How to Celebrate Christmas in the United States?

hi everybody I’m Alicia from English class in this lesson you’ll learn some important phrases for Christmas in the US and some valuable cultural tips first let’s hear the name of the holiday Christmas Christmas Christmas is traditionally celebrated as a religious holiday this involves traditional customs such as Continue Reading

My Testimony: Called Out of the Church System

sounding the alarm comm warning the events and issues of this broadcast are real and eternal this is Trevor Davis sounding the alarm today is December 16 2018 the Spirit of the Lord it just has he has spoken to the prophets and apostles the disciples of Jesus in the Continue Reading

Variety show highlights presented by Losami Baptist church women’s department

Guess our chief guest pant is falling down Boom 💥…. He- smallest insects suck my younger brother 🤣 I can’t see anyone if I took out my glass 🤓 My bodyguard is miss robila This is captain satuo They play PUBGI If shoot them, they are diehard Now I open Continue Reading