Are These Religious Mysteries Miracles?

Are These Religious Mysteries Miracles?

religious teachings are full of wonder and mystery some believers even claim to have witnessed miracles when this Massachusetts Church was gutted by a blaze not all was lost in fact this painting of Jesus Christ came out of the inferno nearly unscathed I’ve always believed in miracles this just is another one the cost to rebuild the church was estimated at twenty million dollars but members of the Church say they’re taking this mystery as a sign from above we were in shock at the whole event and but the picture being saved was a moment of comfort and joy in the midst of all that devastation and horror when fire struck the notre-dame Cathedral in Paris many people were left in shock and searching for answers but some saw a glimmer of hope in this image which they say shows the silhouette of Jesus in the flames a comforting thought from many saddened by the destruction [Music] a church in New Jersey got what it considered to be a Christmas miracle in the mail that had no return address just a tracking number which told us it was from Florida and when we opened it we found this tiny little baby Jesus the pastor of Our Lady of grace says it was the same baby Jesus that had been stolen from the church nativity scene in the 1930s it included an anonymous letter saying the statue was passed down through a family and the most recent recipient felt like it should be returned to the church it must have bothered somebody enough that they wanted it to come home and even after what could have been 90 years they did the right thing although the thief and the Good Samaritan who returned it remain a mystery for this church community it was still a sign of hope Italian investigators were hoping the discovery of bones at the Vatican’s Embassy in Rome would solve a decades-old mystery the Holy See says a construction crew found bone fragments while doing a restoration project initial speculation was that they could be the remains of a manual ax or landing who went missing on Vatican property when she was 15 years old in 1983 however reports have since come out that the bones belonged to a man who died fifty years ago what happened to Orlandi is still unknown this is what a haunting oh the theory is that the demon takes over the house and then it takes over the person the new CBS drama evil is a psychological thriller that investigates the origins of darkness from a scientific and religious perspective can agree to this many say darkness looms over this house in Indiana which got the nickname portal to Hell this woman lived in the house with her children and says her experiences were like scenes straight out of the movie The Exorcist Latoya Amin’s claims she saw her daughter float right off her bed and also heard strange voices we’ve waited five months it sounded like something dead pigs or seizo tail EDC me a religious mystery that may be better left alone her Inside Edition calm I’m Mara montalbano [Music]

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  1. Who else clicked fast asf? 😂


  2. This is the most stupidest, rediculous News I have ever seen in my Life . Smh . Wake up already 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
    Why is this News ??? Whyy

  3. "A picture of JESUS Christ"

    Shows some white surfer dude from Santa Cruz (Jesus was a Jew not a white man)

    "It must be a miracle from above"

    "Thou shalt not make thee ANY graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above.."

    "We need to find the origin of darkness"

    (And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.)

    People, the whole purpose of this comment is to get you to read the bible for yourself. Religion that is portrayed by the world is NOT biblical Christianity. That's why the world is deceived, they're deceived because they but down their bibles… Jesus Saves from hell! You need to get right by him before it's to late!

  4. Just remember, if you hire a priest to carry out an exorcism in your home don't forget to pay him, otherwise the house may get repossessed

  5. wait so jesus sleeps durings the holocaust and slavery but then when its a burning building he has to save a picture of himself?? claps

  6. I would believe the first one if it wasn’t a picture of a white guy pretending to be Jesus every one knows people born in the middle east at that time were people of color 🤦🏽‍♂️ not that pale skin blue eyed dude you all love praying too

  7. That portal to hell house was torn down. After it was purchased by zack baggins from gost adventures

  8. You can tell she made up the "we've waited 5 mi–months" bit, lol. Fabricated either spontaneously, or perhaps she forgot the story she had devised early and had to remind herself then and there.

    Or she's schizophrenic.

  9. Im not catholic, but I am a Christian, and I believe in jesus and god. But that was not Jesus walking out of the church. It wasnt even a clear silhouette, it just some dumb stuff people make up and make everything miracles

  10. second commandment is thou shalt not make graven images. every picture and sculpture of Jesus is blasphemy. Jesus didnt have long hair

  11. Our bodies create reality from datasets using DMT this is a shared controlled hallucination, once you have that as a base things makes more sense.

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