3 Reasons People Become Non Religious – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

3 Reasons People Become Non Religious – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

Question: Why are people good but not
religious? hat do we mean? We see many times there are people who are good
human beings? They take your trash out in the morning. They give you a gift when
you have a baby. at home when you ask them what’s your religion, they say, sorry
we’re not religious. You don’t believe in any religion? No So you’re not even
Christian? No Muslim? No. But you’ve got such good morals. Why aren’t you
religious? There’s normally three reasons people don’t want to be religious even
when they’re good human beings. The first reason is the hypocrisy of the religious.
What do I mean? Many left religion not because they were
bad people but because when you see the top of the religion is hypocritical. Then
you don’t want religion. Why because the human sometimes has a false conclusion.
What is it the people represent the religion and that sometimes is the worst
conclusion. George Bernard Shaw used to say, “Islam is the best religion with the
worst followers” Yes? The religion Islam is a wonderful religion. Their followers
if you were to look at them you don’t want to join the religion. The
first reason and lots of people are not religious never think it’s because
they’re bad people. No. There are lots of people who are not religious. Not members
of religion but they’re good human beings. You find the first reason is
hypocrisy. They see the leaders of the mosque, the leaders of the church, the
leaders of the synagogue, the Buddhist monk, they see the person heading the
temple then they see that person scamming the money of the community.
Running away with the money which was meant to be given to projects in the
community that person straightaway says You know what I don’t want is religion
because if the religious are like this then why would I want to be part of that
religion. Therefore the first reason was what, hypocrisy. The second reason was what Holier than thou in a religion push you
away from being religious. What do I mean? A girl comes to the mosque. Her hijab
is not the best hijab, Yes but at least she’s come to the mosque. Alhamdulillah.
she’s come Shahr Ramadan to the Majlis she’s come Muharram to the Majlis. Yes
her hijab maybe it can be worked on. When she enters the mosque instead of the
religious of the mosque if they’re truly religious. Instead of them coming to and
saying, “Welcome. come, can we help you with anything. Is there any help that you need
straight away? You see the whispers between the members of the community.
Look at her hijab? She can’t even wear hijab properly. Look at her. No Akhlaq, No
respect. Hypocrite. this that. That girl is coming to our mosque or she’s coming
into a microwave oven? Yes? that girl is coming into a place of mercy? or she’s
coming a place of fire? sometimes the holier than thou, in our communities, the
so-called religious, Who have never done anything wrong. yes and subhanAllah there
are some they’ve got such glass houses. yes? they’ve got the glass house of glasshouse, and they’re throwing stones on everybody. Yes where their house is a
house made of glass you can destroy it in one second. When I come to a mosque as
a young man at the age of 21 you walk it’s almost your hair style may be the
latest hair style, your clothing may be the latest clothing, you walk in you find
someone supposedly religious. What is this you are dressing like the Western
people? yes habibi because I live in the West. I don’t know if you realized you live in
the West and I live in the West. If you don’t want to live in the West and go
home. No but you can’t, you’ve come to
Allah’s house. Yes? I know I’ve come to Allah’s house I would hope that you
give me the benefit of the doubt that I’ve come to talk to my Allah. yes I’ve
come to discuss my Allah. The second reason people don’t become
religious this is because the religious puts you off religion. Yes when you look
at the religious, they put you off instead of giving you the benefit of the
doubt. Instead of welcoming you to the house of Allah. The masjid is not your house. Yes you don’t have the freehold on a mosque.
Hosseinia is not your house. You don’t have the freehold of a mosque or a Hosseinia. They the house of Allah (s.w.t) Whoever comes to that
congregation Allah judges, not you. The second reason, The holier-than-thou. The
third reason is what? the Miss information in the media about the
religion. Yes? Sometimes there are people who want to join the religion of Islam.
They look at the media, The media tells them whatc, Islam is Isis, Isis is Islam.
Say hold on a minute, which robust supports Isis and what Isis
is doing? There’s a minority and a ridiculous filthy ignorant minority. That
believes these people represent the original Islam. The majority of us have
spoken out against Isis. There’s even websites now, Muslims condemn terrorism.
Yes we’ve spoken out but there are many When they look at CNN or they look at
Fox News, when they look at them what do they do? When they look at them they
say to themselves, well CNN and Fox News was me right. That these Muslims are
terrorists are barbaric and so on. Sadly sometimes those who don’t become
religious, you find that these people who do not become religious this because of
what it’s because of the misinformation of the media. yes?

26 thoughts on “3 Reasons People Become Non Religious – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

  1. I agree with everything except the 2nd reason. Because every place in the world has rules so if you don't follow the rules the poeple will not like you and if you go to the hospital naked they will kick you out because of the respect of hospital hence the mosque is a sacred place so if you don't want to follow the rules don't come. Sit at home and read about Islam. We should never let a person destroy our sacred places just because of feelings.
    But I do agree that muslims should be nicer to Muslim who don't follow Islam as they should.

  2. Salam and thanks to Sayyed Ammar.

    A few questions:
    1. What happens to Amri bil Maarouf and Naha anel Munkar when we let people to be however they want? Shouldn't it exist in some subtle form?

    2. Doesn't thinking that we should be liberal in our religion affect the community and society?

  3. Thanks for this great upload, we need more videos like this to show to our non-theists friends! Finally someone is doing these great animations, once again, thanks!

  4. Salaam brothers and sisters; I am a PhD student in Psychology who started a new channel 'Psychology x Spirituality' where I will use science and research as a way to understand Islam and faith through up-to-date research, interviews with psychologists and scientists and my own experiences as a Muslim. Please support and subscribe! 🙂

  5. Interesting. I think another growing reason is most religions make claims about supernatural phenomenon (creation stories,’Jonah & the whale’,’Muhammad’s night flight’,reincarnation,demonic posession) and these things are difficult to accept considering all we have come to know about reality through science.

  6. 1- Why does God want to be worshipped 5 times a day ? Prayer / salat / namaz are handcuffs & shackles !

    2- why does God want us the brutally murder animals and eat them ?

    3 – what kind of a God will curse / belittle / disparage daughters in Quran ? He's loathing his own creation in Quran !

    4- Islam is a racist religion that puts Sayyeds above Non-Sayyeds !

    5- Muslims worship black stone like Hindus

    All religions are same.

    We will be good Muslims when Imam.Mwhdi A S.cones. till then sir, please let us be good humans only !

  7. @b king , I think you misunderstood the second point you are disagreeing with. I agree that Muslims must maintain Islamic dress code not in the mosque but everywhere. What Sheikh Ammar ( I prefer Seikh is much dignified title than western doctorate) I'd saying that if anyone do not follow the dress code but has inclination towards Islam and comes to the Masjid , his or her Hijab issue can be 'worked on' this is the key . ALLAH(SWT) did not impose all the rulings to then New Muslims in one day but by stages. There is a reason to it. Whoever turns to ALLAH(SWT) and want to associate with a group of the same mindset often struggle to find an warm welcoming environment because most masjids are controlled, owned and managed by hypocrites

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  9. I'm not religious. It's not because I see anything bad in religion, but because it doesn't make sense. I trust my senses more than some book.

  10. I was recommended to watch your video "3 Reasons People Become Non Religious – Sayed Ammar Nakshawani" By one of my facebook friends. However Good luck with your channel.

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