41 | Chrismon Tree — Chuck Knows Church

41 | Chrismon Tree — Chuck Knows Church

[bell chime music] Wow! It’s beautiful isn’t it? [big sniff] Oh and it smells so nice
that smells nice.. delightful. What is this? just your ordinary Christmas tree, right? Wrong. This is the Chrismon tree.
Chris-mon tree. uh.. Chris-mon ->Chrismon.
I’m enjoying the odiferous emanations on the Chrismo.. [big sniff]
that’s really nice.. Chrismon tree. [chuck starts singing again]
Oh Chrismon Tree, Oh Chrismon Tree, how… [Chuck gets distracted] Look at this. What’s with all these wacky shaped ornaments on here? This one looks like a tiny steering wheel for [honk sound] teeny tiny car. You know what? Yup, I feel another episode of Chuck Knows Church coming on. [cool intro music] [sniffing tree] Oh, guys smells even better in here.
you gotta get in on this. I just love the fresh evergreen smell. Am I alright? Not even close. Alright,..
The word Chrismon itself is a combination of the words Christ and
monogram now it comes from the Latin phrase Christie monograma or translated a
monogram of Christ. In other words a Christian symbol representing Jesus Christ [snaps fingers] like here..
Thank you. The popular Chrismon the kairo symbol the first to capital letters from the
Greek word for Christ which looks like an X and P or Christ.. Then in the 20th century the term Chrismon
came to be used in a broader sense to include a wide range of ornaments at
Christmas time. And in 1957 one miss Frances Kip Spencer came up with an even better idea. Now she’s thinking how ’bout a different way to decorate our church’s Christmas tree? hmm Something that might be appropriate
for the sanctuary. So Frances started using Greek
monograms, like this, Kairo, representing Christ and
suddenly decorating the tree took on a
completely different look. And quickly Frances’ got to adding more
sophisticated ornaments such as original depictions a biblical
teachings, uh, the life of Christ or the Beatitudes. Then Chrismon started showing up at Advent and other seasons rather than
just a Christmas time. You might even start to see them around the house, you know, table settings, shadow boxes, bookmarks refrigerator magnets, keychains, wedding cake toppers who knows the
possibilities are endless. Pretty soon we’ll start to see them at football games and baby showers.. No, not baby showers.. Might have been getting a little carried.. [breaks into some song]
Anyway if you would like to learn more about
Christmons then ask your pastor.
Tell them Chuck sent you. This smells so natural [off camera spray scent] that’s the thing I love because its own natural… welcome to Hollywood folks. [bleep] iPhone episode Chuck Knows Church coming on.. [laughter behind the camera]

9 thoughts on “41 | Chrismon Tree — Chuck Knows Church

  1. I've been in church all my life and now as a pastor and I never heard of a Chrimson tree before. Interesting.

  2. I grew up with Chrismon trees. We made the ornaments for several years until the tree was full. Now each church I attend has a Chrismon Tree somewhere in the church beginning the first Sunday of Advent.(usually Narthex). It is a great way to educate.

  3. we are not supposed to decorating christmas trees it is a pagan practice. Read Jeremiah ch10:1-8. christmas has nothing to do with Jesus at all. Jesus was not born on dec 25th.

  4. This year, for the first time, 2 retired UMC pastors who have been called to the mission of making Chrismons for churches and individuals, I will the Chrismon symbols on my tree and it finally feels like Christmas!

  5. I grew up Baptist at first and my church was too small for a tree. Or maybe my church was probably against trees in church

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