28 thoughts on “Bill Warner PhD: Answers to Questions about Political Islam

  1. LAWFARE is justice defrauded, and liabilities are built upon in this deed.
    A defendant has time lost, wages unearned, anxiety suffered by the family…
    A lawsuit should be easy to win.

  2. In Oldham near me the moderates are draped in Palestine flags throwing bottles at Tommy Robinson supporters. Were are the media?

  3. ISLAM is a DISEASE which gets called a Religion, its BS, its a Demonic Trojan Horse!
    Throw Political Correctness into the Bin, REVERSE MIGRATION Laws are Required Globally.

  4. Question:1
    Today in 2019 does Sharia law permit slavery ??
    Are there differrent versions of Sharia law one that condems slavery ??
    Do muslums wish to repeal the 13th amendment.
    (that being the abolition & outlaw of slavery)

  5. The Islamic threat is minuscule in comparison to the threat of Chabad Zionists within US politics. Congress is literally bought by the AIPAC lobby which push for Zionists interests above the interests of the American people. This is actually so obvious that it’s funny that so many Americans don’t catch on to this. In Europe however Islam is a bigger problem at the moment however one needs to ask them selves why the fuck are Muslims in Europe in the first place when once there where none. This is probably due to European idiocy and Jewish lobbying for mass migration into the continent.

  6. The global citizenship is a disguised way of saying people have no rights in the country of their birth. Muslims can come in and get better treatment.

  7. You ask why the two sides which seem to have nothing to do in common can be in one camp. Well they have unspoken common enemy: christianity.

  8. They are long planning is because they are planned from the Vatican , Islam is a kill wing of the Vatican to harass other denominations other than RC , but of course they will also say other RC’s are persecuted, that’s how the game is played to act as if Muslims are not aware of who created them.
    The main goal being the Vatican wants to be the NWO, one day muslims will be shown supposedly sacred text by the Vatican that Islam is part of RC! and it’s game over for the rest of us!

    Mr VDH, please investigate my claims !

    You should not challenge Islam as a bunch of brutal thugs as others will also point out the Bible is no better!

    Your better off chasing the Vatican link as a scientist ! Do you wonder why the Vatican is making moves to show the world Islam is their brothers lately?

    China and Russia is the last bastions they will have to destroy!

    They can try but guess who will come again ?

  9. I believe i find out why we are loosing political islam…its because the liberals who defend muslims dont know the real demographics of muslims… they know islam is possibly bad but they are not interested to learn more about it because they think it will never concern us! They think those problems can only occur in Africa, Asia and the middle east….. they dont know its coming here because of demographics….. Could you please make a video on real muslim demographic?

  10. Sir we need to 20 million people like you who teach the world political Islam history I am from India we are suffering from long time because of Islam I am from India

  11. Bill, I hope and pray that you're saved. Believe 1 Cor 15:1-4 KJV, the only Gospel that saves anyone today. The Gospel of the Grace of God.

  12. Islam practiced African slavery centuries before the West and untilo very recently, in the 80's, and under Western pressure. In the 60's there were still African slaves in Yemen, Mauritania, etc. All you have to do is read what the famous Arab historian, Ibn Kaldoun says about black Africans in the 14th century, long before the discovery of America and its colonization. It is shocking how he dehumanizes them. Google it.

  13. As should learn Christianity from Christian priest, not from rabbis. Should learn Islam from Quran and Imam and their translate and explanation about Quran.

  14. All religions have Jihad: Moses was against Firoah, even though he had grown up in their palace. Jesus was against Roman, for that, wanted to crucify him.

  15. Moses, Jesus, Mohammed are all prophets from God that created the universe. Enemies try to put distance between them by giving wrong information.

  16. Black and white shows art of God . Black and white have one God that created the universe. Personality is important not colour fo God.

  17. Balall was black man, respectful person in history of Islam, Muslim visit his grave every year.He used to say : AZAN. means call people for pray time.

  18. Quran say: your personality is important for God , not your nation and colour. Black and white are the same in Islam.

  19. Jihad in Islam : if enemies attack you to kill you , defend yourself, this defend name is Jihad.
    Muslim never start Jihad or war.

  20. The Western nations have become weak. And I mean WEAK.

    Politicians will stand up and piss right down their legs, then shit their pants, groveling, making excuses and apologizing for Islam. It's quite sickening to watch. Weakness. They worry about Cultural Marxist PC nonsense more than logic, rational thought, realism, and the security of their countries.
    spineless jellyfish invertebrates…Weak…weak…weak. Not to mention, there is not one single school in the nation that teaches Islam.

    btw, since I found out Pearson publishers is a shill for Islam, I am stopping the use of their products. Not that it makes a difference to them, but it is a principle to me.

  21. We are now fortunate that ex-Muslims are telling us the core fact – Islam is a controlling, aggressive, contempt filled cult. This is the complete opposite of what the neo-Marxists are telling us.

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