Unsteady-State Diffusion

In this screen cast we are going to look an herbicide spill over a field. And the fluid remains on the soil for 10 minutes before being depleted both into the air and into the soil. And we need to find the differential equations that govern both of these processes Continue Reading

NJ senate candidate lays out how Republicans can flip blue states in 2020

Former Secretary of State Rice Interviews Secretary Tillerson

SECRETARY RICE: Well, thank you. Thank you very much for that comprehensive look at one of the most daunting problems that, I think, anyone in the international system has faced, and I’d like to return to a couple of substantive issues, but I want to ask you a question first Continue Reading

Short HELP Talk: Is It Your Belief

hello everybody the next topic that we picked up is it your beliefs that are causing your health problem now let’s understand the word belief and I’ve explained that in many other talks before belief actually means how you are being in your life how you live your life so Continue Reading

Broken Pen speaks on knowing your worth, self-belief and having humility | The Outspoken Podcast

yes yes my people welcome back to the outspoken podcast episode 9 I am your host and the just rhyme champion and at 8:00 joined by my co-host just name guys and you guys can all call me naive but before we get to that are you actually gonna keep Continue Reading

Gospel at the Baptist Church | Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner

-So, we’re going to a Baptist church, and I’m actually really surprised that I’ve never been to one before because I really love gospel music. I’m excited to learn, and hopefully I feel the spirit and we hear some great music, because I have no sense of rhythm myself, so Continue Reading