Ambassador Center 10th Anniversary – The Restored Church of God

Ambassador Center is an advanced educational institution operated by The Restored Church of God. It prepares men and women for greater roles of service within God’s Church and Work. The Center, or “AC,” was founded on December 4th, 2008. It features a diverse curriculum, focused on teaching students how to Continue Reading

Antagonists in the Church—The Pastor’s Coach with Dave Williams

This is the Pastor’s Coach with award-winning best-selling author Dr. Dave Williams encouragement and guidance for today’s pastor and now here’s Dave. I’ve been traveling a lot in the past couple years doing conferences ministers conventions and other large and smaller venues I’ve had the wonderful experience of meeting great Continue Reading

EduCATion Today #5 Sonia Nieto

Welcome to Education Today, the issues and the experts, a web series hosted by the College of Education at Kansas State University. I’m Debbie Mercer and I serve as a Dean of the College. Today, we have as our guest Dr. Sonia Nieto, a renowned Author and Researcher who has Continue Reading


Richard Wolff on Corporate Debt and Warnings From the IMF

Let me turn then to a remarkable story about modern capitalism that sort of illustrates the idea that the problems it has force solutions which then create more problems. Let me give you the example that is urgent now. You all know that we had a crash of global capitalism Continue Reading

Welcome to Grand Valley State University

There are many reasons Grand Valley State University attracts the top students from across the country and around the world but they’re best summarized in the school’s straightforward mission of educating students to shape their lives, their professions and their societies. And you come here you obtain a very high Continue Reading

State Cinema

I took the opportunity in 2002 to acquire the cinema from the Australian film Industry. The main auditorium was originally 235 seats, the cinema just could simply not function with one screen. This provided the plan to make the other cinemas and thinking outside the square by overlaying it into Continue Reading

Merry Christmas from Chuck Knows Church

Do you have an image in your head of that first Christmas 2000 years ago? What kind of night it was. How the star looked that night. Was Jesus born in a cave? Or a barn? Or somewhere else? What’s your image? And perhaps even more important, what did it Continue Reading

Do you know anything about the Church of England?

The Church of England? No, not really, no. I don’t, because I don’t attend. Er nothing really [laughs]. I used to go to guides there. The Church of England? I really don’t. The Church of England as in where the Archbishop of Canterbury is? Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury? Continue Reading