you know and everything basically starts that finish here okay so if it's like happening all the other states get on board you know you won't be so on politically correct put down the potatoes and let them let them breastfeed their milk they need to take that law way you could say one thing to Idaho what would you say I would say grow a pair and get over it if breasts weren't so sexualized men can take their shirts off in public but women can't is that because we've sexualized breasts to be others to anything other than functioning as like feeding tools yes yes that is that absolutely what it is do you consider boobs to be sexual or are we just like men and that if you're not using them to breastfeed then what's the purpose I think there's a little sexual kind of do you think it's because we perpetuate that by the media media definitely brings it on so do you think what about toplessness for women in public do you think that's good or do you think that's like what are you doing no I think that's a progressive movement because they've done it to have it they've done it in Europe bro like Europeans are very progressive so America has it all done where I come from the rivers are all nude and I've been told to put on my my bathing suit before and I think it's stupid because your child is apparently offended by my breast was just sucking from your breasts like a year ago right right right right I see about 80 male nipples right now would you ever support a free the nipple campaign for women for women yeah how naked could we get you today I go all the way full buff can you see so would you free your nipple right now no why not boobs new boobs everybody's got to believe me I'm 32 I've started to get boobs I'll do it if you will no I'll do it if you give me $20 let me put it this way I'm not giving you any money well I'm on my way to work out so I'll just give you a little bit some some free the nipple how you liking that all right I'll give you $1 no I'll give you 50 cents cuz you look like you might do it for a dollar will you free the nipple for us today free the nipple ah that's all we get oh shoot yep I'm showing my room though all right let's go what are you the nipple not now would you mind if I free my nipple I would don't mind at all we free what while I do this when you hold this and say hashtag free the nipple hashtag free the nipple giggity giggity this one because it was surgically removed you

33 thoughts on “Breastfeeding In Public – Good Or Bad?

  1. Dont look.😑 Its not that hard. When I have a kid and im in public. If my child is freaking hungry im gunna feed my baby. Which would you rather in public. A loud ass crying hungry baby or just seeing a little side boob. You cant see the nipple the baby is sucking on it.

  2. 1. It's natural is a bad argument. (Cholera is natural, but the fact it is natural doesn't make it desirable in public.) 2. Comparing breastfeeding to defecation is a worse argument (defecation is inherently unsanitary, while breast feeding is not.) 3. Comparing breast feeding to masturbation is just plain stupid! (honestly I'm just going to let this one stand in its glorious moronitude.) At the end of the day we are left with trivial psychological harms experienced by random people. On the other hand there are Harms to the hungry baby and arms to the mother and family because they are limited in where they can go and what they can do. Its pretty clear which way we should go on this. Calls for discretion might be reasonable if discrete places for breast feeding were commonly available. Maybe Americans might be willing to fund the creation of these spaces with their taxes, or require them in their building codes. Public bathrooms do not count. You do not shit where you eat! Do not make other people eat where you shit! On the subject of public bathrooms, it is notable that Americans already fund these places with taxes, and regulate their creation with building codes. This is to deal with other essential bodily functions. Therefore it is not implausible that similar spaces could be created for breastfeeding. Next, there is the argument that the mother can buy a bottle. Lets skip over the question about whether bottle feeding is as healthy. How about the general principle that you shouldn't make other people pay to reduce your discomfort. If you are unhappy with public breastfeeding maybe you should pay for the bottle, formula and or breast-pump. Libertarians run a similar argument against taxes and public services. Personally, I don't find the libertarian objection convincing, but that is beyond the scope of my comment. The sexualisation of breasts is also beyond the scope of my comment.

  3. Shouldn't even be an issue. Why should a baby have to wait or eat in a dirty bathroom or under a cover when they're hungry?

  4. just wanted to put that out there so everybody knows that there is at least one peace of shit working for the NYPD he should be in prison for what he did but no he still gets to continue doing shit like this I don't remember the cops name because he's not important enough but I'm sure if you Google baby killing NYPD or NYPD baby murderer you might find something about it

  5. there was A cop in new York who killed A woman's baby because she was breastfeeding and when he told her to stop breastfeeding her baby she said no because its not illegal to breastfeed in public so he pulled both of her arms behind her and caused her to drop her baby on to the cement and then he cuffed her threw her into his car and took her to jail leaving the baby to die the worst part about it is they allowed him to put her in jail and he didn't have to pay for what he did to that poor baby and as far as I know he still works for the NYPD

  6. that one guy like "its disrespectful in front of kids, go to a bathroom" would you eat in a nasty public bathroom???

  7. All for it , its natural accepted in mostly all countries, don't be so prudish Americans, you go for it all breast feeding mothers,

  8. I don't like the idea of women breastfeeding in public, but I wouldn't yell/confront a women because it makes me uncomfortable. I'd just turn the other way. Simple.

  9. everywhere in the medias you can see twerking asses and shaking tits why should it be a bad thing if someone is exposing her nipples 🙂

  10. Free the nipple! Women should have all right to breast feed in public and not be judged because somebody feels like they are seeing too much skin. It is very natural, and not a sexual thing. Breast feeding is very motherly and should be accepted fully. Media screws every thing up. Why should there be a problem in my opinion.  

  11. The young man who says "America has it all fucked up" among other things gives me hope for future generations!  He knows what's up!

  12. Women, breast feed your child when you want where you want. Your Child decides when it's hungry, not people around you

  13. If the kids got to eat, then that's what needs to happen. I don't find beastfeeding in public a problem, but I humbly request a blanket draped over the shoulder. People who have a problem with it won't see anything, and the baby is covered from the elements.

  14. How about if somebody doesn't like it, just look away. Why do people get so offended at such insignificant things. They are just nipples

  15. Or your could pump the milk into a bottle or use formula just a thought. And for the women who want to go for the "all natural" way then cover up a bit.

  16. Or your could pump the milk into a bottle or use formula just a thought. And for the women who want to go for the "all natural" way then cover up a bit.

  17. Everything that exists if natural…so we can literally justify anything we want by saying it's natural? People are stupid as fuck and just say what they think the majority agrees with instead of thinking for their god damn selves.

  18. Also, why would kids be disturbed by a breastfeeding mother? They were sucking their moms titties not so long ago. I'd rather teach my kids that things like these are natural than making them be ashame of their own bodies and sexually objectifying other's bodies. I'm done

  19. How is breast feeding disrespectful? if anything, the people watching (staring) are the ones being disrespectful.

  20. I think that women should be able to breastfeed in public, but i don't think they should be able to go around without a bikini. Privacy isn't a bad thing, and there is no need to go around showing your nipples to everyone.

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