What We ALL DO once the NEW YEAR BEGINS! (Parody)

Five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year! I’m going to be the first one to eat a chip. Oh yeah, well I’m going to be the first to blink ten times. Beat that. Well I’m going to be the first one to take a dump. I’m going to be Continue Reading

Create a Breakthrough for FREE

Have you been watching any of our stories about leaders and entrepreneurs, like you, becoming stronger, more aware and balanced? And they’re more effective at growing their business as they prevent disease and create greater health. One of the strategies they learn from our exclusive Playbook and coaching program is Continue Reading

Dealing With Church Hurt God’s Way | Overcoming Hurt Feelings | Dealing With Hurt Feelings

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire you probably know me as the news editor for charisma magazine or maybe you’ve seen some of my other videos I’ve written a lot of books like fervent faith faith magnified the heart of the prophetic a number of books you can check those out but Continue Reading

Building Body Confidence After Breast Cancer & Grief | Work It: Charlotte & Lee

I almost died. I lost an arm, a leg, and if I come back stronger than ever, so can you. Don’t even stop. Don’t even think about it. Needing someone to show me how I can sort of get control of my life again. Hit me! Again. It was bigger Continue Reading

Kelly Clarkson’s Wowed by Abby Cates’ Confident Cover of “Because of You” – The Voice 2018 Knockouts