Art2Heart Coaching – Hey Church Girl, singled out?

morning everyone how are you welcome to our morning chat nice to have you today first of all if you could just give me a wave just to let me know that you hear me and that it’s all good I have my coffee I don’t know if you’re a Continue Reading

The Church Doesn’t Have a Mission, the Mission Has a Church

What’s the difference between a Catholic parish having a mission and being a mission? As soon as I say those words, it reminds me of the words of Cardinal George who said, What does God’s heart want? The salvation of every single soul walking around this planet. And how does Continue Reading

Supergirl 5×06 Promo “Confidence Women” (HD) Season 5 Episode 6 Promo

– [Alex] Supergirl, I think we have a bit of a situation here. Supergirl, do you copy? – [Kara] Someone incepted the DEO. Alex is in trouble. – [Alex] Oh, hell no. Supergirl! – [Supergirl] If you think you can hurt my friends, you’ve got another thing coming. – [Narrator] Continue Reading

History’s Most Notorious Gladiators

Gladiators entertained the Roman crowds 2,000 years ago and they entertain us today in movies and TV shows. They are some of the most famous fighters of ancient times, but we know shockingly little about them. There are very few detailed descriptions of an actual fight and the ones we Continue Reading

Nazi Influence in the Odd Fellows & Rebekahs – Cults, Secret Societies, Religion and Eugenics

okay welcome back, before I get into talking about the structure of these religious movements and cults, or whatever your preferred nomenclature. I need to kind of explain why I’m going to start talking about the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs again and I guess the genesis of how I came Continue Reading

Director of Communication Theresa Hamilton Builds Relationships and Trust with Smore Newsletters

My name is Teresa Hamilton from the Garfield RE-2 school district in Rifle, Colorado. I think I found out about Smore from, in fact, it was through a COSPRA colleague and it was just a unique name and so I Googled it and one of those things where return on Continue Reading

Trust No One – Fight of the Living Dead (Ep 5)

Somewhere in LA in a secret location 10 YouTube stars were selected to take part in a ground breaking social experiment. To see if they could survive for seventy two hours in a simulated zombie apocalypse. [screams] These are the video transmissions of that experience Fight of the Living Dead Continue Reading

Small College Big Dreams – Alfred State College

Alfred State College is a special place where educational relevance partnership and innovation converge well students come here to realize their dreams employers come here to find people prepared to work as a residential college a technology we provide career-focused education enriched with the Liberal Arts to produce job in Continue Reading

Yellow River State Forest | Iowa by Air

♪♪ In northeast Iowa’s Allamakee county, one of our state’s most iconic forests bursts with fall color. ♪♪ The 8500-acre Yellow River Forest sits on Iowa’s Paleozoic plateau untouched by glacial activity thousands of years ago. It hosts the only fire tower in Iowa, in a state with few forests Continue Reading