Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice: Education in a Global Age

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the University of Washington’s 29th Annual Faculty Lecture I’m Mark Emmert president of the University and it’s my great pleasure to welcome you to this wonderful event tonight’s speaker is Dr. James A Banks holder of the Russell F Stark University professorship Continue Reading

Are Americans Ready for Democracy, Islamophobia for Dummies on Wisconsin Protests

Welcome to Islamophobia for Dummies. The step by step guide to seeing how ridiculous Islamophobia really is. Today’s episode is inspired by the satire article “Are Americans Ready for Democracy” (David Berreby) – In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful – The uprisings in the Middle Continue Reading

Why The Chinese Are Among The Best Capitalists In The World

Okay, so from a cashless society, to unmanned stores and waiterless restaurants, to mobile commerce beyond our imagination, clearly this is not how most Americans perceive China. And these are not stories you typically see reported in the mainstream press. However this is the reality in China today. But hold Continue Reading


– [Man] Let’s get wild, man, let’s do it! – Wooh! – [Dhani] That’s Adventure Capitalists for you right there! – Whoo hoo! Come on! – [Narrator] Tonight, the Adventure Capitalists travel to the Florida coast. – Go! – [Narrator] To meet four entrepreneurs hoping to get a life-changing investment Continue Reading

Michael Parenti and the Reason for Authoritarism in Socialist Countries

mercenary armies destruction of the productive facilities of the society more invasion more sabotage economic boycott economic embargo monetary embargo technological embargo which have distorting effects upon a society in May of 1921 Lenin got up before the Bolshevik the party convention and he said we’ve had enough with the Continue Reading

Best Quotes – New Amsterdam (Digital Exclusive)

-Yeah. ♪♪♪♪

“Buddhism in Light of the Bible” Baptist sermon preaching against Eastern Religion

Last Sunday morning I preached a sermon called Hinduism in light of the bible, and this Sunday morning, I’m going to cover another major false religion of the world, and that is the religion of Buddhism. Now, just a quick review of what I said last Sunday morning about which Continue Reading

Mapping the Sounds of Religion

I think of myself primarily as a teacher. I loved being in the classroom as an undergraduate. The joy of learning together with other people… I knew that I wanted to become a professor. I’m Amy DeRogatis. I’m a Professor of Religion in American Culture. I’m interested in the edges Continue Reading

Nationalism in India| Class 10| CBSE| Eyebot studies

Vietnam A socialist Republic nation of today has emerged only since the second half of the 20th century after great hardship and much bloodshed It all began in 1858 when the French troops landed in Vietnam to colonize the nation Colonialism is sense of building and maintaining of colonies in Continue Reading

【Chinese New Year】Nationalist veterans return to his hometown for visit mainland relatives國軍老兵回家1988

歡迎收看檔案系列 25年前,政府開放探親 一個國民黨老兵翟連陞 返回吉林省的老家 探望失聯接近40年的親人 特別是他日夜掛念的媽媽 翟連陞離開家鄉40年 對於家鄉的印象已經很模糊 親人甚至誤以為他已經仙遊 為他立了個墓碑 我們再次重開檔案 可以回顧當時兩岸的關係 一家人分隔兩地幾十年 大家的感情難免有點生疏 不過始終血濃於水 重逢的一刻,大家都很激動 每逢過時過節 很多人都攜老扶幼 帶行李回鄉探親 顯示中國人的鄉土觀念是非常濃厚 最近,台灣准許居民回大陸探親 很多離鄉別井接近40年的人 雖然已經白髮蒼蒼 但是仍然希望在有生之年 可以回鄉和家人團聚 我們的記者江關生 跟隨一位國民黨老兵 翟連陞返回白雪茫茫的長白山下 探訪他的家人 今年60歲的翟連陞 跟隨國民黨軍隊由大陸來到台灣 已經38年了 現在開計程車 他在台灣娶了一位太太 他當年好幾次在共軍的炮火下撿回性命 他得到好幾個獎章 翟連陞在台灣結婚二十幾年 現在,子女已經長大成人 最近,還抱了孫子 其實,翟連陞在大陸已經有老婆子女 照片中,都是翟連陞在大陸的親人 都是翟太太主動在半年前才聯絡上的 等了40年 翟連陞踏出了回鄉探親的第一步 當出現緊急情況時 氧氣面罩會自動脫落 當您看到氧氣面罩脫落後 請您整理好隨身行李,準備下飛機 如有交易行的旅客,請把行李牌到出口處領取 機場備有客車送各位進市區 Continue Reading