“Are you going to stand when culture disagrees with you or are you going to run?”

What foundation have you built your life
actually on? Are you trying to be a mom? Are you trying to be a businessman? Are you
trying to be funny? Are you trying to be smart? All of this is about the foundations, and what happens is God, through this Psalm, is going to push on
those foundations. He’s going to say, “They’re all wrong.” “You’re sacrificing things for
stuff that I’m not asking you to do.” In fact, when life hits up against you,
and pain, and suffering, and trial come in, what are you going to do when you’ve built your
life on this identity of this, “I’m trying to get joy this way.” And this is what the Psalm is going to
come and attack all of that kind of mentality. It’s going to say, “When all these pressures in life come—when people come against you, or circumstances or health, or your job, or your family, or your spouse,
or your kids, or culture—when they come against you, this Psalm is going to go, “How do you
actually deal with the pressure of culture,” “when culture starts to squeeze on what you
believe and say, ‘We differ in regard to sexuality.'” How do you actually stand up against culture
and say, “You know, I believe this about this.” “I don’t necessarily think we should be
teaching kids at this age about 14 different genders.” Then culture says, “You can’t say that!” You go, “Sure, I can! I can say that, but I’ve got
to deal with the consequences of saying that.” See, that’s what Christians don’t want to do.
They want to believe all these countercultural things, but they don’t want to deal with the
ramifications of believing them, so they stay quiet. But what happens when you disagree with something? What happens when culture thinks salvation is
done through any God you want? Any view you want? And you go, “No, it’s actually through
Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ alone.” What are you going to do? Are you
going to stand or are you going to run? And here’s what this Psalm does. It comes in and says, “When you’re in the midst of that pressure, that trial,” “that squeeze – what are you going to do?”
And it’s all connected to what your foundation is.

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