FAITH – Stephen Curry’s Motivational Speech

I talked about faith, passion. Obviously the drive of the guys that I’ve been around and the guys that surround me and every day. Uh but part of that is having the will to succeed. um knowing you put the work in, and have the confidence to let it show. Continue Reading

Far Cry 5: “Help Me Faith” (feat. Madi Diaz) [Extended] [HQ Audio]

I once was a child, with innocent eyes And my family swore, they knew best for my life I followed their rules, as I played with my friends When it came to the world, I never thought it would end Help me Faith, help me Faith Shield me from sorrow, Continue Reading

Father and daughter who risked lives crossing Berlin Wall months before it fell – Today News

 Her little body curled tightly against her father, Peggy playfully lifted her finger to her lips in the inky darkness of the cramped car boot as if to say “Hush”  Hans-Peter Spitzner couldn’t see the seven-year-old’s gesture, or the smile he guessed went with it, but he could feel the Continue Reading

The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time | FACTUAL FEMINIST

much of what we hear about the plight of American women if false, and some phony claims had been repeated so often they’re almost beyond the reach of critical analysis coming up next on the factual feminist 5 feminist Myths that will not die myth number one women are half Continue Reading

The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States (FULL Version)

Good evening, folks. (Applause) it is an incredible privilege to be here this evening, to have a chat with you. Thank you so, so much for being here. I have been a criminal defense lawyer almost my entire career, and the best movie ever made about a criminal defense lawyer Continue Reading

Top 10 WORST airports in the United States. The Fixed version.

what is going on everyone who likes to travel I know I do I went on 17 trips this year for more than three days each time sometimes by car a few times by train and most often like most people by plane there’s almost 90,000 flights on an average Continue Reading

Churches in Oak Harbor – Family Bible Church

well hello again it’s Don Jaques today in our Churches in Oak Harbor series I’m here with Pastor Ron Lawler from Family Bible Church so welcome Ron thank you good to be here so first of all just let me know how long have you been the pastor here a Continue Reading

Wie lernt man demokratisch? | HisTutorial Exklusiv mit MrWissen2Go Folge 4

Hi! Welcome to an exclusive episode of HisTutorial, the history tutorial of the Deutsches Historisches Museum that poses questions about history with a twist. My name is Mirko. You might also know me on YouTube as MrWissen2Go. Our question today is: How do you learn democratically? Learning usually begins in Continue Reading