[CC/FULL] Fashion King EP15 (2/3) | 패션왕

How could you pass Ga-young and drop your own daughter? Do you think I really wanted that to happen? I’m pissed off enough that Ga-young is working at J Fashion… If she wins the competition and travels with Jae-hyuk attending the fashion shows all over the world… How will I Continue Reading

[CC/FULL] Fashion King EP12 (2/3) | 패션왕

Drop me off at the subway station up there. You’re really not going to work then? You’re the one who broke the promise first. Drop the lawsuit please. Then I’ll come back to work. Miss Lee Ga-young, you’re not afraid of me, are you? I beg your pardon? Why do Continue Reading

Jesus, The Authorized Biography, Part 2 – Chip Ingram

ANNOUNCER: Coming up next on Living on the Edge.CHIP INGRAM: If you want to know what to do about this struggle in your marriage, you want to know what to do with this financial problem, you want to know how to resolve this conflict with someone at work, you want Continue Reading

Why Men Love Confident Women But It’s The Shy Ones Who Get A Boyfriend? How To Accept a Compliment?

hey guys is ladies relationship coach here and today i’m going to continue my video about confidence so there are two other topics i would like to talk about so the first one would be what is the best way to take a compliment then I got compliments see what Continue Reading

Overly Confident Dog Walker | Allstate Mayhem

I’m your overly confident dog walker. I’d walk 100 dogs if my paws were big enough to hold all the leashes. But right now, all this fur is making it hard to see where I’m going. (Speaking to door camera)… and your brickwork? Worst on the block. What are you Continue Reading