How To INSTANTLY Be More Confident Around Your Crush

Heya playa, if you want to know how to instantly be more confident around your crush, I’m gonna share 4 power tips that you can start using whenever you interact with them, when you see them and whenever you want to talk to them. For those of you that are Continue Reading

How To Talk To Anyone With Ease And Confidence (As An Introvert)

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Building a New Testament Church Part 1

I want to speak in the first session at any rate today about the New Testament churches. I am speaking to the pastors again; you are called to build churches. Whether we build according to the New Testament pattern or not, we are called to build churches. I want to Continue Reading

How to apply large church vision in a small church | with Andrew Stone

and I kind of walked in, sheetrock rectangle room, all sheetrock, drop ceiling, concrete floor, and I was just kind of like, “Oh crap.” I mean, how are we gonna do this? This is Andrew Stone. He’s the production director at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If it Continue Reading