El origen del neoliberalismo: El Coloquio de Lippmann – Bully Magnets

Bully Magnets Presents: The origin of the neoliberal movement arises in the thirties of the twentieth century, in that then the changing and industrialized world had created a social environment with new demands and needs for the population and the working classes. And it is that with the development of Continue Reading

The Origins of Lynching Culture in the United States

The legal definition of lynching is when three or more persons, which constitute a mob, put someone to death extra-legally without court sanction, without legal sanction, and they do it for the purpose of tradition and/or whatever their version of justice is. And this becomes a legal definition by the Continue Reading

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America

-You been having fun? -Yes. -It has been fun, hasn’t it? -Come on. So this is the Oval Office right here. And I think you should try to sit behind the desk so you look a little more official. -Hello? Nope. Kid President, what grade are you in? -Third. -Third? Continue Reading

1st place Egg Drop project ideas- using SCIENCE

so my favorite class in high school was physics it opened my eyes to the fact that we can understand and predict so much of the everyday world around us using math and equations so today i wanted to revisit the classic high school physics egg drop competition where you Continue Reading

Symbols of the Church: Baraboo United Methodist

The Baraboo River Valley’s first Christian worship service took place on October 16, 1841 in the form of a sermon given in a home. Such were the humble beginnings of Baraboo’s First United Methodist Church. Six months later on April 10, 1842, the church was officially organized by the Reverend Continue Reading

Eco Church and more

I’m Eileen Bartlett and I’m from the Parish of Loughor. I’m delighted to come and say a word about Eco Church today, as our little journey has taken us so far. In the Parish of Loughor we’ve got two churches – St David’s and St Michael’s – and they’re both Continue Reading

Erste Christmas Ad 2018: What would Christmas be without love?

So this life has given everyone a present Beautiful, shiny and new Everyone but you Golden ribbons, diamonds Line everyone’s path That leads to wide open doors Everyone’s but yours Wide open doors Hold on Keep on Even when the road seems very long Open your eyes Even if it’s Continue Reading