Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained

The people of Hong Kong are out in the streets. Hundreds of thousands are demonstrating against a deeply unpopular bill. But this is about a whole lot more than a bill. It’s about the status of Hong Kong and the power China has over it. It’s a fight to preserve Continue Reading

4 4a Colonialism and the World Capitalist System Pt 1

Let’s continue our discussion of Globalization by looking historically at global economic developments. In particular here, we’ll discuss colonialism and the world capitalism system. One key way that capitalism spread was through colonialism, which involves the economic, political, and cultural domination of one society by another. The colonial empires were Continue Reading

(مع ترجمة عربية) – ‘Food security and sovereignty in late capitalism’

one thing one thing to be told that the contents not accessible but the Train but its title and the and the title I was I was going to talk to and we’ll actually is around to security and flu sovereignty has more good symptoms of late capitalism and of Continue Reading

Oktobersong! Октябрьская песня! Song of October! (English Lyrics)

The workers have been told the “End” is here, and the farmers are told, “It’s time”! They drove Kerensky off his throne, and the traditions of the past! And that was in October, that was how it was, in Petrograd, in Russia, in the seventeenth year! The soldier had handed Continue Reading

The religion of pieces: The Great Eight

[music and applause] It’s time. From the Personal Liberty Digest studios, all this global warming is leaving us cold, it’s time for this week’s The Great Eight. And now, here’s the hot air… Ben Crystal. Is it me, or does ManBearPig disappear at the same time every year? [laughter] I Continue Reading

Atheist vs. Muslim – ISLAM A Religion Of Killing & Massacre

You cannot deny the fact that Islam was and still is a religion of warfares and killing. The advent of Islam is from wars and we can see its impact on our societies in modern days. Hold on a second – let me ask you something. You said: “Advent of Continue Reading

Spiked Magazine Panel – “Identity Politics: The New Racialism on Campus?”

TOM SLATER: And it’s because we see some of those ideals as under attack that we decided to put on this tour, to put on events like this. So over the next couple of months, through the unsafe space we’re bringing together some of our favorite, some of the most Continue Reading

Taiwan Travel Recommendation | Chiang – Kai – shek | Vlog 6 – Taipei

Hi guys meet again with me Wienesta I’m now in chiang Kai shek Acctually I’ve already made videos about CKS But today Make more for you guys.. I hope you will watch My video until it’s finished And greetings of love and peace And thanks in advance Chiang kai shek Continue Reading

Introducing the ‘Institute for Digital Democracy’

We live in a nation that chats, shops, banks, dates, and learns online. We live our lives online, but our a democratic system refuses to keep up. WebRoots Democracy is calling for a digital democracy. A modern, 21st century democracy. One fit for the 2020s, not for the 1890s. It’s Continue Reading