Kościół wobec ludobójstwa. Relacje Polaków i Żydów o Zagładzie

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews Polish Righteous (righteous.pl) The Polish Church did not take a stance in the matter of aiding Jews. Despite that, individual priests and nuns were actively involved in rescues. Priests issued false baptismal certificates. Nuns took Jewish children into convent orphanages. Halina Engelhard Continue Reading

How to Disagree in English Politely—Speak Confident English

Hey, it’s Annemarie with Speak Confident English. And I’m curious, have you ever been listening to someone else talk… Maybe it’s a discussion your friends are having or you’re in a business meeting and the whole time that you’re listening you’re just thinking, um, no, absolutely not because you totally Continue Reading

Part Time Spy – Confident [k-movie MV]

Are you ready? It’s time for me to take it I’m the boss right now Not gonna fake it Not when you go down ‘Cause this is my game, and you better come to play I used to hold my freak back, now I’m letting go I make my own Continue Reading

Sam Tallent’s Living In An Episode Of Shark Tank | Bar Talk

I’ll listen and exploit them in anyway I can. Hey I’m Guy Branum and this is Bar Talk at JFL. Hey this is JFL Bar Talk. I’m Guy Branum. This is Sam Tallent, one of the New Faces of comedy here at JFL. Sam, it was an intense night of Continue Reading

❤️ Everything is as it should be – let it be trust LOA 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

the words because it feels like I must make this happen in some way in other words I must get myself ready and then in my readiness I can maybe say the right words to help her get ready and what we’re wanting you to realize is that this as Continue Reading

We Are CPA: Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

The Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company is an operating subsidiary that’s owned by the state Comptroller’s office. We act as its investment management arm. The Trust Company manages over $50 billion in state and local investment assets, from money funds to very complex endowment funds. It’s a very dynamic place Continue Reading