Black Widow: Dominating the Masculine World of Boxing

Black Widow: Dominating the Masculine World of Boxing

100 thoughts on “Black Widow: Dominating the Masculine World of Boxing

  1. So how can any of us help these kids? 's I ! have big house plenty of room to help with shelter space for couple of them m I I'm n small town middle. Of nowhere

  2. I don't understand why everyone is trashing this doc. I enjoyed getting a glimpse behind the curtains in this world that I do not know anything about. Furthermore, I thought it was an interesting way to set this doc up by following a female boxing promoter instead of the usual male boxer. She seems like such an intelligent, strong personality and to me is really inspiring. So thumbs up!

  3. Absolute idiot, who is apparently beyond middle aged still searching for her thing in life….which is apparently promoting a small show in a dying sport….I think shes just trying to get laid from the subtitles butter tooth brits

  4. The boxer's say I want to smash that shit….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‘

  5. This has nothing to do with feminism lol. Stop with the feminist comments cause this is a normal female who works hard and gets it done. Feminist are the opposite and just girls who want attention or want something for the vagina between their legs

  6. Lets see how well she "dominates" without her looks….. The first shot was of her doing a photo shoot in lingerie, nuff said.

  7. I enjoyed this documentary. Interesting story. But I think the reason why it gets a lot of dislikes and hate is because the way VICE goes on about putting it out there with clickbait titles and the usage of gender politics and shit. Technically she's not a boxer so she's not "dominating" the world of boxing.

  8. This woman is amazing! Her insight on emotions running high in the boxing world hit hard. I've heard that rage and the resulting aggression results from not obtaining personal desires and goals. The boxing world is full of people who don't get what they want: social recognition and power that comes with winning. Add to that inhibition control and lack of planning ahead from prefrontal cortex damage, and you've got a mess. So yeah… dealing with all those raw emotions can't be easy. XD

  9. I'm so glad to see a watford lad beat a cocky loud mouth manc, we lot from the south have got it in the bag all day long.

  10. Why did they make this when there is such this as women boxing… They just don't combine them like all other sports

  11. This bitch used to live next to me for a short while and used to purposely give debt collectors my address hoping she could somehow finesse the law to make me pay for her debts. If you search her name on google and then add โ€œkidnapโ€ on the end, youโ€™ll see numerous articles about a group of thugs kidnapping an innocent man and making him pay them 20k. She got acquitted probably because there was not enough evidence against her, but I bet she was the ringleader in the entire operation because she clearly needs money to pay off her debts!

  12. I really don't understand why this got such a large amount of dislikes. Cranstoun isn't responsible for the click bate title. Regardless of her being a real female boxer, she is still "dominating the masculine world of boxing," in her own way. She's a very competent and dedicated businesswoman and really puts her whole heart into it, which I believe is quite evident. Good on her.

  13. This BITCH is just another DON KING in the UK!!! it's all about the money!!! she say she don't date, and the reason is because she is a GAY FREAK!!!

  14. Did she really just say she was tina Turner's back up singer… And that she sang on some p.diddy tracks?..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…would that ๐ŸŽถ

  15. i think i d like this lady to be my manager. but i would not give her the baby-mummy i cannot wait…for it.

  16. Me too. Video tital is purposely misleading because they know people would not click on a vid titaled, "female boxing promoter".

  17. British females are gross. A humble meek woman is the best kind of woman. Of course they will say, Oh you like them meek so you can slap them around. No not true at all, I like them meek so I can treat them like a princess.

