Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

– Hi sisters. – Hi sisters. – James Charles here and welcome back to YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest. Magic. Makeup by Mario, Mario Dedivanovic. King, we’re here in the studio set up you guys. A few weeks ago, we did Continue Reading

Class, Classics, & the Classroom: A Short History of School

Welcome to the Endless Knot! Today, along with a bunch of other YouTubers in the WeCreateEDU group, we’re exploring Education. The word education comes from Latin ex- meaning “out of” and ducere meaning “to lead”, so literally “to lead out of”. Latin educare had the root sense of “to bring Continue Reading

State of Play – May 9, 2019 | PlayStation

Hey, hey, do you hear that? Is it the wind? No, thats not it… Is that… …singing? Unidentified tracks are cropping up all over the New World. It’s having an incredible effect on other life in the New World. These spikes, are they from — Singing? What is that?! Everyone Continue Reading

States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases) | Properties of Matter | Chemistry | FuseSchool

6 Keys to Building Your Faith to See in the Spirit Realm

hey guys Jennifer LeClaire here senior elite at the awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite network I want to talk about seeing in the spirit you know I hear many people say things like well I can’t see in the spirit and to that I say two words Continue Reading

The Butterfly Church

Every year, thousands of butterflies come to the Maolin Valley in Taiwan. They fly here just before the winter in search of warmth to survive the colder months. In this valley, there are more butterflies than people. In fact, the local native community is small– there are only 600 people Continue Reading