Charting the Future of Capitalism @ switch~ featuring Kim Coupounas

the its this is a story about the future of capitalism so it’s about the future of humanity and our biosphere once upon a time there is a species of upright hominids who had big brains and opposable thumbs and they organized themselves they organized themselves into intelligent communities – Continue Reading

Why the Left Think They are Better | Peter Hitchens

History morality favor the left or the right at next. Vicar an ex Trotskyist when I was a Trotskyist Of course I had no morals at all which is the whole point of it. The new of set out to do what you thought was right at the expense of Continue Reading

US Citizenship Test 2019 Naturalization Interview (Principles of American Democracy)

Congratulations! You are about to become a citizen of the United States of America but first you’ve got to pass a test. I’m Tom Richey. I’ve been teaching US history and government for about 15 years now and I’m gonna help you and if you pay attention I bet you’re Continue Reading

Enter Your Customer’s Journey And Your Sales Will Grow

– The brand and the message changes all the time. We were talking about Weight Watchers as an example yesterday. Their brand and their message has changed and adjusted. They use some Keto products now. They can use, they’ve added new diets. They bring in new food. They bring in Continue Reading

Capitalism Fails Again – CEOs Bankrupt Companies And Get MILLIONS In Bonuses

Recently a bankruptcy judge heard from executives at a Sears and Kmart, same company at this point, um, were the executives and their lawyers argued that even though these stores are bankrupt, we’re going into bankruptcy, we’re shutting them down. We should still be allowed to pay our bonuses of Continue Reading

The Great Gatsby – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Yo, what’s good, kids? Welcome back to Thug Notes. Today, we reppin the one percent with “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now, Nick Carraway is an Ivy League white-boy who rents a house in Long Island, next door to the pimpin crib of Jay Gatsby, a rich playboy Continue Reading