Americans Try Labeling Midwestern States

Americans Try Labeling Midwestern States

– Is Montana in the Midwest
or out of the Midwest? Nobody knows. (playful music) – Every state that’s not on the East Coast or West Coast sounds like a Midwest state. (playful music) – [Voiceover] Is Tennessee
a part of the Midwest? – North Dakota, South Dakota. – These are easy because they’re pretty much the same things. – I hope I know where Iowa is. I’ve been there. – Iowa. I have, oh boy. – Wait, is this a state? This is water. – Iowa could be any one of these. – I’m gonna guess this
is Iowa right there. – Iowa is right there. – [Voiceover] Right. – Ohio. – Ohio. – Ohio seems weird to me, so I just thought it was over here. – Illinois is gonna be right here. Bingo. – Wisconsin, Wisconsin. – This is Wisconsin. – I’m pretty sure this is Wisconsin. I know it’s kinda close to the top. – Minnesota. – I think we share a border with Canada. (laughs) I don’t know. – Okay so Minnesota’s there
and then this is Idaho. – Idaho is there. – Idaho. I’m just putting this here. This looks like a great
spot for some potatoes. – So where does Indiana go? I’m actually confused now. – Forgot about Indiana. – Is Indiana in this? – Wait, Missouri isn’t
one of these, is it? – I’m almost 100% sure
Missouri’s a Southern state. – This is Missouri. I know
this is Missouri ’cause I met a lot of wonderful people from Missouri. – Nebraska. What? I thought Nebraska. – Kansas is there. No it’s not, it’s here.
– [Voiceover] Yep. – Arkansas. Is that in this? – As most Midwesterners can attest, West Coast people and East Coast people know nothing about the Midwest. It’s okay.
– [Justin] What, no! No. – [Justin] I didn’t even have that. – [Andrew] Everything’s gonna be okay. – It’s a pass? – I feel like you could
date a Midwesterner and it would be like, okay. Like they would accept you.
– [Justin] Okay. That’s fine. – This is really solid. The Midwest would be very happy with this. We’d invite you to a meat raffle. – A meat raffle? Oh boy, what’s that? – This is really good. All of them are correct
except for this one, but in fairness, pretty similar names. – (laughs) No offense to all
the people of Idaho and Iowa. – Ms. Lesqueut, is Zack’s
fifth grade Geography teacher, if you’re watching this. – Do I have a state here
that’s not even in the Midwest? – You have plenty of states
here that’s not in the Midwest. – I’m a big fan of the Midwest. – Well you should come sometime
and we can show ya around. – I don’t think you guys
want me there (laughs). – [Andrew] Why don’t they
just make it a giant Dakota? Like look how big Minnesota is. I feel like they coulda
just made one big Dakota. – The main takeaway of this video is that nobody knows where Idaho is. So Midwesterners, if you ever complain that nobody knows where your state is, at least you don’t live in Idaho. (laughter)

100 thoughts on “Americans Try Labeling Midwestern States

  1. Okay but didn't y'all ever go to school? Do they not make you memorize where all the states are? Cause where I'm from they do.

  2. I’m sorry this is just sad, not even because I’m from the Midwest but because of the stupidity😂 sorry but y’all are adults that don’t know nothing about our country.

  3. This is just a bunch of people feeling mildly superior for not knowing anything about their own country…

  4. They should do this with actual Midwesterners because, as a Midwesterner, I would be willing to bet that a lot of us don’t know where all of the Midwestern states are either.

  5. I feel like Buzzfeed goes out of their way to find people who never went to elementary school. Here on the east coast confused about these very smart answers that are totally right

  6. I've heard plenty of people who get Iowa and Ohio mixed up. Maybe because they're both 4-letter names and are both 75% vowel.

  7. I'm Midwesters and I can do Nebraska (where I live) south Dakota, north Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and kansas

  8. The midwest is a tricky region if your from a costal state. I'm surprised Idaho and Montana was on here being that those states are solidly Mountan west states.

  9. When they asked about Indiana, I cringed as a Hoosier. But then again I struggle with the New England states.

  10. I live in the Caribbean; we don't learn about the states in school but I knew more than most of these people.

  11. Dude… in my opinion, even if you’re not from the region, you should still know the states of your country.

    I can’t believe that girl thought that Lake Michigan was a state…

  12. I feel like people in the MidWest can name where all 50 states are….. we had multiple quizzes on naming where they all are

  13. 90% of Americans are complete losers in geography. You should not only be able to name all 50 states but their capitals. Otherwise return your ged immediately.

  14. If you can’t fill out a map of the USA you shouldn’t be able to vote. None of these jackasses should be able to vote.

  15. Everyone that lives on the east or west coast doesn't know lol… Except for truck drivers, geography teachers, travel nurses, travel construction crews, Greyhound bus drivers, train engineers, pilots, military family's…nomadic people…. That's like 15 million people just on the coasts….. Careful what you say man, I could do the entire country blindfolded while someone sang the latest Katy Perry song badly using a megaphone…

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