Trump Cult Member FURIOUS at Being Called Cultist

We have a voicemail number. That number is two. One nine two, David P, uh, yesterday I talked about the cult like nature of Trumpists, both a cult of personality around Trump, but also the very cult like behavior of many of Trump’s followers, which includes, um, uh, always finding Continue Reading

Rock Church – 24/7 – Part 1, The Fast Lane

♪ As sure as the sun will rise ♪ ♪ His mercy will not end. ♪ ♪ His mercy will not end. ♪♪ [Applause] What’s up church! [Applause] Happy new year. Happy new year. Happy new year. Welcome, welcome. Happy new year. I want to welcome all the visitors, my Continue Reading

StatCrunch: Confidence Intervals for the Difference between Two Proportions with Summary Data

In this video you will learn to compute confidence intervals for the difference between two proportions with summary data using StatCrunch. This example comes from a Gallup survey taken in July and August 2014, which asked 945 republicans 854 democrats to name the biggest problem for the United States. The Continue Reading

Brain Dogg & Cult Shφtta – Back From The Dead [Official Mv]

คลิ๊กที่CCเพื่อดูเนื้อเพลงได้ครับ ☠[Intro]♰ ♫ ♫ Back from the dead [Dead!] Got a hole in my head It’s all in my head [Hay!] ก็พวกมึงมันเด็กๆ [Praa! Praa!]♪ Back from the dead Hole in my head It’s all in my head [Yeah! Yeah!] ♪ Life from the casket [Cage!]♪ Blood on my neckless But Continue Reading

Trust in Divine Timing

Hi everybody, it’s Herbie. Welcome to another edition of IT, Inspirational Therapy. Now today we’re going to be talking about Divine Timing. Have you ever been frustrated that your dreams aren’t coming true? You’ve been working so hard just to find that perfect job, or to find your soulmate, and Continue Reading

How to Create a Living Trust in California

How to Create a Living Trust in California There’s a new book out by Tom Cox called the 5-Minute California Living Trust and it does just that Tom Cox, a non-lawyer, breaks down the complicated jargon into plain English. In this quick read and estate planning handbook, you’ll learn the Continue Reading