What are the origins of the Church?

It all began with Jesus. There was a preparation in the Old Testament for the coming of Jesus, and then Jesus was born, he grew up and then started to preach. He started to speak about God, about the love of God for every human being. And more and more Continue Reading

selective attention test

Selective Attention Test from Simons & Chabris (1999) Instructions Count how many times the players wearing white pass the basketball. How many passes did you count? The correct answer is 15 passes But did you see the gorilla?! This video is from research by Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris ©1999, Continue Reading

momondo – The DNA Journey

I’m proud to be English, my family have served and we’ve defended this country and we’ve been to war for this country I’m really patriotic about Bangladesh I am 100% Icelandic, yeah, definitely This is a Kurdish wedding with my mum in the traditional Kurdish garb. We’re just proud blacks, Continue Reading

3 Steps To eCommerce Success: What Most Amazon Sellers Get Wrong In Business

– We’re gonna cover scaling past a million and I mean this with all respect. Amazon sellers tend to be spoiled entrepreneurs. We’ve got it really easy. (jazzy music) – Okay, Ryan. – What’s up? – Let’s talk about, I don’t know, one piece of nugget that you shared. – Continue Reading

A Message From California State Treasurer John Chiang

Hi, I’m California State Treasurer John Chiang. I’m proud to serve as the State of California’s banker and investor. I’ll focus on cost-effective ways to finance infrastructure, quality schools and environmentally-responsible projects. I’ll aim to strengthen California’s financial position whenever possible, create employment opportunities to help small businesses and families, Continue Reading

Finding Faith

That experience of deep self-examination and connecting to God, to the Spirit helped me come out of the closet as a gay man. And those two experiences together, becoming Christian and becoming gay sort of changed my whole Excel spreadsheet for life. In Islam the relationship between the individual and Continue Reading

Faith Prince, Broadway’s Sea Witch in THE LITTLE MERMAID

I want the good times back! All I ever wanted to do was to be on stage, and so I keep coming back to is because it is really who I am. And I thought, what do I have to contribute to this? And I thought if I could give Continue Reading