Taxable Income On A Trust – Revocable & Non Revocable Trust Taxation (NEW)

(gentle music) – [Toby] What taxes will revocable trust beneficiaries typically have to pay upon distribution? – [Jeff] Well, the whole point of a revova, say it for me, revocable trust is what I call it. – [Toby] Yep, say revocable, rodra, revocable, whatever you want to call it. The Continue Reading

The Taiwanese Bakery Chain That’s Better Than Starbucks — Cult Following

– [Serena] 85°C Bakery and Cafe has been called the Starbucks of Taiwan. And people go crazy over it. – It’s hella moist, like, hella moist. – [Serena] It has more than one thousand locations around the world, and every time a new one opens, lines can get as long Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep. 2 | Suzuki GSX 1300 R “Hayabusa” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and Welcome from Your MadHorse! Here We’re again with a brand new Episode for “Cult Bikes” Series and like the ep. 0 The “Pilot” Episode of this section We’ll talk about a stunning Sport Bike/ Sport Tourer Like I said on previous video 90’s was a golden period Continue Reading

Cult Bikes ep.4 | Honda VTR SP-1/SP-2 “The Ducati Nemesis” [ENG SUBTITLES]

Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse! Welcome back in another “Cult Bikes” episode This time We’ll Talk about the Honda VTR 1000 (Sp1 and Sp2) This bike was commercialized starting from 2000 The 1 model of this bike was the Sp1 (2000-2001) and his evolution: Sp2 (2002-2006) this bike Continue Reading


Language and scenes and explicit violence and gore. Oh cool. Hello mates. How are y’all doing? This is the usual warning that I get whenever I play my games. That’s how we know we landed on a maybe a good game So welcome to the “Cult of The Glitch King” Continue Reading

Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

My Story, Beliefs, and Motivatation

Hello there. I would like in this video to tell you a little bit about my story, a little bit about my background. And I’d like to start with my central belief behind why I do all of this. And that is that I believe good leadership and good communication Continue Reading