Social Church – Tip of the Week – Google Photos

– Hey, Ryan Wakefield, here, and this is your social media tip of the week. And this one can be a game-changer for your church. I absolutely love what we’re talking about today. And if you’ve been around me any time, you know I love photography. I think photography for Continue Reading

BT Daily: What Do You Bring to Church?

[Darris McNeely] Have you been one of those that occasionally will say, “I don’t get anything out of church. I think I’m gonna quit this church, go find another church that’s more exciting, better music. More personable pastor,” whatever it is, “I just don’t get anything out of church.” Or Continue Reading

Inclusive education: a way to think differently about difference | Peter Walker | TEDxAdelaide

Translator: Peter Walker Reviewer: Leonardo Silva Your business is doing well. So much so that you decide to advertise for a new position. The applications start coming in and they’re looking good. As you’re going through the short-listing process, flicking through the CVs, you notice something on one of the Continue Reading

Does Trade Promote Peace?

Since the days of Adam Smith, many economists have argued that free trade benefits all nations by increasing their standards of living and wealth. Yet, there is another very important but commonly overlooked benefit of free trade, which is its ability to promote international peace. The Capitalist Peace Theory argues Continue Reading

The History of Economic Booms and Busts – Learn Liberty

Why is it that so many people all make the same investment mistake? The obvious explanation is that there’s a failure in the signaling mechanism of the market economy, which in this case particularly means the monetary system. The United States and other countries have had a succession of financial Continue Reading

Ashraf Ghani: How to fix broken states

A public, Dewey long ago observed, is constituted through discussion and debate. If we are to call the tyranny of assumptions into question, and avoid doxa, the realm of the unquestioned, then we must be willing to subject our own assumptions to debate and discussion. It is in this spirit Continue Reading

All in for K-State

We come from a place unlike any other. Bound between the limestone of purple pride and the fundamentals of family. This March, K-Staters will come together for one day to achieve one philanthropic objective. K-State’s day of giving will be one like no other. Together, we will take an idea Continue Reading

5 Essential Doctrines Of The Christian Faith

thinking about the podcast I did recently dealing with not compromising I thought it would be good that I let you know what I consider to be primary issues in the Bible things that you cannot deny and still be a Christian let’s talk about that today what’s going on Continue Reading