  18. Understanding that you want to be a childless mother to be a mother or warden over these fighters well bitch when one of them and it'll only take one of them to freak out bcuz you playin gamez and tears ya bloody head off well good luck with that less than a lady

  19. the coolest thing ive heard on youtube or maybe other stuff,(maybe it was the most honest ive seen) was the boxer that said, he said something sorta like… " i like boxing, becuase it is the only "sport" where you can kill somebody and get paid" he was kinda saying it answering a question , about he felt about what the plan was or expectacations… is it a sport, or is being successfull, is what the reporter should of followed up with as a response… type stuff
    ([no actory, the boxer tried to kill him and won, people where epecting the other guy was dead and they were ok with ready to right the loser off, and maybe vote or bet on the next time boxer competes so to speak

    so instead of creating enemies, saying using abilities you can take somebody so to speak… what if you eliminate there sport, until they either start fighting for you and your writings or they have that enenmey or the oppenent in the things you have in works.. unless they want to pay you or they decide to go with flow in hopes of getting a chance sorta type stuff, that sport where they can kill somebody and would have million dollar paycheck, lets say there one of 900 sports and in 5 days you cover influence all of it, plus the real stuff in the past tgb/TGB TGB the way i mean it

    Lets say for example, i decided to do something different, the boxer that i admired for saying something honest " sport where he can kill people", i pick a fight with him start it online and publicicty stuff…. flood networks, with a manucscript of what im going to do to him, like just write out the whole pllot or plot… it gets spread around, his publicist said yes! or manager and sports person says YES! this is awesome, free publicity were going to get the biggest pay purse thing ever…. Yup i wrote that in the manuscriptits part of the plan, its on social media… I can go on and on until the fighter publically adresses me or tweets me, till litterl 3 weeks into ater a month of likes or retweets, the mother fucker mentions or all tere followers start to mention "setting up a physical fight with me, i just stole the whole purse, the organzation, the followers, the betters and the personal being of the orgial fighter who said he loved being in a sport where he kill somebody for money, I can turn down the fight (as if i was champion or ownership title type stuff), then i can turn down population offers that would say i would pay you 20.000 by the millions or billions to see that, its becomes a thing, i through in presidental shit, i have 90% of the fan base on my twitter they either have to make a new account or pay me for mine, they also offer that or money for that type stuff, so i have just stole the whole fuckin career or sport, by hacking it and using writing abilities while writing or sharing the influence or capabilities, as writting above or almost copied and paysted, what a guy can do somebody who say they can make a million dollars using there sport, with out asking for accomplishments or writes infuence hackers, even get on board kinda broad 900 sports so to speak int he past.

    a little stuff, that has confused me for a long time, a secret i had…. its goes back to the FBI story…. when i was a kid the FBI and DOJ came to my highschool, did over 24 interviews on the spot , interrogations interrogated everybody from my graduation intaited program, they threatened all of us, your out of the program you cahnce to graduate and take sats is gone, we need to know about computers and hacking type stuff…. one cop played good and the other acted like an asshole, it all happend in one day… The dick heads tried to shut down are highschool graudation for all of us, as result or punishment…. the princible , but the guys or girls name that does the district for all schools, we had to right that mother fucker a letter or essay… ( im guessing my badass teacher bartar a deal t impoer us and keep the program running, but we all did it)…
    long story short the fbi and doj failed that day, and there approach was fucked and highly disrupting….. So i went to the militrary with that on my mind, and knowing already i hacked everything into the highest levels..
    so i went to military quited computer cold turkey went into joc and medical shit the highest i could go, yo know kill people and do good shit at the same time or have the option to be by a ocean the whole time, rescue swimmer do col shit. that was my secret right, nobody every talks about the fbi raiding your school or doj 6 months before graduation and you having to fight for it, and ou were really successfull in a domestic intterrogation, they failed, by being dickheads or threatening utures instead of just asking hey, somebody is really good here or knows stuff, we could give them som stuff or oppurtunities, with no leverage just a honest obligation or comminent sorta likea oath so to speak…
    ok but longest story short,, when i hear fbi, and doj and crazy smart investagators and things, or results of there pubicity and influence as and adult, my body said hacke that my wit and everything says, ok thats funky idea thats holding ou down, so to speak the country is afraid o it in the past.

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